???? - [Biography] Brelyn Mairdan (NPC)

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???? - [Biography] Brelyn Mairdan (NPC)

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NPC character for the Green Ajah:

Brelyn Mairdan - from Far Madding

80 years old, Aes Sedai with an OP rating of 18.

Darkbrown hair till her shoulders, browngreen eyes, a friendly smile in a common
ageless face. Two warders, named Onan and Berder, both in their forties, but still deadly.

She's been novice for ten years, and accepted for twelve years.
Became Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah at the age of 35.
Never did something really outstanding.

She has an easy behaviour, likable and nice.
She can be very stubborn once she puts her mind onto something,
and she likes research and books - strong Brown Ajah sympathies.
She thinks the Last Battle may be near though,
and she travels a lot over the world to check the libraries of the world,
searching for clues. She has spent a lot of time in the Borderlands, just in case.

She sends Lanfir often reports from the Borderlands about the Blight,
trollocs and the like, but spends little time in the Tower.

She says she hates the Ajah Politics and likes to do the Tower's work in the world.
Lanfir gives her the freedom she needs, because this works to mutual advance -
she thinks Brelyn is even more valuable than a couple of Eyes and Ears.
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