2001 - [Biography] Garric

A post-Breaking WoT-verse, set up prior to the series ending.

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2001 - [Biography] Garric

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Garric’s Bio

Name: Garric
Gender: Male
Type: Dreams of one day being a Warder, Leads a small motley group of fighters consisting of three others beside him
Age: 19
Origin: Rahador
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 175
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Physical Appearance: Average build
Weapons: 1st Bow 2nd Long sword 3rd Hunting Knife
Tactical knowledge: Archery, Swordsmanship, Knife fighting
Other Skills: Stealth, Tracking
Equipment: Rusty long sword (could be saved) Prized Yew longbow, Battered leather armor, Assorted rags he calls clothes.
Affiliations: Resistance/Armsman
Intentions: To Prove his and his comrades worth to the Aes sedai and one day be a warder
Personality: Headstrong, Happy, And Superstitious
Other information: Has a phobia of enclosed places
History: Garric was a towns Guardsman and hunter before he joined the resistance he has some basic knowledge of the art of sword fighting but any solider could most likely knock his blade away as he learned what he can from watching others. His skill lies in the bow he was one of the towns greatest hunters for game.

Background story:

Garric was standing before an Aes sedai and the weird women with the many weapons he saw earlier as he was trying his best to remain calm. As he stood their he thought to himself how did he end up in this mess? As if hearing his question his mind began to remember moments of his life he almost sighed when it started but forced himself to remain calm. But all the time he knew his life was over or it would be soon after all it was common knowledge that ones life flashed before his eyes right before he died. That was the last he knew as the visions begun.

Garric remembered when he was a young adult who dreamt of battle and glory. He grew up hearing stories of soldiers, Aes sedai and their infamous warders told by the village elders when the children use to gather around. Even as he became a man by standards of his village he stilled dreamed the dreams of his childhood but he was not alone as he found three other boys who dreamt of the same things he did. He quickly became friends with the three and anyone in the village will tell you they where joined at the hip as you never saw them far from each other. As they grew up together the boys would sneak into the woods with old weapons and armor, which they found in the attics around the village and pretend to be Warriors and fight mock battles with each other. On rare occasion they hurt each other and during those times they would always go back to the village together with tales of a mysterious bear or some animal that surprised them.

But as the boys grew up dreams faded as all dreams do and they each went their own ways. About a year after the boys stopped playing together the wars started and everyone in the village pulled out weapons and prepared for the coming war determined to protect their little village if they had to. During the War the friends saw many things that changed them and it brought them closer once more but they no longer dreamed of battle for they saw it for what it is a bloody business. As time passed they fought with there fellow villagers when they could and there little village survived the war but not without a price as half the village was ruined and many people where lost. A year after the terrible battles and the war was over the village was on it way to recovery when it received the honor of a visit from some Aes sedai. The village was excited and happy for they had heard of the white towers destruction and did not know if there was any sedai left in the world now they knew for sure. With that realization the village was in high spirits and everyone was celebrating.

As the town prepared for the arrival of the Aes sedai Garric and his friends snuck away to the outskirts of the town to see if they could catch sight of the object of many of their boy hood dreams a warder. They knew with Aes sedai came warders and they wanted to see one of these legendary warriors themselves. When they caught site of the Aes sedai there where severely disappointed for there was only two aes sedai that they saw and one women parading around with swords strapped to her person. They all sighed and walked back to town.

When they got back to town his friends dragged him to the Tavern to get a round of ale. He wanted to go home and sleep he was disappointed already this evening and had no wish to celebrate but when he told his friends this they refused then the smallest of the bunch just came out and said “But if you leave garric who will pay for the ale you know we don’t got no money till the end of the month you’re the only one who don’t drink usually so we know you got some saved.” Hearing this Garric cheered a little and told his friends. “Ha at least one of you is honest since we were kids it was always the same I think that’s why you guys way back when elected me leader cause I was the only one with money to buy us the candy we liked. Well come on you bunch of lechers one round and that’s all you will get out of me.”

With that they all laughed and exchanged pats on the back as they went into the tavern. When they found an open table the largest of his friends bellowed out for a round of ale to be brought to their table. When the ale arrived Garric took the coins and smiled at the waitress as he handed them to her but when she walked away to deal with another customer one of his friends reached out to pinch her rear as she walked by. He saw her quickly skirt away from the pinch but in the process she fell and spilt the contents of her tray on a women sitting close by. Garric grimaced and glared at his friend then got up to go help the girl but the second he rose the girl was already up so was the women and the women was dragging the poor waitress to the back. Garric followed he felt responsible for his friends actions and went to the back to see if he could pay for the women’s dress to keep the waitress out of trouble but as he got back there he overheard the two talking through the door. Hearing things he should not have he went back to his table to tell his friends what he heard.

