Disappearing Dressing, Frozen Warders, and Other Pranks

The next Morning: Melana wakes up late, and so is in a hurry to get to her breakfast. Noticing the lack of a mirror, she knows something has happened, but doesn't worry about it, after all looking over herself as best as she can without a mirror, she looks normal, nothing is blue. She notes to herself; "I have to remember to get that ter'angreal back before I regret having left it in Rebekahís room." She leaves her room, and starts to leave the blue hall, when she notices Rebekah's head peaking out of her room; she quickly slams the door, and all that can be heard from there is laughter. Turning again to leave, she runs head first into Selendra, who manages to say, "I dunno where you're going, but you probably want to put on something more decent." between giggles. Selendra leads Melana to another room, and straight towards a mirror, where she can see her reflection, she appears to be wearing the outfit a young Aiel girl would wear, complete short skirt stopping just above her knees and double braids in her hair, with ribbons.

"REBEKAH!" Rushing back to where Rebekah is, again peeking out of her room, attempting a very innocent look inbetween her unstoppable laughter, she quickly slams a shield between her and the source, and gives her a new outfit too, the Sea Folk's, without the upper half. "I'll change you back, if you change me!" Melana practically screams. Realizing her error, she removes the shield and Rebekah removes the weave. Adding "Now you fix me!" Laughing softly, Melana responds, "I said I'd change you back, I didn't say when. Hope you didn't have any plans with you-know-who today." She tries to rush out, but runs straight into a solid wall. "Uhh, just kidding, I'll change you back!" Quickly does so, before running off to her breakfast.

Melana stalks off to her breakfast, a scowl on her face. "That Rebekah, Iíll get back at her, the Light help me, I will. Tries to embarrass me in public, does she?" As she walks on, her temper cools. Suddenly she notices that everybody is whispering and pointing at her. "What is it now?" she grumbles and looks down her dress as some Novices are pointing in her direction while giggling. "Blood and ashes, I need a mirror!" She stalks down the hallway and to a mirror hanging on one of the walls. Looking into it, she realizes that when Rebekah removed the outfit of an Aiel girl, she really just re-placed it with a feathery one; a costume like the ones they use in Ebou Dar on the festival of the Birds."Light! And I donít even have time to go back and strangle her if I want to meet Janos for breakfast." She walks on, cheek held high. Though itís colour is kinda crimson. She finally makes it to where Janos is waiting, his mouth hanging open. "Oh, donít even bother to ask, Iím not in the mood to explain this right now." She sits down and glares at the door, waiting to see if Rebekah appears. Around her everyone is whispering and laughing. Janos asks if sheíd like something to eat, but her angry scowl tells him not to bother her. Suddenly she hears a familiar voice behind her. "Melana, Daughter, what in the Light are you wearing? Iím not sure if thatís proper." She quickly turns to see the amused look on the Amyrlinís face. Everybody has gone really quiet. "MotherÖuuh, Iím not really wearing it, itís really just a weave a friend of mine made without me realizing. Iíll make her do something about it as soon as I find her." She promises to meet Janos later, grabs an apple and makes a gateway back to her rooms in the Blue Quarters.

There she stalks over to Rebekahís door and knocks. No-one answers. She channels and unlocks the door, then opens it and stalks inside, looking everywhere for Rebekah. But sheís not there, neither is the teríangreal. Mumbling under her breath, she goes out to Moradi and Selendra, who are both looking incredulously at her. "Yes I know I look like a bird, just get it out of your systems, will ya." As they laugh, she waits impatiently, hands on hips...or wings, you might say, tapping one foot at the floor. "Are you quite finished now? Then maybe you could help me. Have any of you seen Rebekah?" Melana looks at Selendra in disbelief as she tells her between giggles that Rebekah went out earlier, and said she wouldnít be back until nightfall. But neither knows what Rebekah is up to. "Blood and ashes, blood and bloody ashes! REBEKAH!!!!"

