Welcome to Daes Dae'mar! If you're visiting, please feel free to look at everything! If you have any questions, email the Daes Dae'mar Officers and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have concerning the club.

Daes Dae'mar was created from the idea of a few certain individuals that loved the work of WoT and wanted to experience a new, different type of RPG based in that world. On this site, we offer you information, news, and the ability to join our club, and experience a new type of Role Playing experience.

We do remind all new members, and/or viewers of this site that our RPG is based after the events occuring in Winter's Heart. If you haven't read Winter's Heart yet, then we highly recommand you do, or check out the summary of book 9. We don't want anyone to get left behind!

In any case, thank you for visiting the site, and we hope we spark your interest enough to join our group. Thanks again, and enjoy the rest of the site!

1/9/03 - DD is coming back! After a period of steadily declining numbers, a call goes out to all WoT fans to design a character and jump into a storyline - or create your own story set in the WoT world. At this time DD is still set after WH, prior to CoT, but that may change before long. Will DD be the first post-CoT RPG? PAFO - Play And Find Out...

1/16/02 - Look at da pwetty colors...So hey, constructive criticism is much appreciated. If you'd like to add to the list of complaints--err, suggestions, rather, post in the Yahoo! club (the link should be somewhere down there) and tell me what you do and don't like, what to change, etc. Keep in mind that I've only really worked on this main page and the joining page as of right now, so don't go complaining about everything that still isn't working, alright? Good. Now get to it!

1/7/03 - Crossroads of Twilight, Book 10 of the Wheel of Time, came out in the U.S. today. Get your hands on it ASAP!br>
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