A Study of Aes Sedai Dignity

And How To Thoroughly Ruffle It

By Melana Sedai and Rebekah Sedai

The Begining

Sitting in a sofa in the Blue quarters, Melana hears someone rushing in. Turning she sees Rebekah hurrying towards her. "Is it true Melana?" Rebekah asks, looking astonished. "You're getting bonded? Melana, that's wonderful!" Nodding, Melana, looking extremely happy, replies. "I know, Janos is such a great guy too. We were talking the other day, and he is so funny. When the Amyrlin heard, she told me I had made a great catch." The two women erupt in giggles. "Did you tell him that? That he is being talked about like a fish?" Rebekah asks between giggles. "Well, I told him what the Amyrlin said!" more laughter "I donít think he even noticed that part of it. All he said was that he felt bad for the girls who were gonna cry themselves to sleep over the loss of him." As Melana mutters something about Younglings with big heads, Rebekah laughs again. Then she grows suddenly serious. "Melana, I must admit though, I might be one of those girls crying over Janos. She fakes sobs, puts a hand on her forehead and tries to look upset. "Oh why couldn't it have been me?" But she loses the sad expression as she cracks up. "But seriously, I am happy for you." They hug, and Melana's smile turns a little wicked. "What about you Rebekah? Are you going to bond anyone soon?" Rebekah tries her best to look completely innocent. "Who could you be referring to Melana?" Melana giggles again, and tries to look equally as innocent. "Oh, no one really. Let's see, who could Rebekah bond? Rollyn? Or Maybe Paedrig or DriscollÖI always confuse the two of themÖ Oh I know! I saw you in the tavern the other day, talking to a certain youngling. Mister Mac al Bannon. Perhaps, you'll see him again tonight? I heard something about some people going stargazing." Rebekah's cheeks have gone a little crimson. "I.. err. well.. I am not going to be stalking him, if that's what you mean." Melana laughs again, and then shakes her head. "Oh no, I just meant that I was thinking of asking Janos if we could go stargazing. You can come too. Perhaps I'll help give you a little push in the right direction." Rebekah shakes her head frantically. "No! And I hope you didn't mean a literal push. I just had a visual picture of us waiting outside the tavern and you pushing me directly into Mac's lap." Melana's eyebrows rise in mock indignation. "Of course I wouldn't! Besides, I've seen you with him. I think you can take care of getting close to him without my help. Besides, you wouldnít wanna leave Mac all by himself tonight, would you?" Rebekahís face is quite crimson by now, as she mutters; "I might need to warn Janos about his match-making, gossiping, and manipulating soon-to-be bondmate! And Mac is a big boy, if there aren't any Accepted there to comfort him, Iím sure he can take care of himself." Trying hard not to, she canít help laughing as Melana continues to tease her. "Well at least I donít have to worry about being pushed into someone who shall remain nameless's lap. You're not one to "accidentally" trip your sister either right??" Before Melana gets to answer, Rebekah quickly says; "Melana, Iím not planning on bonding anyone in the nearest futureÖand when or if I do, it will be without your help! Now, let's change the subject! How about the party we were planning in the water garden? Have you figured out how to work your make-everything-blue ter'angreal so we can make the drinks blue?" "I have been thinking about the party, but not about my new ter'angreal. Actually I was thinking of the guest lists. Perhaps we should put Mac's name at the top of it!" She dives as she notices a throwing motion, then looks up to find a pillow flying through the air where her head was located a second before "Okay, I wonít mention him again Rebekah, at least not right now" Dives again as another pillow is finding itís way towards her. "Weíll talk about this later, right, when you have calmed down." Leaves all Aes Sedai dignity behind as she hikes up her skirts and dashes for her apartments with even more pillows flying by her head. "Uhmí Iíll see you later, right?" Quickly closes her door as she sees a glowing nimbus surrounding Rebekah; seconds later she hears a splashing sound outside her door, and realizes that the water jug must be quite empty at this point. "Hmm, I think Iíll just stay safely inside my rooms now, and maybe write some letters and do some other Aes Sedai businessÖ" Mutters; "Just hope Selendra and Moradi didnít notice the racketÖ"

About an hour later, Melana carefully opens her door and peeks out, looks at the pool of water on the floor and channels it over in the water jug "Hope no-one drinks it." She glances at the heaps of pillows laying on the floor, and carefully walks around them and in to where Rebekah is sitting. "Hello dear, I hope youíve calmed dÖI mean, I hope you..." She looks desperately around for anyone to help her, but realizes that she is very much on her own. "...I hope you have had time to regain your composure, yeah, thatís it!" Gazes carefully at Rebekah to see if sheís hiding anything throwable behind her back. "Hmmm, Iíve been doing some thinking, and I promise that I will not mention Macís name again unless you bring it up, starting now! And I would never accidentally trip my sisters...if I do something like that, it will be deliberately" She grins, but notices that Rebekah is looking at her suspiciously. "Uhm, yeah, youíre much calmer now, right, knowing that I wouldnít accidentally trip you." She grins again, but is suddenly startled as the glowing nimbus reappears around Rebekah. "Hey, I havenít mentioned...him...or anything, Iíve just been minding my own business...mostly..." She gasps as the cold water from the jug is splashing down her head. "Honestly Rebekah, that wasnít very nice" she says and then mutters under her breath; "Where is your Warder when you need him. Oh yeah, he doesnít even know that I need him because of that bloody waiting period!" She glares at Rebekah, who is rolling on the floor laughing, hammering the carpet with her hands, babbling about how precious this is. "I would remember to lock my door tonight if I was you!" Looks at herself in a mirror. "Light, I look like a drenched cat!" She chuckles as she channels the water out of her hair and dress and out a window this time. But she quickly decides that changing the subject might be a very good idea at this moment. "So you like to throw pillows, do you?" A big grin covers her face "Well, I think I owe you this!" She channels and all the pillows that lay on the floor is suddenly flying towards Rebekah. "I..." Rebekah dodges several pillows, carefully peeks to see if the tirade is done, and gets hit smack in the face with one. "Okay, okay, I think weíre even! No pushing, tripping, or throwing pillows...for the moment at least. I have regained my composure. And I would just like to add that just mentioning his... err Mac's name will not make me go all red faced and act like a silly novice." She glares as Melana collapses to the floor in giggles. "What? I don't..." Abandoning that thread, Rebekah quickly says "Oh, and I think we should not involve Warders, since it would be so one sided then, just think of it; you throwing pillows as Janos charges...poor Rebekah...Besides, I am sure you can take good care of yourself." A firm nod from Melana, as a nimbus surrounds her, and a fresh pitcher of water is dumped over Rebekahís head. She can hear her mutter something like "Now we're even" before she retreats to her room. "Ugh, and this was my favorite dress too! Remind me to change next time before we have a water throwing contests," she says as she channels herself dry.

