Adiah al'Rhaen

"Stand back when the lightning flashes in Adiah's eyes, or you are in danger of being struck," was a common saying in the village that Adiah came from. Although she was from Arad Doman she did not act as most Domani women did. For dress she settled on a pair of tight britches, a baggy man's shirt, some soft leather boots, and a sword at her hip. The reason for this can probably be blamed on her family.

Adiah's mother died when she was 3, her father is a drunk, and she has 5 older brothers. All of her living family is in the military, of some form or another, and because of this she found it a silly waste of time to practice the "art" of flirting. Instead she took up the sword. Because she had no real model for how to flirt as most Domani women do, she was constantly trying to earn approval of her family by becoming the best at what she was doing. Her family was never satisfied, so she tried harder and harder, until she became a blademaster at the young age of 17.

There are stories that Adiah was really born of someone other than her parents and her parents adopted her, why? Adiah is 6'2" , has blond hair that just brushes the top of her shoulders, and flashing green eyes, Whereas the common Domani has a copper complexion, and brown hair and eyes. Although her father has never confirmed the accusations, he has never denied them either.

Despite the fact that she has never practiced flirting, Adiah has beauty to equal, if not rival that of the average Domani woman. Despite her beauty, she also has a temper to rival that of any Domani man, who are known for their tempers. Adiah had found this an asset from the very beginning of her life without her mother.

She is slightly sentimental, but only when it comes to things that had to do with her mother. She wears her mothers wedding ring, a simple gold band, on a leather strap around her neck. The sword she keeps was her mother's father's. It is a very simple and basic blade and hilt, but she wouldn't dream of using any other. The inborn spark to channel was first discovered by a member of the Gray Ajah, who was staying in town for a month. She felt Adiah's ability was extremely great, however Adiah had no wish, at the age of 15 to go off to the White Tower. She pleaded with the Aes Sedai to just teach her enough to channel without killing herself. Finely the Aes Sedai agreed, she knew, however, that once Adiah embraced saidar, Adiah would be intrigued and want to learn more. She was right. She taught Adiah as much as she could in the one month, and at the end asked if Adiah wished to return with her to the White Tower, much to her surprise, she turned the offer down. But now 3 years later, Adiah, at the age of 18, is asking acceptance into the White Tower as a novice.

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