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Welcome to the home of the Blue Ajah.

The Ajah where the Sisters dedicate themselves to different causes...
but where there's still a common goal.
A Brown sister once said;

"You Blues. Always so ready to save the world that you lose yourselves."

But as long as there is a world to save, we will dedicate our lives to fight for it. We do it in our own ways... different ways. But we still work together and help each other, and that makes us a strong and close sisterhood.

May the Creator shelter you all in the palm of his hand,
Melana Sedai, Head of the Blue Ajah!

Atarah Sedai
Karassa Sedai
Melana Sedai
Mellyn Sedai
Mhor Sedai
Moradi Sedai
Raevyn Sedai
Rebekah Sedai
Rissa Sedai
Viviana Sedai
Accepted Arwen
Accepted Egere
Accepted Lyoness
Accepted Manora
Accepted Ninya
Accepted Padraigin
Accepted Seandre
Accepted Tricia

And our Warders:
Gwynidon Gaidin
James Gaidin
Janos Gaidin
Jasin Gaidin
Sataere Gaidin


What's New in the Blue Ajah:

Here, we'll tell you about updates on the site,
and any changes in the Blue Ajah!


The Head's Blue Tip:

Huggles are like brownies, you can never have too many of them.

Rissa Sedai's Cause:

Try to convince the Head that she should respect her Elders.

(pssst; that's a lost cause though, cuz frankly... that just won't ever happen *nods firmly*)

Viv's Blue Theory:
I just figured that since I channel so much, and channeling takes energy, that I have a naturely high motabalism!*grins*

May 20th, 2003

Today, Accepted Manora has joined the Blue Ajah. Welcome!!

May 18th, 2003

Today, I welcome Accepted Seandre and Accepted Ninya to the Blue Ajah!*hugs*

May 10th, 2003

I've added a link to a site made in honor of our Blue Pets. Here you can find stories about all our pets and some pictures. This was made by Atarah Sedai with some help from the Head. Thanks Tarah!! *hugs*

April 28th, 2003

I've updated the Who's Who to reflect our growth and tell you a little about the new Blue members.

April 27th, 2003

This day, I welcome Sataere Gaiding to our Ajah as he and Rissa bonded each other at one of the RL gatherings on this site. I also welcome Accepted Lyoness and Accepted Padraigin who were raised at the same event and then made the right choice soon after. Welcome to the Blue Ajah!!

March 24, 2003

I've created a new quiz to help young women looking for an Ajah to decide whether the Blue Ajah is the right one for them, and I've also taken the old quiz and renovated it a little bit.

March 18, 2003

The New Blue Forum is up and running, thanks to Mellyn Sedai. You'll find a link to it higher up on the page, but remember, you have to be logged into ezboard for it to work. Have fun!! And thanks bunches Mell!!*hugs*

March 17, 2003

Today I've added a form for the Blue Aspirants to fill out, with much help from Karassa Sedai. Thank you!! *huggles her muchly*

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