2004 - Bad drinking habits - Attn Hawkin (Eriya, Hawkin)

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2004 - Bad drinking habits - Attn Hawkin (Eriya, Hawkin)

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Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2004 4:27 pm
Post subject: Bad drinking habits - Attn Hawkin

She frowned at her past actions and the familiarity. She was not deserving of the Shawl of any kind. And down in her heart, she knew it. Her ability with Saidar was nothing short of average, or so she thought, She couldn't even play with Earth and Fire without maximum effort to control it. Did that make her weaker then the average woman in the Tower? No, surely not. She was Aes Sedai now, surely that counted for something, right? 

She rounded the corner and headed into the Tave'ren Wench Tavern, one that was not always looked on with smiles by any Aes Sedai, which made it perfect for her to hide in. She even had a deal with the Bartender and the bouncers. For a few songs they will be her alibi and give her sanctuary. Drunk one night, she was bold enough to take the small broken and splintered stage and sing one song, and every man that had been there that night returned the next, asking for encore after encore. She had practically collapsed at the end of the night, but it had all been worth it. Even after the lectures and chores she was given for 'disappearing' the whole night, and 2 weeks penance at the Farm. Yes, it had been worth it, because there was one place where she felt safe, Where she felt welcome. And that meant the world to her. It was everything that she wanted, and the Tower that had once offered her that very sense of belonging had sent her away with only a flick of their wrist. She held back the tears that conflicted with her vision, and wandered out of the night sky and into through the doors to the Tavern.

Stepping into the bar, she released the weave, allowing her mass amount of golden curls to become visible in the poor lighting of the bar. Gerrad Heithcliff, or Cliff, the bartender needn't ask that there was something wrong, he only passed her a strong drink as she sat heavily on the barstool. She took the drink, dropping a gold mark for him on the table, and proceeded to drain the glass. 

Eriya Marithsen Sedai

Posted: Tue Apr 20, 2004 9:47 pm Post subject:

Hawkin sat in the Tave'ren Wench Tavern, he didn't come here that often, but every once in a while he made his way to one of the undesirable elements in Tar Valon. He had talked to a few people and apparantly had missed a good show of a woman singing. He only shrugged and watched as patrons came and went. 

His eyes fell upon a woman as she came in the door and sat down on a stool. She was quite beautiful, but had the look of an Aes Sedai. Wondering what would bring an Aes Sedai to this part of town, especially at this tavern put Hawkin's mind to wondering. She surely wouldn't expect him to be here, he knew that not too many people from the Tower would actually come here. 

After a while of watching her drink, she didn't seem to be in the best of moods. She appeared a little depressed and wasn't the least bit cheery. Getting up, he took his mug with him and made his way to the stool beside her. Maybe talking to her would help, but then again, it may just get him a lashing of the tongue. "I am kind of surprised to see someone of your nature here." Hawkin didn't say Aes Sedai, but he was sure she knew what he was talking about. Unless she had had too much to drink, then she might not understand much of anything that he said. 

He ordered another drink and idly sat there drinking it, waiting for an answer. Maybe he would get one that he didn't want. 

Hawkin Gaidin

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 6:29 am Post subject:

She finished guzzling her ale when a man moved beside her. She inwardly groaned and almost summoned Cliff to kick him out of the Bar, or get him away from her, but his words told her she was okay.. for now. 

"I am kind of surprised to see someone of your nature here." He said, she didn:t look at him, but it didn:t take her much to know that he was one of the higher ranking gaidins, if not by title then by seniority. 

"It is not often that one of your Nature to be here as well." She said, placing down her empty glass. "There are many secrets that lay under this roof. Is there one under yours that gives you a reason to hide here? Or are you here for a song?" She was in no mood to be friendly, but it was odd to see a gaidin here. "Or are you a tower spy that i should remove?" She frowned outwardly. It did not bod well if someone from the Tower were to know that she often hide here. Although, Eriya was rather pleased that the man didn:t assume that she was an Accepted, and that she was an Aes Sedai. That is, it thats what she was to be called. She tapped the table lightly and another Ale was placed infront of her before the gaidin could get in another word.

