One Truce, Two Novices Dresses, and A Lot of Laughter

An hour later, Melana is on her way through the Tower. Suddenly she hears someone calling her name. Stopping to glance about, she suddenly sees the Amyrlin striding towards her. She walks slowly towards the Amyrlin, while quickly thinking through her actions the last few days. Her face crimson as she meets the Amyrlin, she says; "Mother, you called for me?" "Yes Daughter, I need to talk with you," the Amyrlin says, as they start walking down the corridor "I have received several complaints on you and Rebekah the last few days," Looking puzzled, she adds "I even heard words about a very unusual novice class the other day. And today I’ve heard rumours of a Sister running around in a Novice dress. As I can see that it’s not you, it must be Rebekah." Grinning, Melana asks; "Rebekah, is that you?" Looking sideways at her, the Amyrlin replies; "What would make you think that, Daughter?" "Rebekah, you should try to be a little more clever. You honestly didn’t believe I would fall for something we’ve already done, did you?" Melana asks with an exasperated look on her face. "Do you mean to say that Rebekah has been impersonating me?" the Amyrlin asks with all the patience she can muster. "Have you been drinking to much oosqai again Rebekah?" Melana asks incredulously. "Don’t you remember? You impersonated Moradi and Jorryn! It was me who impersonated the Amyrlin! And you can let go of the Illusion now, I know that it’s you!" Melana is startled as the Amyrlin takes a firm grip of her ear, and all she can do is to keep up as she’s being dragged along towards the Amyrlin’s study. "Rebekah, let go. I promise that I’ll undo the illusion. Ouch, you’re ripping my ear off." Walking on, the Amyrlin replies; "Melana, hear this, and know that it’s true. I am Eleyan al’Landerin Aes Sedai, the Amyrlin Seat, and now you keep quiet and come with me!" Mouth hanging wide open, and with no Aes Sedai dignity at all, Melana has no choice but to follow.

In the Amyrlin’s Study, there is already a gathering of people, among them Elyna, Minerva, Moradi, Selendra and a group of Novices. And standing by the desk, glaring at Melana, is Rebekah, still wearing the Novice dress. Letting go of Melana’s ear, the Amyrlin moves behind the desk and sits down as do all the others in the room...except for Rebekah and Melana as there are no chairs left for them. Straightening their backs, they try to regain some of their dignity. The Amyrlin looks through some papers on her desk, then she turns her infamous Aes Sedai stare at Rebekah and Melana. "First, there’s the matter of you two drenching Minerva in blue paint." Opening her mouth to explain that it wasn’t exactly paint, Rebekah receives a hard stare. "I will not have full sisters doing such things to other sisters! Not in my Tower! You will both apologize to Minerva Sedai. In public!!" Glaring at Melana, Rebekah points out that she didn’t have anything to do with melting the blue snowman over the Red Sister’s head, but all she gets, is a sniff from Minerva, some odd looks from the others and a "Silence!!!" from the Amyrlin. And of course everyone go silent.

"Next, there is your inappropriate use of illusions," the Amyrlin continues. “It is of course allowed to use Illusion to some extent, for instance if you’re bathing and someone deprives you of your clothes; feel free to make a dress with Illusion. But you are not supposed to use illusions on others without them knowing." At this point she glances over at Rebekah, and then motions Melana to unravel the weave. "And you are definitely not supposed to use it to impersonate other sisters, and least of all the Amyrlin!" Melana backs a step, swallowing, as the Amyrlin stares at her, while Rebekah frantically tries to keep a grin from her face. "If I hear that any of you are walking around in costumes or as other sisters or only in your shift with a big hat on your head," She gives Rebekah a look, and now Rebekah has no problem keeping a straight face. "You will scrub pots in the Scullery with the Novices till you regret the day you mother kissed you father!" Some giggling can be heard from the Novices, while Moradi and Selendra are laughing out loud. Even Minerva is chortling.

Rubbing her aching temples, the Amyrlin goes on; "About the Novice class you were teaching..." she looks at the two women with frustration, "Well, you must realize yourselves that doing what you did was hardly proper. Those girls will never look at an Aes Sedai the same after that." The Novices present nod as one, all the time giggling. "You see what I mean? We’ll have major problems getting them back on track!" As she lifts up the last sheet of paper, she adds; "And I think I’ll leave that job to you two. Maybe you’ll think twice before pulling of a stunt like that again!" When she notices that the two women look startled at her, she adds sourly; "And I’m quite sure you will do something similar again. But please try to do it in the official prank weeks." A mumble of "Yes Mother" can be heard from the two.

"And then there’s one last thing... I wasn’t sure if it had anything to do with your games, but the more I think of it, the more sense it makes. An a’dam went missing from one of the storerooms yesterday." Leaning back in her chair to look at the two, she sees that Melana’s face goes crimson, while Rebekah’s grow darker as she’s absentmindedly touching her neck. "Well, my suspicion is confirmed then!" she says with a sigh. "There’s a reason why those kinds of things are hidden in the storerooms. Although you have both gained the shawl, you are not to take anything from those rooms without asking my permission. And you must come up with a very good reason if you want to borrow the a’dam! Now I have those rooms warded, and you do not want to go in there again. If you do, you’ll have a very...unpleasant experience!" She gives both a firm look before she glances at the papers again. "But what to do with you now? As it seems you are both so fond of playing pranks, and you’re both acting worse than Novices, I think the best thing to do, is to dress you in Novice white again." As the two looks incredulously at her, she adds; "No, you will not loose your titles. You will be Aes Sedai dressed in Novice dresses. And you will wear them for two weeks! And" she adds while smiling, "everybody will know why. I think that is the best thing to do. Now you can go and put on those dresses. I expect to see you in them at dinner this evening!" Quickly curtsying, they murmur a "Yes Mother" again, before hurrying out. Stopping outside the closed door, they look disbelievingly at each other. "Do you hear what I hear?" Rebekah asks. Melana nods. From the Amyrlin’s office they can hear the sound of several persons laughing, the Amyrlin herself laughing hardest.

The end…hopefully…!