Lizards and A'dams

Grumbling, Melana walks down the corridor heading for the Blue quarters. Passing a stairway leading down to the vaults, she stops as a thought comes to her. Smiling mischievously, she quickly glances around to see if anyone will notice, then she slips down the stairs leading below. Roaming the corridors, opening each door to glance in, she finally stumbles over the correct room. Looking around her again to make sure that no-one’s watching, she grabs a torch, slips in and closes the door.

In the meantime Rebekah has gone to the Training Grounds, hoping to get a glimpse of Mac. He’s there, frantically trying to teach the newest Recruits how to use their swords without chopping off their feet. She hangs there for a while, waving to Mac each time he looks her way, not realizing that he looks her way because his eyes are drawn to her blue hair. But when Mac is beginning to look at her askance, she blushes and quickly decides to move on.

Walking over to the Tower Garden, she finds a nice spot under a tree. She sits down smiling thinking about Mac, and soon she falls asleep. First she dreams about having her own Warder, someone who will fight the Shadow with her, but then her dreams change, they are growing darker. Now she’s all alone, and in the darkness she feels that something is moving towards her, but when she tries to see what it is, it disappears…and then something is strangling her, and as she screams, she wakes. Startled, she hears a click and she can feel a strange cool metal around her neck. Then Melana steps in to view, fastening a bracelet around her wrist with another click. As it dawns on Rebekah what Melana has done, she suddenly feels like somebody is tickling her all over. When the sensation is gone, leaving her gasping for air, she can hear Melana giggle. "I just had to see if this thing really works!" she manages to say in between giggles. "Now let’s see if I really can control your flows!" Controlling Rebekah’s flows through the a’dam, she quickly unravels the shield Rebekah made earlier. "Thanks sis, now we know that this thing really works, and we even have first hand experience with it," she says with a big grin as she opens the a’dam and releases a stunned Rebekah. Just to be on the safe side, she embraces the Power as she walks off towards the Tower, not willing to give Rebekah a new chance to shield her. Hiding the a’dam in her cloak she mumbles to herself; "I hope I can get this thing back to the storage room before anyone notices that it’s missing!"

Placing a ginger hand near her neck, Rebekah sits astonished at what just happened. "An a'dam?" Gasping and shuddering, she's trying hard to regain control of herself. She gets up to return to the blue Quarters. Walking by several boys and warders, several waving or asking her what's wrong without her even noticing, she is scheming, muttering. "Melana, that was too much, I am gonna have to get you bad for that...." She inally reaches her room, passing a smiling Melana on the way, Rebekah jumps and screams as she sees a very small wolf, with very sharp teeth. Channeling without thinking, the wolf is held in flows of air, it growls a little.. and then meows? "MELANA!" A laughing Melana rushes in, undoing her weaves as she moves. Rebekah lets go of her now normal-looking cat, as Melana says matter-of-factly, "I had to get you back for changing Nala. Plus, I undid your blue hair finally, though I was starting to like it." Rebekah quickly channels and Melana is pushed out of the room. "I'll be leaving for a little while, Melana." Giving Mandragoran one quick pet, and then opening a gateway, Rebekah steps out of her room into what looks like a burnt down barn, just an open field really.

Melana retreats to go plot her next scheme and wonder what Rebekah is up to. "That a'dam has really upset her; I hope I haven't crossed the line!" Dinner comes and goes, and darkness falls over the tower, still no Rebekah. Melana begins to worry, but Rebekah is probably just sulking somewhere, trying to think of someway to get back at her. "It's getting late... where is she?" Figuring she is just trying to be dramatic, and probably just got a room at an inn somewhere, Melana heads to her room, finally, yawning sleepily. "Tomorrow, I'll have to get her good, just for making me worry, and for causing me to stay up so late." Entering her room, Melana notices something seems off, but glancing around, everything looks normal. Quickly donning her nightgown and moving to climb into bed, something brushes Melana's ankle. Jumping about ten feet into the air, she scolds herself. "It's probably just Nala." As she settles against the pillows, something moves. Jumping and screaming, the whole room seems to come alive. Snakes, lizards, frogs, snails and others appear out of the corners of the room. "What? What is this?" Screaming loudly, Melana jumps off the bed dodging reptiles as they are trying to crawl over her feet and up her legs. Running out of the room, she immediately goes to Rebekah's room, slamming the door open and trying to not look panicked. "What did you do?" she demands of Rebekah, who is back, sitting silently at her desk, trying to look innocent. Melana grabs her arm and pulls her toward her room. "Fix it! I cannot go back near those.. those.. things." Rebekah channels for a long time clearing up the animals. "I just headed back to my old village and found several species of reptiles. Hmm, perhaps I can give them to someone of the brown to study." Rebekah says carefully, while channeling again and sweeping all the animals into several glass containers made for that sort of thing. "I got them all, I think."

With that she rushes out of Melana's room, shouting over her shoulder; "There's just one more surprise Melana." Melana sighs and follows Rebekah out of the room, to where she is standing beside what appears to be a portrait covered with a sheet hung up in the blue quarters. "I used all my artistic talent to draw this, just for you. Moradi and Selendra have already given me permission to hang it here." Rebekah says as she pulls the sheet off. Melana gasps, as Rebekah giggles, then rushes back to her room. Channeling briefly to shield her room from any of Melana's attacks, she mutters; "Sweet dreams Melana, me, I haven't gotten a good nights sleep in days because of this."

When Rebekah comes out from her rooms early the next morning, she finds Melana dozing off in one of the chairs. Grinning, Rebekah fetches a cup of cold water, and splashes it in her face. "Wakey, wakey! It’s time to get up, sunshine!" Gasping, Melana wakes and looks startled around for the Darkfriend who has obviously attacked her. Seeing Rebekah standing there, a big smile on her face, Melana sniffs, and channels the water back into the cup. "Ahh, I feel better than I’ve done for days, it’s wondrous what a good night’s sleep can do for you!" Rebekah says all full of energy. "I wouldn’t know anything about that," Melana replies while yawning, "I couldn’t stand the thought of all those creatures being in my room, and when you weren’t even sure you had found them all...well, I figured it was better to sleep out here!" Grinning, Rebekah shrugs, “Oh, we’ll find them all...someday. Well, I’m off, I have lots of Aes Sedai business to see to today." As Rebekah moves towards the door, Melana quickly channels. Feeling Melana using the Power, Rebekah turns while lifting an eyebrow, "What did you do now?" she asks, a look of suspicion on her face. Lifting a frog with a flow of Air, Melana replies, "I just found one of your pets", while trying hard not to laugh.

Chapter 5