Eriya Sedai

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 12:00 pm Post subject:

He smiled as the Aes Sedai turned his words around on him, but that didn't bother him. She then asked if he was here to hide or if he just wanted to hear a song. As the woman spoke, Hawkin sat there and laughed inwardly, smiling or letting a small chuckle slip out every once in a while. Finally she tapped on the bar and got another glass of ale, now Hawkin could talk. 

Turning to look at her, she still didn't look at him and sat there with her ale. By the look on her face, she was still in no mood for him, but he just pushed on. "You could at least look at me or turn towards me so I can see your beautiful face." She didn't seem to like this, but turned a bit more so he could see her. Smiling he said, "Well someone of my Nature is usually conceided and thinks they need not go anywhere that would make them seem lower than what they deserve." He ordered another drink, but had to wait for it. 

After he took a drink and set the glass back down he started again. "I have no secrets to hide, I just don't often enjoy the company of those who think they are 'higher and better' than everyone else. But I did, however, hear that there was a beautiful lady here that could sing and bring down any songbird's envy. If that is true, I would love to hear the sound of that sweet and wonderful voice." He chucked and smiled, knowing that she must be the one that would be singing or she would not have mentioned it in such a fashion. 

Draining his glass in one big swig, he ordered another and continued. "As for being a Tower spy, you don't have to worry about that. I dont' think they much care what the Aes Sedai do in their free time. Nobody prods into an Aes Sedai's business as the old saying goes." He laughed and said, "Nobody, but another Aes Sedai that is." Hawkin had been clueless to the ways of Aes Sedai before he came to the Tower, but since he had come, he had learned many things. That is how he knew this one to be Aes Sedai and not just another woman. 

Then he added, "And my'Lady, I don't think you could have me throwed out of here if you wanted to, not unless I choose to go on my own free will." He grinned as she shot him a fiery glance. Sort of an afterthought as he picked up his glass he added, "I think you need to drink more, it may mellow you out." He buried his face in his glass so she couldn't see his smiling face. 

Hawkin Gaidin

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2004 2:42 am Post subject: Bring on the ALE!

"I think you need to drink more, it may mellow you out." He buried his face in his glass so she couldn't see his smiling face. 

She swung her head and glared at him, the fury in her face was rather evident. "Dear sir, i can out drink you any day!" she chugged the last of her ale (was it her third or fourth now... she wasn:t sure, she haddn:t eaten anything in a two days so it was affecting her a little more then she expected.) and stood up and headed to the stage. She could hear the cheers of the men that had frequented this bar on nights that she escaped the tower. for years she:s been coming here, but the last time was with Tia. She made her way to the stage, her velvet green dress glittered in the awkwardly dark lights of the Tavern. She pulled air, and spirit around her, flitters of fire balls danced around the room, and all eyes were on her. He pulled on sadair and realeased the weaves so that the men could enjoy thier drunken splendor. And then she moved her lips as her sweet voice echoed out into the room.

I've been looking in the mirror for so long.

That I've come to believe my soul's on the other side. 

All the little pieces falling, shatter. 

Shards of me, 

To sharp to put back together. 

To small to matter, 

But big enough to cut me into so many little pieces. 
If I try to touch her, 

And I bleed,

I bleed, 

And I breathe, 

I breathe no more. 

Take a breath and I try to draw from my spirits well. 

Yet again you refuse to drink like a stubborn child. 

Lie to me,
Convince me that I've been sick forever. 

And all of this, 

Will make sense when I get better. 

But I know the difference, 

Between myself and my reflection.

I just can't help but to wonder, 

Which of us do you love. 

So I bleed, 

I bleed, 

And I breathe, 

I breathe no... 


I bleed, 

And I breathe, 

I breathe, 

I breathe- 

I breathe no more.

Slowly she opened her eyes, and walked back to her stool where another ale was waiting for her. 

