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Welcome to the home of Dragonmount's Green Ajah Community! We are here to serve and protect the White Tower, and are commonly known as the Battle Ajah.

The Wheel of Time books state that the primary goal of the Green Ajah is to hold themselves ready for Tarmon Gai'don, the Last Battle with the Dark One. Fierce fighters of Shadowspawn, they are also known for their appreciation of men, a trait fairly rare among the other Ajahs. Green sisters do not believe in limiting themselves to only one Warder. Some have been known to bond three or more at one time.

As part of the Dragonmount community our priorities differ slightly. We have a tendency to befriend Shadowspawn, namely two over-friendly Trollocs. We do serve and protect, sticking up for the White Tower in times of need, and defending Novices and Accepteds against Wolfkin. The men are still part of the deal, and we are prone to be found in the Warder's community board, trying to find just one more willing bondee. And of course, we love to party and have fun.

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Greenie of the Month
Greenie of the Month
May 6, 2009: Nicandra Zionis has been named the Greenie of the Month for May. Congratulations to you, Nic!

May 6, 2009: Nicandra Zionis and Kelly Rodinin have become Sisters of the Soul on the Green Meadow. Go and check out their beautiful ceremony!

May Discussion
Monthly Discussion
May 5, 2009: The Green Ajah Monthly Discussion for May has been started by Illiara Sedai on the Green Meadow at DM. Go and check it out, it's all about your favourite places in the world!

New GLO Elected
May 2, 2009: The Green Ajah has voted, and they have chosen Minuet al'Calive as their new Green Liaison Officer. Congratulations, Min!

April 23, 2009: Taya Gille and Querida Farene have "bitch bonded" at last, after 8.5 or so years of friendship. Congratulations!

The Appointment of the Soul
April 20, 2009: Nicandra Zionis has been appointed to the position of Soul of the Green Ajah, taking Cleopatra's place but with a new title. Congratulations, Nicandra!

Returning Greens
April 12, 2009: We have recently had several Greens return after lengthy absences including Amavia Sedai, Anirfyan Dayen, Cerena al'Kamryn, Emillith al'Cuebiyar, Jafael Miravyn, Malone Tymes, Morwynna Raevyn, Querida Farene, Sierra al'Dieb, TimeWeaver Sedai and Tylin Quintara. Welcome back, Battle Brother and Sisters!

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