Janos Becomes a Blue
By Rebekah and Melana Sedai

The morning after the official bonding of Melana and Janos, finds Janos sleeping late. Waking up with a yawn he sees a letter with his name on the front written in Melana's hand writing. Inside is greetings, wishings for a great day, excitement expressed over their fresh bond, and a request. "Please go and get a few things for the blue hall. Most of it has been left in a storage room in the basement. It shouldn't be hard to find, and yesterday, Rebekah and I marked the boxes we needed with big blue x's." It was signed 'With Love, Melana.'

"After only a day, she is already making requests." Janos mumbles, yawning again. He feels Melana, and her eagerness. "She is up to something. I'll have to watch her back for a while. And mine!" Gathering himself, he goes to get dressed and finds his first suprise; all of his clothes are now a dark blue color. Pinned on is a note from his Aes Sedai "My everything blue ter-angreal is now back in my possession, and working wonderfully. See you soon, my blue Gaidin." After dressing, he hurries out, hoping none of the men will comment on his new wardrobe.

Grabbing a quick breakfast, and then hurrying to the storage room described in the letter, he actually catches a glance of the two women who will cause him the most trouble in the future. They are together, giggling like novices, but much more respectable now that they were dressed in their regular clothes again. "Two weeks of watching them in novices whites is almost worth my current tortures." Laughing to himself, he ignores Rebekah and waves at Melana, they both turn a little pink and rush off before he can say anything. "They're plotting, and I think I know who against." Sighing, he continues his journey.When he reaches the room, he throws the door open, but doesn't walk through. A bucket of water splashes to the floor, missing it's intended victim completely. "It's almost too easy" While smirking, he sees two boxes marked with big blue x's. Realizing that beyond just joking, he actually has a chore, he moves the first box, and tries to lift it. As he does, another bucket of water falls, directly on his head this time, followed by two dozen blue feathers and another note, that simply says, "Never assume you know what I'm thinking."

Growling a little, he takes the box to the blue hall, trying to ignore the people gawking at a drenched blue-clothed warder, covered in feathers. Reaching the hall, he drops the box, causing Rebekah to scurry, screaming "Careful, that stuff is fragile." In return he throws a few feathers at her. "Rebekah, when are you going to get your own warder to do your little chores?" Rebekah gasps at him a moment, cheeks turning a little pink, before muttering "Thank you Janos, please get the other one." and stalking off. Returning to his room, and changing into another blue outfit, Janos wonders at the trouble he has bonded himself to. "They couldn't have much more planned for me today." He rushes to get the other box, wondering what is so important in them, and laughing softly as he thinks of the look on Rebekah's face, before wondering where Melana went off to. He reaches the room again, and swings the door open. Glad he has already triggered the traps he stalks proudly in, just to find another bucket, this time filled with a fine bluepowder, and a note that reads, "I shouldn't ever have to repeat myself, but if you need to be reminded..."

"Blood and bloody ashes!" Janos mutters loudly. Then he hears a soft laughter. Turning he sees Melana rushing away from the room, trying not to fall over with her laughter. He runs, and catches up with her easily. Embracing her, he manages to cover her with as much powder as he himself is covered with. "You know, I may not be able to channel, but if you keep this up, I might find another way to get even. I could turn you over my knee.." As soon as those words are out, Janos finds himself floating in midair.

"I may turn you over my knee." Advancing towards him with a glare on her face, full of Aes Sedai dignity and outrage, she razes her hand as if to smack him. At the last moment, she just taps him on the shoulder and gives him a kiss on the cheek. "But I won't do that, yet." With a smile, she lets him go, and beckons for him to get the last box. "What is in these things?" he asks,and Melana replies with a shrug. "They're really Rebekah's. You getting them was just a good excuse to teach you a few small things." She smiles to take the edge off what she has just said, and the two rush back to the blue hall.

Upon entering, they notice the whole hall is dark, and no one can be seen."What's going on?" Janos asks, setting the box down, and easing his sword outof the belt. Melana grasps the source, when she feels someone else holding it."Someone is here." she whispers, and Janos gets ready to fight. But instead of some horrid forsaken attacking, the lights all light at once, creating a blaze into which three sisters step out and scream "Suprise!"

Realizing the sisters are Rebekah, Selendra, and Moradi, and this is a party, not a battle. The two relax and gaze around them. A blue banner is hung up, blue balloons decorate the hall, and there are two sets of presents waiting for them. "Only two?" Janos asks. "Shouldn't there be three." Giggling a little, Rebekah replies "Of course. But you brought your own gift." They wonder if they are about to get a speech about how lucky they are to have found each other, but instead are surprised as Rebekah heads to the box Janos has just recently abandoned. She opens it with air, and reaches inside to retrieve two wrapped presents.

"What better way to hide everything for the party then in plain site." Smiling, she hands one present to Janos and one to Melana. Shrugging to each other, they open their presents carefully, wondering if this is somehow a trick. Despite their suspicions, the gifts are quite normal. Melana finds herself with a beautiful new mirror, engraved along the edges with blue roses in gold, and rushes to hug Rebekah. Janos gets a new sword, the handle a dark blue with a lighter blue design around the handle. "A little more decorative then I am used to, but nice. Thank you." Hugging Melana again, and nodding to Janos, Rebekah replies "Of course; glad you like it. Welcome to our Ajah."

To be continued...

Chapter 2: Janos's Revenge