1999 - [Biography] Nymphia Marisa

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1999 - [Biography] Nymphia Marisa

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Nymphia Marisa Sedai - biography

Age: 20
Place of birth: the Four Kings
Email address: Nymphia@dragonmount.com
ICQ number: 30842620

My life till now:

I was born in the Four Kings 20 years ago. My full name is Nymphia Marisa Sedai. I think I look like my mother with my red hair and green eyes. I am not so tall, but tall enough. I think I'm quite nice too if I'm in the right mood, but this isn't something you can say about yourself, is it? Well, I'll tell you how I became an Aes Sedai, from my point of view that is of course.

Everything went well in my life until my mother got pregnant again when I was six years old. We were a really close and loving family. This pregnancy wasn't like others and when the baby was born, it was already dead. My mother was really sad about this and got sick. She didn't care about anything anymore, all she thought about was the baby. She really hurt my father and me then. All she could do was cry and scream the baby's name, the name is Sakira. I've become to hate that name. When she finally died I actually was relieved and I felt guilty about that.

At the age of 10 something happened and my father send me of to live with my aunt in Caemlyn. At first, they wouldn't tell me why I had to go and live there and I didn't like it at all. Now I understand why my father send me there. Back then it was really hard for me. My aunt told me just before I went to Tar Valon to become a novice. Here it comes:

When I was 10 years old, something happened. When it happened I was very sick and I wouldn't have known if it weren't for my aunt. I somehow made a small fire in the heat of a fever and after my father burnt himself in order to put the fire out I healed him, or at least someone or something did. He still has no scars of burns to show for it but it's what he told my aunt after she forced him to tell her. This was the first sign of my abilities. My father didn't know how he could handle this and was also a little scared. I don't remember any of this but I believe my aunt. My father still doesn't want to talk about it, I don't blame him.

My father thought that maybe it was because he was on his own in raising me, although he had help from almost every woman in the Four Kings. He thought it was some girlie thing like menstruation or something. He didn't want to ask the women in the Four Kings because he also thought it was witchcraft or something like that (and it was *g*).

Now you might be wondering why I was sent to Tar Valon then. Well, it was partly my choice and partly a decision my aunt made when I first came to live with her. She had almost immediately understood that I had the ability to channel. Not that she could channel herself but she had been in the presence of an Aes Sedai for a long time so she recognized the signs. For me it was partly because I wanted to become one of them, now my sisters, the most powerful women for as far as I could see at the age of fourteen. I didn't know I had already channeled by then. The second part of me wanted adventure, I still seek that a little. That is probably the reason why I joined the Green Ajah.

When I was a novice I suddenly saw this girl, Lanfir, she used to come to Caemlyn often. The woman she lived with was family of my aunt. We became good friends. They used to visit us every once in a while and Lanfir and I always had a lot of fun together. Then one day they didn't show up on the day that was appointed in one of Marisah's letters. They did not show up at all. My aunt was very sad about that because she was besides family also a good friend of Marisah, the woman Lanfir lived with. It was then that I heard that Whitecloaks had searched for her ever since she left Caemlyn. My aunt sent me for the White Tower a few months after that. At that moment I really didn't want to go at first. I was madly in love with a boy from Caemlyn, Merrin. It was a hard choice because one part of me said I had to and the other part of me wanted to stay in Caemlyn . I went anyway. I promised Merrin I would come back as soon as I could. After a while in the Tower I forgot about him and the promise.

I can't even begin to descripe how surprised I was when I found out who my roommate was: Lanfir! We also shared the room with a girl named Lyssa, but she ran away with a ward when we were at the point of being raised to Accepted. We've been novices together for 4 years, it was probably one of the most terrible times of my live. Always cleaning, cooking and following orders, partly as a punishment for the pranks I pulled. On the other hand, the slumberparties were great, and they still are. I also laughed a lot in that period of my live.

When I became an Accepted and walked through the silver portals I found it terrible. As soon as I stepped through the first one, I was in our old house in the Four Kings. My mother was still alive and it took all the strength I had in me then, to leave her, after having the change of being happy with her and my father. In this world, there was never a brother. When I stepped through the portal, it was with pain in my heart, for I knew I left her. I had to step through the second portal though, and I did.

There was the present, this one was even worse. Again I was somewhere in my past. With my aunt. Lanfir and Marisah were there too… Marisah was being chased by Whitecloaks and Lanfir had hidden somewhere. Everything turned dark and there was one of the Forsaken, Lanfear. She turned to Lanfir and said ‘I played with your parents, now you are mine too. Swear true to the Dark One and you shall live.’ Somehow she had Lanfir in her grasp and I had to rescue her. At that moment the portal appeared. It was hard but it had to be done. I stepped through the portal. I had betrayed my best friend and left my mother, thinking it couldn’t get any worse, I walked to the third and final portal.

The Mistress of Novice walked with me to the third portal. This was the last one, the hardest, she said. In there was the future. Well, maybe it is the future, maybe not. I was in a beautiful meadow with lots of flowers and I was happy. I wore a beautiful dress, and a green shawl. I walked around smiling, enjoying the peace and quiet, until I discovered that I was really alone. I walked around for a while and then I finally saw someone. Some children ran towards me and called me mommy. I didn't understand, I didn't have children, couldn't have children as an Aes Sedai. A man appeared as out of nowhere. He stepped to me and kissed me on the cheek. The man seemed vaguely familiar to me but I didn't recognize him at first. I could feel that I loved the children very much, after all, they were mine. The man apologized to me, said he loved me and asked me to never leave him again. I realized that I loved this unknown man as much as I loved the children. I was really drawn to him. Then I recognized him, he was a boy from Caemlyn I met just before I left for Tar Valon, Merrin. I was in very much in love with him at the time. Even though I knew I couldn’t, I had a duty that had to be done, save the world from the Shadow, I promised him I wouldn't leave him again and at that very moment, I heard the voice say 'The way back will come but once. Be steadfast.' and the portal showed. How could I ever leave these children alone? Somehow, I managed to turn myself from their sad faces and their crying. When I came back into the room, I just stood there for a moment, all dead inside. Now, I was an Accepted.

I was an Accepted for another five years. These years were a little better than my novice-years. I was raised to the Sisters half a year after Lanfir and I chose the Green Ajah, the battle Ajah. Soon my eye fell on a young warder and after some time I asked him to bond me. He said 'yes' and since then, we are bonded. His name is SSJ Prince Vegeta. Well, what can I say, he fell for my red hair and green eyes *smiles*. We had a brief but great time together. Unfortunately he died in a horrid way but more about that later, when I feel more comfortable talking about it. It has been only a short time since this happened.

After the broken bond with Vegeta, I met this new Warder, Gallorand. We were bonded for a while but he disappeared and never returned. Somehow the bond was broken so I just presume he is dead also. It seems to me that I am talking very coldly about this, but that is because I have to. I have to move on with my live. My duty is to fight the Shadow and I can’t do that when I keep mourning over a Warder. Since then I haven’t had any Warders. I didn’t need them, since I never left the Tower anymore. Now, the last battle has come or is coming, I need one bad and therefore I am looking fervently. I am travelling to the Borderlands with Asandir, he was bonded to Leandreen, my Sister, may she rest in peace.
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