As he was walking back to the table the inns owner ran past him and a few moments later the women the waitress and the owner where running out of the inn. Curious Garric followed signaling his friends to stay and that he would be back. He followed the Women the waitress and the inn owner to the blacksmith’s shop the women ran in and dragged the waitress with her. As he watched the things he heard a few moments earlier was confirmed the women could channel and so could the waitress he snuck away when they were busy healing the people in the shop he was excited a plan came to his head and he had his friends to see. When he got back to his friends he told all he saw and heard he then told them that they should follow the pair they did not have warders for if the women was one of the Sedai they saw at a distance earlier they knew the only weapon wielder among them was that silly looking women they saw earlier. With no man to protect them he said to his buddies that it fell to them to try to protect them. His friends laughed but he kept up told them to remember their dreams and asked them what they had to look forward to if they stood here. Saying that had did it though for his friends and by dawn they where all convinced.

When the sedai left his party followed shortly after finally living out a part of there dream hoping to protect a aes sedai and maybe one day meet a warder heck maybe one day become one.

The dream was short lived once more though as soon after they where ambushed by a pair of women who made them realize how lacking they where in skills of the warrior. It was an embarrassment and soon after they were being lead to god knows where and who. His friends where a little fearful as was garric but he tried his best not to show it he did not know who these women were but knew if he or his friends would try to run one of those spears they carried would most likely find their backs so they kept walking hoping they would survive this day. Eventually they came to a clearing and to their surprise the women with the spears had lead them to the aes sedai they were following. As they where led forward the aes sedai spoke to them. “Step forward where I can see who I am talking to.”

Hearing that garric shook himself he did not remember living that out he opened his eyes and realized only seconds part as he remember and what he heard was what was happening right now. He once more forced calm on himself and stood forward hoping his friends did the same. When he stepped forward the sedai spoke again “What makes you think that a warder and an entire society of Aiel can not keep 3 women trained in the White Tower safe, if we even need to be protected at all?” Garric realized this time she was talking directly to him he did not know why but answered as best as he could. “Aureille Sedai, we do not mean to offend. Each of us lost everything in the Battle of the Dragon. We have nothing behind us. But with you, we see a future. We only thought that a few more armed men would help at least with appearances. If you would have us, we would like to champion your cause.”

Saying that he knew half of it was bullshit but most was true and he really did want to champion these women especially the young waitress he saw earlier she looked so miserable he thought to himself she must really need a friend.

His thinking though was cut short as the freaky women with all the weapons stepped forward and spoke to him now. “Well, does our new Champion have a name?” Hearing this he cracked a smile they where not going to kill him, he realized or his friend and they have not sent them away yet maybe their dreams would come true he thought to himself before he answered. “It is Garric, Aes Sedai.”

Answering the question the aes sedai spoke again “Very well, Garric. But I need to make one thing clear. Our Cause is getting our homes and the people in them back to a safe existence. You and your friends may come with us for now, but to Champion our Cause is to learn what you can from us and take it home. You may not think you have anything left there. But it is still your home.” Saying this she fell silent and then talked to the freaky women. Garric waited with his friends turning to see how they where they all looked like he felt a sense of relief showing on there face and extreme joy realizing there dream was finally beginning.

A few moments later the freaky one as he now referred to her in his mind motioned for them to follow her. When they arrived away from the sedai she gave them all a look over for a while then finally spoke. “Alright lads, if you are going to talk the talk, then it’s time to walk the walk.” A second later though she sniffed the air as if smelling something real bad. Garric wondering what is wrong with the freaky women just stood and watched her for a while. A few moments later she was tossing a bar of soap to his friend, the biggest of the bunch. As Garric watched he almost sighed as his friend almost dropped the soap and then his mace trying to catch the bar of soap. But before he could reprimand his friend the freaky women spoke again. “First order of business, look presentable. You are members of this group and therefore represent everyone in it.” Then right afterwards she said, “You have 30 minutes to clean up and be back here, attentive and ready to learn.” As Garric and his friend looked around for someplace to bath the freak women yelled, “Creek, Now!” Not one to ask twice he ran as fast as his friends to the creek to get himself clean all the while muttering what the hell is wrong with that freaky lady.

As Garric was finished washing up he climbed out of the water dripping since the freaky women did not give them anything to dry themselves with Garric put on his clothes as he was and his friends followed suit. They then walked over to where the freaky woman waited. They did not wait long then the woman talked to them once more.

“Now that you all won’t destroy my sense of smell, tell me what you know about the weapons you carry. Because apparently, by the looks of them, it’s not much since you haven’t even cleaned them off.” Garric had to school himself he already knew he was not going to like this women right away and he agreed most of there equipment was pretty trashed but the women did not have to remind them every other second he thought. He then controlled himself and went on to speak about the little knowledge him and his friends knew about the weapons they carried.
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