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Iro calichniye asa ti The Paths of Prophecy!

Here is a site unlike most other Wheel of Time Role-playing sites on the net. The Paths of Prophecy stays with the general storyline and guidelines of the series and we concentrate on making sure everyone is involved in some way. There is much more to do here than just Role-play. We are an interactive and fun community, where you can meet new people and role-play on our message boards. These pages are consistently updated and The Council takes pride in the way the site is managed and the decisions it makes to see that things run smoothly. To navigate the site, access any of the links on the top of each page. Each link will guide you to a certain section of the site and in each section you can click on a dagger to access pages of that particular section. Each page has the same top navigation bar, so you can always click back to any main page of a section wherever you are at in the site.

If you have any concerns regarding copyrights, or have any suggestions or questions about this site, e-mail the Site Master by clicking on the quill and parchment above.

The Paths of Prophecy is a non-profit Role-playing organization and is in no way affiliated with Robert Jordan or TOR books. This site is best viewed at 1024x768 resolution.