Things to Know Before Attempting to Read This Story

Well, before reading our story, there are just a few things that I need to clear up. Firstly, Melana and myself wrote this all on our own. Anyone else mentioned more then once has been asked for permission to use their name. If you are mentioned, and don't like it (why wouldn't you like it? Come on, this could seriously boost your popularity within the Tower) please just e-mail me and I will gladly remove it.

The setting for this little tale is in the week before Melana and Janos bonded, and Melana was pretty easily irritated that week. Apparently the waiting period was a little longer then usual for those two, since Melana had been traveling, and then Mother was out of the Tower, and Melana wasn't extremely happy about it. (I blame the whole incident on that, but somehow I think she might disagree...) Also, back then, Mac Al'Bannon was not bonded. I wish him and Raylin lots of luck, and would never dream of stealing another's warder. Okay I would dream about it, but I wouldn't stoop to actually planning it; I would never steal someone else's man, err mostly I wouldn't. At least not someone's warder. Err, well, I didn't want to in this case, and that's all that matters. And well, I did change a few little details throughout the tale. I just came out of it in a rather bad light, and wanted to still be able to face the male population of our Tower. And I wasn't the only one. Janos still had a few days to run off in the other direction, so Melana fixed a few little things too. What else? Ummm. Oh yeah. Melana has hidden all the pillows that were in the Blue Ajah. I don't even have one to sleep on, and all the ones that were padding chairs and couches are gone. Everything is rather uncomfortable. SO, if anyone has a few extra's please send them my way (And I mean bring them to me, not throw them at me.) That's all for now.. I think.