???? - [Biography] Dejah Thoris

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???? - [Biography] Dejah Thoris

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Author's Note: My second character was an attempt to join the mob at the White Tower. In real life I tend to avoid crowds, they make me jittery. Apparently the Tower was too much for me, just didn't seem to fit in. Tried to be too serious, I guess. (I'm not a fan of pudding, either, which is the kiss of death *g*) So Dejah Thoris, or Deety for short (named after a character in Robert Heinlein's Future History series, who was, in turn, named after the Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs) got deleted just before making it to Accepted. She had a pretty good bio, though, so I've kept it for posterity, especially since one of my best characters, Elanor, was kind of launched from this bio (with identity completely altered, but the idea is there).

Dejah Thoris is from Ghealdan. She is slightly plump, 5'7" with short dark hair and dark eyes. She is stubborn, and at times contrary, but for the most part is an extremely friendly girl, always ready to befriend anyone who will let her. She does not take criticism well, but makes up for it by being very hard on herself.

Dejah Thoris, known to her friends and family as Deety, grew up on a farm in northern Ghealdan, with her mother, father, 2 sisters and a brother. She had resigned herself to farm life until one day, a group of travelers passed through the small village nearby, and ignited dreams of adventure in a young girl's heart.

The travelers were three women and two men, as different in appearance as 5 people could be. One of the women could have come from any of the nearby villages, but the other two belonged more in faraway palaces, with their silk dresses cut in styles she had never seen before. Both of the men had a dangerous look about them, and carried swords; one carried his at his hip, the other's was strapped to his back. But that wasn't the strangest part.

Deety and her older sister, Elanor, were in town that day on an errand for their mother when they spotted the two men, one tall and broad-shouldered, the other much shorter and well-muscled. Each wore an odd cloak which seemed to shift colors with the wind, and sometimes faded into the background if they were standing still. The girls had never seen anything like this. Deety wanted to go closer to see who they were, especially when they were joined by the three women coming out of the inn. Elanor, however, hustled Deety home the instant their errand was done, refusing to let her go near such strangers.

"Who do you think they were?" Elanor wondered as they walked home. "The one lady had a kind face that reminded me of mother's, although she had no gray in her hair at all."

"How am I supposed to think anything about them that when you wouldn't let me get within 20 paces of them?" Deety said petulantly. "Those other two seemed way to regal for this area. They definitely came from far away. Did you ever see such dresses? Mother would have had a fit if she had seen the neckline on that green dress. Where could they be from to dress like that?"

Elanor stopped dead in her tracks. "I think I know who, or at least what, they were. Those women are Aes Sedai."

Deety snorted. "Oh, yes, and I'm sure you'll probably try to tell me that the men are Warders. Grow up, Elanor."

"I'm serious, Deet'. Think of every story you have heard in the village. Aes Sedai are young and old at the same time, they make everyone do what they're told, they can tell everything about you at a glance. I've never seen anyone else with that kind of commanding presence, even when the King passed through here a long time ago."

"Ghealdan has a Queen, woolhead." Deety answered, as if that nullified all of her sister's arguments. She, also, was remembering certain stories she had heard about Aes Sedai, but was determined that Elanor should not win this one.

"Well, I said it was a long time ago, smarty. You weren't even out of the cradle at the time." Elanor continued, "Think of those men, too. They were obviously used to fighting, and were wearing those awful cloaks that make you want to sick up, and I saw one of them go off, I guess on an errand, at just a signal from the woman in Green. Men around here argue at just the slightest request from a woman."

"Alright, I'll grant you that they aren't from around here, but do you really believe..." But Deety did believe, although she would die before admitting it to Elanor. Just imagine it, Aes Sedai, right here in the village. That settled it, she had to know for certain.

Deety slipped away after supper, and ran all the way back to the village inn. She entered the common room, but did not see any of the individuals in question. So Deety carefully threaded her way between the tables to the kitchen, where her friend Lora, the innkeeper's daughter, was helping to clean up the supper dishes. Deety was fairly caught, and had to help wash up before the girls could go off by themselves.

Deety's friend had all the information she could desire. The strangers were holed up in the only private dining room the small inn had, but Lora had been sent in to serve their supper. "I'm a klutz, you know that, right? Well, I accidentally spilled a trencher of chicken, with lots of gravy, right into the green-dress-lady's lap. But did it spoil her dress? Not a bit of it. Somehow, magically, the gravy splashed on something and just slid off into the floor. Of course then I had to clean up the mess. But I am convinced that the woman channeled!"

Deety thought about everything she had seen and heard as she walked home. She thought about Lora's italics, and cloaks that change colors, and about adventures, and where did these people come from, anyway?

That night, as she lay in bed unable to sleep, Deety became filled with a desire to see more of the world than their small farm. The more she thought about it, the more she became determined to leave Ghealdan and go to Tar Valon to see if she could become Aes Sedai. She had discovered that there was something bigger than the farm or the village, and she wanted to be part of it.

Her family did not exactly forbid her to go, but everyone tried to get her to change her mind. "You don't even know if you can learn to channel. What if you can't be Aes Sedai?" "You will have wasted so much time and money." "You'll get killed on the way, and never even arrive", they said. But in spite of all the negative remarks, or perhaps because of them, Deety set out for the White Tower, thinking that if she failed, at least she would find some adventure along the way.
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