Melana wakes up, and notices that itís in the middle of the night. "Now would be the perfect time to surprise Rebekah!" Mutters; "After all, I did warn her to keep her door locked tonight." She slips on her blue robe and matching slippers and carefully opens her door and peeks out. "What? Someoneís still up?" Looks more closely. "Oh blood and ashes, is that Selendra and Keith??? What the heck are they doing? And at this hour of the night?" She carefully retreats to her rooms. "Ah well, I wonít actually bother them. I think I can go on with my devious plan." She walks over to a decorated casket standing by her bed, opens it and lifts something out, before carefully closing the casket again. "Yes, I think Rebekah will like these!" A smile plays about her lips. "Hmmm, what else do I need? Yes there it is!" Bows down to fetch an odd shaped bottle from beneath her bed. Then she gazes around the room, and her eyes are drawn to a little old figurine. "Ahh, yes, my make-everything-blue-teríangreal. Thatís perfect!" She grins mischievously. "... Now Iím ready for you, dearest Sister!" Laughing quietly, she carefully makes her way over to Rebekahís room. Not a sound can be heard...uhm, except from Selendra and Keith, but we wonít get into that right now! ...She channels a trickle of the One Power into the lock, opens the door carefully, walks softly into the dark room and closes the door behind. "Hee hee" She channels spirit into the teríangreal and focuses on Rebekah. "Now you truly are a Blue Sister" As she releases the Power, she chuckles; a little too loudly obviously, because Rebekah wakes with a start. "Uhm okay, now I just stand here all still, and she wonít even notice me..." She hasnít even said that before a shield blocks her from the Source, and suddenly sheís hanging up-down in mid-air. Both the box and the bottle falls to the floor. Suddenly all the candles in the room are ablaze and Rebekahís sleepy eyes look at her from a very...blue face. "Eheem, I can explain this, truly I can. I was just giving your skin a...uhh...new and fresh color! Yeah thatís it." Rebekah stretches and yawns; then gets out of bed and stumbles over to a mirror. A gasp followed by something that sounds like "bloody woolheaded woman, the Light burn her" before Rebekah turns back, thunderclouds in her eyes. "Sooo, you didnít like your new color, huh?" Melana tries to smile innocently, but thatís a trifle difficult hanging up-down. She laughs nervously as she says; "I can change it right now if you put me down on the ground again, and remove the shield." She heaves a sight of relief when sheís once again standing on the ground. Then she embraces the Source and channels through the teríangreal. "Hmmm, nothing happened..." She tries again. "Youíre still very blue Rebekah..." Looking very puzzled, she glances from the figurine to Rebekah. "I thought I could remove the color with the teríangreal...I guess I was wrong." Takes a step backwards when she sees Rebekahís angry scowl "Yeah, well...ehem, I think I...better go! See ya!!"

Melana runs out the door and in to Selendra and Keith, who are enjoying a game of Stones, Rebekah right on her heels. Running back into Rebekahís room, she tries to close the door to stop Rebekah, but it doesnít work very well because Rebekah flings the door open with the Power and is soon blocking the only way out with her mere presence...her very angry presence. "Look Rebekah, I brought you some homemade cookies." She points at the box that fell to the floor earlier. "And some blueberry wine...very hard to find these days" Motions to the bottle she brought. "I was going to leave them here, as a pleasant surprise for you when you woke up tomorrow." Rebekah sniffs, and crosses her arms beneath her breasts; "I donít want cookies or wine! I want my old color back!" "...I can try one more time to change it back, maybe I used the wrong flow." Melana swallows hard, then channels through the figurine one more time, this time with different flows. Soon, Rebekah is her old self again. "Yeah, that was easy enough! Once I figured it out anyway." Laughing shakily, she starts towards her own room. "I think Iíll go back to bed now, I bid you a good night Rebekah." Back in her room, she locks her door. But suddenly she realizes that she forgot the figurine in Rebekahís room...

Rebekah waits patiently until she can be sure Melana is asleep again. "I know she must get her beauty sleep, after all she is meeting Janos early tomorrow for breakfast." Laughs quietly as she creeps towards Melana's door, being careful not to wake Selendra or Moradi, who have both long gone to bed. Reaching Melana's door, she uses the power to unlock and open it slightly, then channels an elaborate weave and inverts it so Melana won't be able to see it. Then she floats the only mirror in the room towards her, and takes it back to her own room.

Chapter 2