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Background was found at the Lost Empires.

Welcome one and all to my Gallery. While you're here, you'll find scetches and drawings based on the series we all know and love; the Wheel of Time.

But you will also find other things I have made over the years, things that aren't WoT-related... but I'd still like to share them with all you wonderful people.

Yours in the Light,
Melana Sedai of the Blue Ajah!

If you want to contact me, you'll reach me at this address

Visit the Red Ajah and take a look at their list of known Wheel of Time Darkfriends! The Female Forsaken was drawn by yours truly, but since you can view them there, I won't put them up here. that the formalities has been done with, I guess it's only left for me to tell you that there will be three roads for you to take from here. One will lead to my WoT Gallery, the other to my non-WoT Gallery and the third to a ...quiet little corner of the Tower.

Enjoy your stay!!

Wheel of Time Art Gallery

Yeah, I'll admit it...mostly there's drawings of Moiraine in here, but I hope to fill it up with more stuff as time goes by.

Non-WoT Gallery

Drawings I have made at School in my art class, and stuff I've drawn when I had nothing better to do.

If you haven't had enough of my drawings yet,
and would really like to read some good stories too, you should go to
this little corner of the Tower where you'll find myself and Rebekah Sedai
busily working on important Aes Sedai business.