2003 - [Biography] Khassefeh Avendire (TPC)

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2003 - [Biography] Khassefeh Avendire (TPC)

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Archivist's Note: Bio written by Jehanine.

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WT TPC Bio for Khassefeh Avendire [White sister for BA Hunt]
Posted: Sun Dec 21, 2003 8:49 am


Khassefeh Avendire and her twin Mariith were born in Andor, unlucky children to parents who did not care to promote communication but rather encouraged the girls' competition even to the point that it turned into hatred. Unbeknownst to the twins, their parents craftily played each girl off of the other, allowing each to think the other child was the more favoured of the two and driving a sharp and permanent wedge between them. Khassefeh, for her part, hated her sister with a passion borne of long years of suffering under the contempt of her parents and their neverending praise of Mariith, never knowing her sister was treated similarly.

Her childhood was a haze of arguments with Mariith and misery, and when the opportunity for escape presented itself in the form of the White Tower, she was quick to take it. She knew her twin would accompany there, but in the larger world of the White Tower sought to remove herself from Mariith as far as possible. Their rivalry grew fiercer even so, as each strove to become stronger or more skillful in every aspect of the One Power. As a result, Khassefeh is extremely competent (although not necessarily strong) with every element of saidar, able to perform useful tricks with even her small ability with Fire.

Her entire career in the White Tower revolved around thwarting or overshadowing Mariith, and her every careful move was tinged with her regard for the situation. She attended classes and read voraciously, the better to possess more knowledge than her sister. Khassefeh made very few friends, disinclined to like people and engrossed in her own situation as she was. Her dealings with the White Ajah came early in her Acceptance, as a sister of the White aided her with her research project and indoctrinated her in the beliefs of the Ajah. Khassefeh was immediately impressed, and from that point forward abandoned all emotion in favor of logic, except for that most deep-seated emotion of them all: her hatred for her sister. That scar is something she will always bear, despite her logical manner in all other respects.

When called upon to choose a shawl, Khassefeh immediately petitioned the White Ajah and was accepted. Her investigative and reasoning skills are unparalleled except, perhaps and ironically, by Mariith.

Physically, Khassefeh looks exactly like her sister: she is tall, and keeps her auburn hair long and plaited. Her skin is pale, her eyes grey, and she is attractive, although she would never be called stunning. Her gowns are always and ever will be white.

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