Rebekah finally gets back from a long day of travelling to frozen lands and sets up Melana's room just right, many delicate weaves spaced throughout her room, but most are carefully inverted so no one but she can see them. She hurries out to change her sodden dress, and spend the rest of the night relaxing while waiting for Melana to return. Rebekah runs to her room, and starts to change, when she notices none of her other dresses are in her closet. Turning she realizes the dress she just discarded is in Melana's arms, as she is gazing at Rebekah's startled face from the doorway to her room.

"What did you do to my dresses, Melana??" she splutters angrily. "I hid them" and with that a glowing nimbus surrounds Melana, as a shield is forced between Rebekah and the source. "They're all somewhere in the tower. You'll find them easily enough, but this will certainly pay you back for embarrassing me this morning." Just in case, Rebekah frantically searches every nook and cranny of her room. "You can't expect me to go wandering around the tower in just a shift!" Smiling wickedly, Melana replies; "Oh, of course not! What could I have been thinking?" Again she channels, and the weaves land on Rebekah, who quickly glances in a mirror to see a large hat like Lai's, only in blue, atop her head. "Don't worry, find you're dresses and I'll remove the shield, and the hat!" followed by more laughter. Spluttering angrily, Rebekah hurries through the tower to the one place she knows Melana would use, the one place she would be most embarrassed about going in only her shift.

When she knocks on Mac's door, there is no answer. "The light be thanked, he isn't here!" Forcing the door open she sees all her dresses scattered mixed in with all of Mac's manly/warder-ish belongings. Quickly she dresses, bundling as many dresses as she can carry, and opens the door just to run directly into Mac. "Umm, what are you doing in my room?" Rebekah's cheek go slightly crimson, but she says a silent Thank the light that he hadn't come back ten minutes earlier. "Well, umm, it was just a little prank. I'll.. umm.. get the rest of my dresses later." Running off as fast as she can, she stops momentarily when she hears Mac yell after her. "Rebekah! Nice hat!" followed by "manly laughter"

When she reaches the blue hall again, Melana is waiting for her. "How did it go? Run into anyone interesting." Just then Mac enters, carrying the rest of Rebekah's dresses, and Rebekah, turning even more crimson grabs them, mutters a hasty thanks and runs into her room. Mac, looking confused asks Melana to explain, but she only says, while trying hard not to laugh, "Its just a little games us blue sisters are playing. If you were part of this Ajah you would understand. Actually I know where there might be an opening for a youngling like yourself in the blue.Ē Just then another pillow whirls by Melana's head, as the door to Rebekah's room is quickly slammed shut again. "Maybe you better go now Mac!" she says, feeling very proud of herself. She happily sees Mac off, and then returns to her room, Rebekah's earlier channeling there completely forgotten.

