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Welcome to the WT Tags Page!

The site has moved and has a whole new look to it. I hope that it will be more user freindly this way. If you have any suggestions on how to make it easier, please email and I will talk about it with you. Also if you would like to see somehting added that is not here, email me about it.

I really want to see people using these Tags! They are a wonderful way to spice up your messages. We have over 150 Tags on these pages and I am sure that you can find one to suit you taste. If you do not, than make one and I will upload it.

Now I will tell you a little about how these new pages will work. You will see the name of the Tag under the picture of it. I will also give you the html code you will need to add it to your messages. The only thing you will change each time you use it is the name of the picture. I will now go over breifly how it works.

How to place a picture

< img src="http://www.100megsfree.com/wttags/blue.jpg" >

So the picture would look like this.

Now of course you will need to remove the spaces between the < sign and the text for it to work. This is just the basic way to do it and it will default to align the picture to the left. If you wanted to see it in the center it would look like this.

< center >< img src="http://www.100megsfree.com/wttags/blue2.jpg" >< /center >

So the picture would look like this.

Again remember to remove the spaces between the < sign and the text.

I have showed you the basic way to place a Tag. I will now add the extra part so that you may post Tags from here and they will show up. I have all the Tags seperated into their catagories...this being their Ajahs and such. You will need to add a little more text for them to work. Look at the following examples.

Placing Tags into your Messages

< img src="http://www.100megsfree.com/wttags/blue/blueservant.jpg" >

Again this will place the Tag on the left side. The extra part you are adding is the part /Blue/.

< center >< img src="http://www.100megsfree.com/wttags/blue/bluelight.jpg" >< /center >

This will center the Tag.

I highly suggest you choose a few you really like and put the HTML in a program like notepad. The you will only need to open Notepad and cut and paste the HTML.

If you are still confused or having trouble after reading through this, email me at wttags@yahoo.com and I will help you any way that I can.