Eriya Marithsen Sedai

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2004 11:28 am Post subject:

Hawkin just gave a grin as she said she could outdrink him and drained her cup. Not saying a word, he watched as she got up, the ale was seeming to have a little bit of an affect on her. Ordering another drink, he watched as she made little fireballs dance around the room and then began to sing. 

Every man in the room rested eyes upon her as her beautiful voice resonated through the common room. The common room was silent as everyone was lost in her song, the song actually quite grim Hawkin thought. The song ended and she opened her eyes and walked back to the bar where there was another ale waiting for her. 

Sitting back down, Hawkin turned to her as everyone in the common room cheerd and wanted more. She seemed not to be in the mood for more. "I am quite a few drinks up on you." Hawkin said with a chuckle as she took another drink of her ale. "By the way, your voice is almost as beautiful as you are." She stopped drinking her ale and looked at him out of the corner of her eye. 

With a smile he continued sort of as an afterthought. "You look like you are getting a bit typsy though. Are you still sure you can outdrink me?" He laughed outright and saw a few of the men around the common room looking at him as if this was uncalled for and they intended to do something about it. He had left his fancloak away and the drink appeared to be blurring their minds as he saw none from the Tower. They would have a hard go at him if they wanted trouble, he was just trying to brighten her spirits. 

"Maybe I should tell them that I am Tower trained?" he thought to himself. But he decided against it, let them find out their own way if they so chose..... 

Hawkin Gaidin

Arie Tarou
Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2004 6:41 am Post subject: Bring on the ALE!

"I am quite a few drinks up on you." He said with a chuckle as she took another drink of her ale. "By the way, your voice is almost as beautiful as you are." She stopped drinking her ale and looked at him out of the corner of her eye. She wanted to spit some words back at him, but decided against it. She had enough of all this fake flattery, and these untrue promises. Leading her up and down, and from one side to another. 

"You look like you are getting a bit typsy though. Are you still sure you can outdrink me?" He laughed outright and saw a few of the men around the common room looking at him as if this was uncalled for and they intended to do something about it. Looking at the men around in the room, Eriya looked at them, and they all settled down. 

"I have been coming here for years, and every male in this visinity will slit your throat if you continue to hit on me the way you are." She said bluntly, finishing her ale. "And i:m not the only one that:s looking a little red, my dear gaidin. At least i:m willing to take the stage instead of cower in the corner of the bar hitting on the only female in the tavern." Eriya paused at her words, "Although, me hitting on the only female in the room would never happen.." she paused, "..at least i dont: think so." and for the first time since her petitioning, she smiled and giggled at the thought that was well confused with the rest of her ale clouded mind. 

Eriya Sedai 

getting a little more tipsy post - by - post!

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2004 9:51 am Post subject:

Grinning he said, "Aye, they could try, but don't be to sure that they would get far with slitting my throat." He just laughed at her other comments and then left the thoughts alone, he didn't need his imagination running wild on him. "And I am not cowering in the corner thank you very much, but I do be hitting on you. Is it that noticable?" He couldn't resist saying this and let out a racous laughter as he finished his ale and stood up.

Walking over, he hopped up on the stage, this should be quite impressive indeed. "You light blinded fool! Do you even know what you are doing!?" a voice shouted in his head. "No." He said aloud with a chuckle. Looking around at the patrons he said, "I am going to sing you a song, do we have any requests tonight?" The men didn't even seem to notice him, but he continued anyhow.

As he began to sing, however, their heads turned for he had a great singing voice, which seemd quite surprising, but he did not thinks so....

I couldn't carry a tune if my life depended upon it
I do not cower, but sit at the bar as I hit
On this beatufil woman whom is do adorable
Her seemingly bad mood undestroyable
She needs to ligthen up and see
That underneath this act lies the true me

........Hawkin continued, about half way through the song he looked at the men who seemed to be paying attention and now had alittle more restpect for him, but not much.

