2001 - [LEWS] The Many Titles of Taylie (Taya)

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2001 - [LEWS] The Many Titles of Taylie (Taya)

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Un(5/23/01 6:55:10 am)
The Many Titles of Taylie (spanning a lifetime)

These are the titles I had way back when, before I became Sitter.
I'll let you know when the latest titles begin! *G*

Gnawty Gnovice
Gnice Gnovice at times
Tay of the Gruesomes
Minty to Lorelia Sedai
Lil sis to Tierney Accepted
Exile from the House of Andevaar
trapped rabbit
Lowly Novice
Second-most Gruesome to Tania's First
No way near becoming Accepted
Accidental spy
Pending very regretful Novice
Socialising Machine
Apprentice Alcoholic
Aspiring to the Yellow Lumpy Liquid Ajah
"Argh, where's my Minty?"
uh, never mind...
She who loves cookies and tea
White Tower fungus
Party animal
'Special ingredient' enthusiast
Fairy queen
Goner Novice
You'll find her in the gutter
Apprentice lap-dancer
Deprived child
Big sis of Calya
Apprentice White Tower Mascot (I'm gettin' there!)
Apprentice thorn in the Dark One's foot
Apprentice clown for the Taraboner Circus
Promised (hehehe) to Eos
Expert conversationalist, particularly when wasted
Tay of the Twosome
Promised to yummy
mysterious 'maiden'
she's gruesome
uh...outta control
Lost but not lonely
Tay of the GT, the Gruesome G, the GG, the WTGG
"Dreaming of Wards, and Warders too, maybe even of YOU!!!" my poem
to Eos - told you, LYRIC POET!!!...
She's gone, and she ain't comin' back
Possibly poisoned by the drink
Tay of the Swoonsome Twosome
Taya quote: "I LIKED his poem!"
All pooped
Motto: "You can't keep a good novice down!"
Experimental Artist
confused gruesome girl
freaky friend and
a gruesome girl
Rather good friend, if she does say so herself
Reformed snob
A plague on the Tower
A plague on the House of Andevaar
A blight on the nation of Tarabon
A blight on the city of Tar Valon
A thorn to the Dark One's right buttock
uh...outta control
Tay of the Gruesome (some say Tiresome) Twosome
Fave quote: "When a Novice is down, she's DOOOOWN!"
Shocker Novice
just a bloody pain in the arse, mate!
Empress of Ebselewtleh Everything!!!
Nude Twister Queen
Queen of Quips
Skween of Skinny Dipping
Marquess of Madness
Duchess of Darkness
Princess of Pretty Wards...
P to E
T of the G
Evil fairy bitch
Australian citizen!!!! (you stole mine *g*)
Non-uni drop out
Sick of people talking to me on icq when I'm trying to think of more
Foo Fighters fan
Owner of the Little Mermaid Soundtrack
Smashing Pumpkins Tour Petition Champion
Signer of Many Dots....................
Third Tier Pupil at the Leonora Tremaine Hand to Hand Combat School
Arch enemy of sweet tea
Novice kinda Accepted kinda in for it *g*
Taya the Awesome
Accepted (tewdelly!)
Wilder Pyro
Predator Princess
AHBAS - Aspiring Healing Battle Aes Sedai
Taylie the Tiger *rrrrrow*
President of the GGG
Evil Biyotch Fire Twin
Big Sis to Siofra al'Kinsella
Ah, seven shades of norty....
Gruesome Guild Joint-President
planner of great things....
The Mighty
The Lyric Poet
The Majestic Butterfly
The Magnificent Magnanimous
The...yeh whatever
Taya B Gille
Taya B Good
Speaker of Fark Lore...
GGG Presidenta!!
Farka in a Parka!
More Gruesoma than Evva
GGG Overseer
Founder of the Blue Kicks Ass posse
Blood-bound to Tania Ramsey
Giver of evil chores
In love with her Promised
The chick who got the Incarn's attention
Big Day Out Champion
Wearer of Fuschia Glitter Undies
Baker of Portrait Cookies
Manufacturer of Ajah Dolls
Aspiring More than Minor Healing Sedai
Incursion Fan (heard of them?)
Fuschia Undie Flasher
Champion Log Jumper
Dumper of Eos
Eos' Beggar
Seeker of an Evil, Evil Mintie or Two
Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
In need of sleep
Breaker of Hearts
Breaker of Souls
Bender of Wills
Phrygiana's Gretchen-Hunter
Ex-Eyes and Ears for the MoN
Co-Founder of the GGG
Sister of Shoar's Mentee
Taylie the Silver
...and many, many more things besides

[and now come the latest ones!]

Sitter of the Green Ajah
Bonded to Eos
At odds with Tannie
Teacher of Battle Weaves
Ex-Frenzified Green Ajah Promoter
In dire need of lip balm!
...and [of course!] many, many more things besides

Beat that!

Kamarile Amanathiere
Dances With Blueberries
Posts: 11
(5/23/01 2:19:56 pm)
phew . . . no thanks

You really do belong in this club . . . *g*

In the Loony bin

Un(5/23/01 11:33:03 pm)

Thank you! :p I consider that amongst the highest of honours. *lol*

Mistress of Insanity Polls
Posts: 6
(5/24/01 4:23:50 am)
wow thats alorra alorra titles!!!

hehe i could beat that ofcourse!!!..... not! But i am too in dire
need of lipbalm!!


Ayrlin Tantrasine
Posts: 5
(5/24/01 6:54:02 am)
Re: The Many Titles of Taylie (spanning a lifetime)

I'm sure I could beat that...*ggl* Just gimme a coupla years to
come up with something...

Ayrlin Alisande Tantrasine
Aspiring White
Minty to Aelwhin Sedai
Lil sis to Aya and Trel
Big sis to Kiralin and Sierra
Roomies with Laania and Zerah
Lylana's Helper
Member of LEWS
The Fluffy White Sheepdog
Snow Devil
She of many Titles :)

French Fries
Posts: 4
(5/24/01 8:34:04 pm)
uhm.. to many too read here

but what happen with the lap dancing?]

uhum.. yes I am curious


Taya Sedai
Posts: 3
(5/25/01 8:25:56 pm)
Re: uhm.. to many too read here

*lol* I think I might've made that one up after Sabine Sedai's party
(that was when she was Accepted though). Wow that was an awesome RP!

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