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Notes on Archive Updates

Wheel of Time-related:

Association Site Name Creator Source Domain Status Last Update Date Notes
Dragonmount archive/wot/community/dm/orgs/aiel
Aiel - DM Community
Taya Gille Personal computer documents Complete July 10, 2019 This website is very minimalist and was not complete at the time of archiving. More information is needed about where it was originally hosted.
Dragonmount archive/dm/ajahs/battleajah
Battle Ajah
Nicandra Zionis Personal Web Domain Complete April 30, 2019 Nicandra hosted this website for DM's Community Green Ajah for a certain period of time. The website was her design and later taken over by Taya for maintenance / further development purposes. This reproduction of the website has not introduced any updates, and reflects the under-construction site that existed back in the old days.
Dragonmount archive/dm/Aurora9396
Enter the World of Markieta Brigid al'Moor...
Markieta Brigid al'Moor GeoCities Complete June 28, 2022 Unfortunately even the earliest screenscrapes on Wayback Machine for this site don't include all the images, so they are lost.
Dragonmount archive/dm/blackthorne/ky
The (Un)Official Dragonmount Funny Stories Page
Blackthorne Angelfire Complete July 12, 2019 This site is still up at the above linked Angelfire address. Who knows how long it will be. I have completed my transfer of files and removal of advertising coding, and found only one missing page - LoneWolf5.html.
Dragonmount archive/dm/blackthorne/oh2
A strange and marvelous place...
Blackthorne Angelfire Under Construction July 10, 2019
Dragonmount archive/dm/boylemikolos
Boyle Mikolos GeoCities * Incomplete July 10, 2019 The original version of this website seems to now be lost, and graphics for the site have been lost as well. Assistance needed from other DM historians!
Dragonmount archive/dm/boylemikolos/daesdaemar.htm
Daes Dae'mar (Newsletter)
Boyle Mikolos GeoCities * Incomplete October 17, 2019 This page is almost perfectly preserved on the Wayback Machine, however the links from it all seem to be broken, unfortunately. Assistance needed from other DM historians!
Dragonmount archive/taya_gille/dm-cuen-frames.html
Calya Gille GeoCities Incomplete July 19, 2019 This site was housed on Taya Gille's GeoCities webspace, and was a subdirectory in a much larger collection of files all stored together and categorised without use of actual subfolders.
Dragonmount archive/dm/greenhistory.html
Community Greens
Taya Gille GeoCities Incomplete June 28, 2022 This looks to have been a fragment of some other website. Filed under Green_Ajah as of 2022.
Dragonmount archive/dm/DMHistory
Lanfir Leah Marithsen Angelfire Incomplete June 28, 2022 This site was maintained by Lanfir and contained stories and bios from the earliest members of DM, 1998 onwards. Unfortunately some of the pages are irretrievable due to the dreaded 'excluded from the Wayback Machine' message. The page is as complete as it will get without assistance from elsewhere.
Dragonmount archive/dm/almindhraromeo
** White Tower Directory **
Loraine Sedai Netscape Incomplete June 28, 2022
Dragonmount archive/dm/dmmonster
The MoNster's Lair
Loraine Sedai tiffanyfranklin.net Incomplete October 4, 2019 This site is accessible via one single snapshot on the Wayback Machine - however, in that snapshot most navigation links are broken. As I had the novice book and guild logs saved in my own records, I was able to add these to the resurrected site, even though they're unavailable via the Wayback Machine. I have left the site as it was found, broken links and missing background images included.
Dragonmount archive/wot/community/dm/orgs/wt/dmwtbios
DM WT Bios
Poluna Navidari 100MegsPopUp Under Construction June 19, 2018 TBA.
Dragonmount archive/wot/community/dm/orgs/wt/dmwtcontact
DM WT Contact
Cordelia Sedai Tripod Complete July 10, 2019 This seems to be just one page which had Dragonmount Community White Tower contacts listed.