Look deep inside and take a chance
If only for a little talk with no romance
Up here I will stand and sing all night
Maybe even induce a little fight
If lighten up and talk you will
We can laugh and drink our fill
So next time that you think I sit and cower
Remember I am a Gaidin trained of the White Tower

He laughed as he jumped down off the stage, some of the men clapped and laughed as they song was serious yet funny at the same time. Others looked as if they could kick themselves for thinking of trying to match this man. They now knew that he was trained int he ways of the Warders, which didn't mean he was as good as they were with a sword, but he carried himself with the air of knowing how to handle himself more than just well.

Taking a swig of ale for his throat was parched, he winked at the woman and said, "By the way, we did not exchange names, kind of jumped ahead a bit." With a bow he said, "I am Hawkin Gaidin My'Lady, it is a pleasure to meet you." The Aes Sedai still seemed to be a little in shock over his voice and song.

Hawkin Gaidin

Arie Tarou
Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2004 11:07 am Post subject:

Taking a swig of ale for his throat was parched, he winked at the woman and said, "By the way, we did not exchange names, kind of jumped ahead a bit." With a bow he said, "I am Hawkin Gaidin My'Lady, it is a pleasure to meet you."

She looked at him as as he sat down. *Was he for real? A REAL Gaidin?!* She figured that maybe before he had just been around the Tower a little too long, Surely she didn't have the Ageless look already having only taken the oaths a few hours ago.

"I.. I'm Eriya Mare..Marithsen." She said, stumbling over her last name, hoping that he did not know of her families history. "Aes Sedai with no Ajah. Pleasure to meet you, Hawkin Gaidin." Attempting to stand to re-take the stage, her mind started to become a little black. She slightly swayed in her seat, knowing now that she will not be able to walk home, especially in this neighborhood, and arrive back safe. She layed her forehead on the counter and pushed her empty ale glass away from her. "And i'm affraid that i will have to ask for your assistance, Gaidin. Can you help me back to the tower? It seems that the Day has caught up with me." She cursed the Tower lightly under her breath for thier 'customs' with thier raisings, and closed her eyes, thankful that there was nothing in her stomach that was trying to come up.

Eriya Marithsen
Not feeling too good again...

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2004 6:39 pm Post subject:

Hawkin listened to her stumble over her name and he knew that she had drank a little too much. He just grinned, he usually drank a good bit, but he had never been to where he couldn't function properly. She introduced herself as Aes Sedai with no Ajah. She must have just been raised to Aes Sedai." he thought to himself. He could just tell by the way she carried herself and acted that she was Aes Sedai. She had the way of the Tower around her.

The man grinned as she asked for his assistance in getting back to the Tower. "A little under the weather eh?" He said. As she layed there, her head on the bar, he shook his head from side to side as he saw a few of the men looking at the woman. Hawkin knew that in this part of the city, it wasn't good for a woman to be out at night in this state of mind as surely something would happen. Walking over the door to the tavern, Hawkin summoned the stable boy and asked if the woman had come in on a horse. The boy shook his head no, and Hawkin looked at the owner and said. "I will be back in a second, do not let anything happen to that woman." He looked at the boy and said, "You watch, yell if there is any trouble." The boy nodded and Hawkin went to get Jarone.

After he got the horse out and by the door, he relieved the boy of his sentry duty and went inside. Picking the woman up he carried her outside saying, "Do not puke on me or you will be scrubbing my clothes." He laughed as he helped her up on his horse. With a moan she clung to Jarone and Hawkin soothed the horse as he swung up behind her. Putting his arms around her he said, "Don't fall off, that might hurt." He smiled as she rested her head against his check, she deffinately must not be feeling well.

Everyonce in a while she would give a groan as they made their way through the city but for the most part she just sat there and tried to keep from passing out. In the moonlight, Hawkin could see the Gates of the White Tower Grounds ahead.

