Janos's Revenge
By Rebekah and Melana Sedai

Looking at Rebekah and Melana, Janos mutters; “I think I’m beginning to get second thoughts when it comes to being a part of this Ajah…” Noticing that four Aes Sedai are staring at him, he quickly says; “Thank you Rebekah, I’m honoured…I think,” he adds with a sheepish grin. Muttering to himself about fool women, he starts brushing his blue coat and in the process, he creates a cloud of blue dust around himself and the others.Startled at first, he soon seizes the opportunity and steals away in the cover of the mist before any of the women thinks to react. When Selendra embraces the Power and gathers the dust, Janos is already long gone.

Moving from shadow to shadow, crossing the lightened parts of the hallway swiftly, Janos often looks over his shoulder to see if anyone’s following him. Walking quickly, he can sense surprise through the bond…and a mixture of wariness and mirth?! Grinning, he mumbles to himself; “Maybe I shouldn’t assume that I know what you’re thinking…but neither should you. It’s time I taught you a few small things…MWUHAHAHAA” Laughing madly; after all, mad laughter is well-known for it's stress relieving effect, he passes some gaping novices. Entering his room, he grabs a couple of items, then he takes a quick trip to the stable before returning to the Blue Halls.

Upon entering the Blue Quarters, he finds the four women practicing the Sa’sara. They are so intent on what they’re doing that the only one noticingthat he’s back is Melana. Leaving the other women, she quickly closes the distance between them. “Ah, there you are Janos! It’s kinda rude isn’t it, to vanish like that, and from your own party and everything….Sooo, what’ve you been up to my Gaidin…my Blue Gaidin,” she adds with a grin, but he can still feel her wariness through the bond. Smiling, he hands her two packages, and beckons her to open them.

Staring suspiciously at the presents, Melana opens the smaller one slowly, and at an arms length. A small dagger engraved with small blue stars is soon revealed, and raising an eyebrow, she looks at him.“With the rate you are getting yourself into trouble, I will sleep better knowing you have this within reach.” He smiles as he sees her face going slightly crimson, but he can feel that she’s relieved. Mumbling a hastythanks, she grabs the bigger present and starts opening it, all precautionsforgotten. As she lifts the lid off the box, she stares stunned at thecontent. A big fat Stable Rat is staring back at her. “J…Janos, g…get that…thing away from me!” She screams hysterically as the rat is frantically trying to get out. Just as frantically, she’s trying to get him to stay inside the box, not really succeeding all that much. Janos only laughs. “Never assume that you know what I’m thinking,” he manages between bolts of manly laughter. Gasping as the rat finally makes it’s way out of the box and is heading up her arm, Melana at last remembers her abilities. Suddenly the rat seems to be hovering. Floating it over to Rebekah who seems to have an affinity for Stable Rats, Melana turns to her Warder.

“You should be glad that there are no ponds in here, or I might consider doing a Moiraine and dump half of it on you!” she says shakily, tapping his chest with a finger to emphasize each word. “Just look at it as a way to learn a few small things,” Janos says, absent mindedly patting her head as he’s looking at the others doing the Sa’sara. While that does nothing to calm her down, she goes strangely quiet for a while. Then he can hear her mutter; “Well, I guess I kinda deserved that…” Turning to face him, she’s grinning; “Welcome to the Blue Ajah Janos, I think you will fit injust perfectly! And as for me getting myself into trouble, I’ll try to do better in the future…” A panic-stricken scream cuts her off, then Rebekah is stalking over to them, a scowl on her face. “Sheep swallops and bloody buttered onions!!! Melana, does this bloody rat belong to you?” she says through clenched teeth, while floating a very big and fat Stable Rat in front of her. “Oh dear” Melana says, shrugging as she looks at Janos, “I guess itjust comes naturally to me…!”

The End of the story
But the start of a great bond:)

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