Dragonmount DM WT Library Poluna Navidari GeoCities Under Construction July 9, 2019 This extensive site features some broken links, but all in all most of the content seems to be in tact. I will be checking the Wayback Machine to see if I can recover more data.
Dragonmount archive/dm/ajahs/Green/drpswga
DRPSW Green Ajah Homepage
Taya Gille [iPrimus personal webspace] Under Construction July 12, 2019 At present this reconstructed website contains mostly (or all) broken links, but I'm fairly sure I still have the content that was hosted in my webspace. I will just have to look at my files and do some renaming, then uploading. External links may be unavailable.
Dragonmount archive/dm/misc/ggg
Gruesome Girls' Guild of DM's White Tower
Taya Gille GeoCities Under Construction June 29, 2013 TBA.
Dragonmount Plaid Ajah Karldin ? Under Construction July 7, 2013 TBA.
Dragonmount Lanfir Lanfir Leah Marithsen Angelfire Under Construction July 10, 2019 This was Lanfir Sedai's personal website, which information about her real life/DM friends and other interests.
Dragonmount archive/dm/mintteawebring
DM Mint Tea Web Ring
? GeoCities Under Construction June 19, 2018 This is seemingly only found now on the Wayback Machine (praise it!). So far I don't have any graphics attached to the pages.
Dragonmount MoN Julannah 100MegsFree Complete - broken links June 19, 2018 The links on this page are broken, so this front page is the only one available for archiving purposes. Help from other DM historians is required!
Dragonmount Morgan's Study Morgan ? Incomplete October 18, 2019 This website has been reconstructed using searches on the Wayback Machine, and is seemingly as complete as it's going to get at this point. It is mostly intact, however there are a few missing graphics on story pages. Any assistance to complete the work is appreciated!
Dragonmount The Vault: Yveva's Character Listings Yveva Sedai GeoCities Complete October 7, 2019 The original site is still up, however it is riddled with spammy ads. The reconstruction of the site was completed on October 7, 2019. It is mostly intact, with a few missing images here and there. All links should be functional.
Dragonmount White Ajah ? ? Incomplete July 9, 2013 Unfortunately the original website seems to now be lost, and links on the main page are broken. Assistance required from other DM historians!
Dragonmount Wolfkin Tracker's Page ? Angelfire Under Construction October 4, 2019 TBA.
Dragonmount Wolfkin ? ? ? July 10, 2019 TBA.
Dragonmount WT Tags ? 100megsfree Complete - broken links July 9, 2019 In reconstructing this website from the still-live original source, I had to change how it was structured, making use of a table in a different way to format the page with its sidebar correctly. After I had removed the advertising code, the page format messed up, hence my changes to the coding.
The Great Hall archive/greathall
Great Hall
? ? ? July 10, 2019 These pages were linked from the DM WT Library site, though those links were broken. The pages were found another way.
Paths of Prophecy archive/pathsofprophecy/pop
Paths of Prophecy
Kent ? ? October 23, 2019
Paths of Prophecy archive/pathsofprophecy
White Ajah
Kharal Tesehan GeoCities Complete July 10, 2019 This site was originally housed on Taya Gille's homepage GeoCities site, but for the purposes of archival structuring I have moved it to its own folder within the archive folder.
Netland / Silk Lantern archive/netland/alledora
? ? ? October 18, 2019
Netland / Silk Lantern archive/netland/Corridor2451
? ? ? October 18, 2019
Netland / Silk Lantern archive/netland/silklantern
? ? ? October 18, 2019
Netland / Silk Lantern archive/netland/towerlibrary
Tower Library
? ? ? October 18, 2019
Netland / Silk Lantern archive/netland/WhiteTower
White Tower
? ? ? October 18, 2019
Netland / Silk Lantern archive/netland/~bward
? ? ? October 18, 2019
Netland / Silk Lantern archive/netland/~matward
? ? ? October 18, 2019
TarValon archive/tarvalon/blueajah
? ? ? October 21, 2019
TarValon archive/tarvalon/demadrak
? ? ? October 21, 2019
TarValon archive/tarvalon/melanasart
? ? ? October 21, 2019
Wheel of Time RP archive/wheeloftimerp
? ? Under Construction June 30, 2022

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