When she enters the room, suddenly dozens of blue feathers fall from the ceiling covering her, and her newest companion. Standing next to her in the room is a very large blue snowman, and over his head is a sign, written with the power that says "Bond me instead! I'm more blue than Janos will ever be!" Melana stands in her room covered in blue feathers, sneezing. She turns to stare at the snowman with a startled expression and doesnít even notice that Moradi and Selendra are standing behind her, until she hears a very familiar giggling. "Rebekah!!" she exclaims as she turns to the door, and is startled to see the other two women there. "What are you girls doing?" Moradi asks, looking at her, "I swear there hasnít been a quiet moment in the blue halls since you two were raised! Actually I think you have been in more trouble after you gained the shawl, then when you were Novices and Accepted!" she adds with a crisp smile. Her face going slightly crimson, Melana glares at Rebekah standing behind the other two, grinning impishly. "I think you should do something with your future...ehem... Warder before he melts and leaves a big blue puddle on your floor" Selendra says, looking slightly frustrated, though amusement can be detected in her expression. "And do something about those feathers, will you dear?" Rebekah adds, with an innocent smile. "Iíll do something with those feathers, alright!" Melana mutters as Moradi and Selendra returns to their own business. Embracing the power, she lifts the sign away from the snowman and into her closet. "I think Iíll keep that one as a memory of this lightforsaken day." Then she gathers all the feathers in the room with several flows of air, and floats them quickly over to where Rebekah is standing, releasing them all over her head. But somehow, Rebekah anticipated that (canít imagine why), and has already made a weave of her own. Not a single feather touches her; they are all exploding and spreading all over the room again. Melana, who gaped when she saw what Rebekah did, is now logically, dispassionately, non-emotionally and coolly trying to get rid of all the feathers that ended up in her mouth; and at the same time it seems like she canít stop sneezing, making the task that much harder. All the while Rebekah is doubled over, laughing. "Oh Melana, you should have seen the look on your face just now," she manages breathlessly after a while, " it was almost worth running around in the Tower in my shift...almost" Thinking about that, Melana begins to chuckle. "Poor Mac, he was a little confused, wasnít he, finding you and all your dresses in his room"Melana says while grinning, "But I have to do something about that snowman...and Iím definitely NOT gonna bond him!" She channels, and the snowman is floating over her bed on its way to the window. Blue spots can be seen on the linen sheets as the snowman has begun dripping. She releases another weave with which she opens the window, she floats the snowman out and uses several flows of fire to melt him. A big splash can be heard, then a scream of fury. "Ooops, maybe I should have made sure no-one was standing down there before I melted the blasted thing," she mutters as she walks quickly over to the window. Rebekah only laughs as she follows. Looking down, they can see a very angry blue face looking up at them. "Light, is that Minerva?" Melana whispers incredulously, and Rebekah laughs even harder. "Oh, stop that will you, now weíve really done it!" "We?" Rebekah asks, in between giggles, "No, you can take all the credit for that one, sis!" Looking down again at Minerva who stands there with a scowl, and hands on hips, Melana says faintly; "I think Iíll just stay in the blue quarters for the next fifty-odd years..." Peeking out the window, Rebekah goes slightly pale. "Melana, I think we should call a truce for the rest of today." Looking confused, Melana asks "Why?" Hurrying towards the door, calling over her shoulder, Rebekah replies ďBecause a certain Red sister is heading this way, and she looks ready for an execution, or more correctly two." They both peek out the door, to see Minerva stalk into the blue quarters, looking very angry, and still somewhat blue from the snowman.

"I know," both women exclaim at the same time, weaving another illusion around themselves. Suddenly the room is filled with two Moradi's, three actually as the real one opens the door, saying; "Ladies, Minerva is looking for you, and I don't think she is going to believe either one of you is me, let alone both of you. And Selendra is out there too, so don't try her either." Thinking quickly both women channel again, and suddenly there are two Jorryn's standing there. Looking frustrated, one of them says; "Melana, if we're going to hide as other sisters, we can't be the same sister, I'll be Jorryn, you be Arthaine." "Not unless you can think of a good reason for the head of the Brown Ajah and the Head of the White to be here in my room." the other Jorryn replies. "Let's just get out of here for a while!" the first says, adding, "I have an idea where we can go." Channeling again, Rebekah and Melana return, and a gateway opens. Both women quickly step through. "Where are we?" Melana asks, and Rebekah replies, "In my favourite hideout in the Tower. We're actually in the Library, a deep corner I found back when I was a novice, hiding from Moradi for a little while." Looking around, Melana asks; "I thought you were a good novice, why were you hiding from Moradi?" Rebekah's cheeks go a little pink, but she laughs as she replies. "Oh, when I was a novice I got caught spying on Jakeb. I uhh... had a little crush on him back then." She laughs and Melana quickly joins in. "Light! Rebekah, did you see the look on Minerva's face? Perhaps we should give her a while to calm down before we confront her. And don't think this little war is over between us just yet. I have to get you back for that little warder joke." She laughs, and Rebekah replies, "Like that was any worse then sending me searching through the tower in my shift. Light, how am I going to explain that to Mac." The two women laugh and joke like silly novices for a while, before carefully returning to their rooms for the night, Just before carefully locking the doors so Minerva cannot surprise them in their sleep, Rebekah gives Melana a warning. "Remember tomorrow, this truce is off, and all is fair game."

Chapter 3