The White Ajah

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The Ajah named after the White Tower itself!!

The Light shine on you!, and welcome to the home page of the White Ajah of, the Smartest Ajah you will find in Tar Valon!  We are about the smallest Ajah in the online community, but proudly growing fast and getting more envolved each day in our wonderful world of Robert Jordan's WOT series.  Anyone can tell you that the Whites love to have fun, logically (true ), by solving puzzles, frollicing in our Forbidden Forest, serving vodka on special occasions and handing out as many stuffed-unicorns/white tigers as we can to anyone who visits our beautiful, gleaming Snow Fort - who was weaved by our lovely Aes Sedai themselves.  So come on in and introduce yourselves... after all, who can resist such smart, beautiful people?  *smirks* Now don't let us intimidate ya! 

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