Hawkin Gaidin

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2004 6:10 am Post subject:

Never in her right mind would she have gotten on that horse. It was about as suicidal as getting onto a boat and not being tied down to the deck when the storm hits. Not feeling overly sick, the sway of the horse certinally got her attention and started to sober her up a little, but not by a whole lot. the gaidin.. Hawkin, if she remembered correctly, kept making smart ass comments as they road to the Tower gates. Back to the THAT Tower! Burn him, why was he bringing her back her, didnt: the Tower just tell her that she was not ready to join an Ajah, YEt she was already raised to Aes Sedai? She thought she had figured part of the tower out, living within the tower for 19 years, now.

Struggling to regain her voice, she looked to the gaidin from her spot, finally able to stand a little better, although her stomach was screaming for food.

"Tell me, Gaidin.."

"It's Hawkin."

"Fine, Hawkin Gaidin. Wouldn:t your Aes Sedai be upset that your not protecting her now?"

"I have no Aes Sedai to protect." He said, no emotion in his voice, and she coudlnt: help but wonder if that was a sore spot.

"Would you be my warder?" She didn:t know what she was saying, or why. Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the way he looked out for her tonight. Or maybe it was the need for company.

Eriya Sedai

Ooc* this came up in my head the other night and i thought that i would share... Imagine Eriya wakes up in your room, as Eriya has no actual quarters until she is raised to an Ajah (gaurds had no idea where to bring her.. nor did the aes sedai).. The nexyt morning Hawkin is training the newest of trainees when suddenly Eriya wakes up, hangover and all, and with the sudden realization the not only is she not in her room, but there is this mysterious person in her head.

Hawkin - "And now, keep you legs shoulder length apart, and with your sword you... AARRRGGGHHHHH!!!"

Trainee 1 - What the..?!

T2 - Oh, no worries. It:s probably his aes sedai. *said knowingly*

T3 - Aes Sedai?

T2 - yeah, *nods head and fold his arms as Hawkin is howling in pain* probably found out that he brought a woman to his room last night.

T-ALL - WHAT?!?!

T2 - Didn:t you hear? It was an Aes Sedai too! Totally pissed out of her mind!


T2 - It:s true, saw her with my own eyes, pretty one too.

T1 - *Looks to hawkin* Poor Bastard

T3 - brought it on himself.

T2 - yup

*All nod and look on thier trainer with pity as he rolls in the dirt*

T1 - Think we will get payed benafits to see such misery?

T3 - At least the day off would be nice.

T2 - I don`t know, but i wish i had a camera!

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 11:48 am Post subject:

They rode through the gates, they had talked a bit but not much. Then she asked if he would be her Warder. This made him smile and he said, "Lady, I do not even think that you know your own name. How would you be able to make a decision like that. You remind me of a little child who is rambling during a fever." He just laughed as she got that pursed lip feature in there and they continued towards the Tower Stables.

Once there, Hawkin slid down off Jarone and the woman fell into his arms more than dismounting. Shaking his head, he smiled as he sat her on the hay and led Jarone into the stables. After getting him settled in, Hawkin turned back to the woman. Picking her up, she was asleep, but he had the feeling that she wouldn't be for long as he was sure her quarters were almost at the top of the Tower.

He started up the steps and tried to wake her as they were almost to the Aes Sedai quarters, but he didn't know what Ajah she was. She woke several times with a little persuasion, but she just mumbled some incoherent words and he couldn't understand them. "She will just have to settle for my bed." he thought to himself as he started for his quarters. Lugging her up all that way wasn't difficult, but don't think for a moment that he wasn't going to be let it known tomorrow. He chuckled at this thought and then opened his door.

A sly grin came across his face as he entered, accidentally hitting her head off the door frame. She said something and woke up, but he could tell she wasn't in her right state of mind and didn't know what she was doing, as if she was sleep walking...........

OOC: Now's the time for you to take over hehe. That sounds good about the trainees and what not, except that he wouldn't go AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! He'd just weeble and stuff and the pain would bounce off the void and what not. *lol* Great idea though! Love it!

Hawkin Gaidin

Posted: Tue May 04, 2004 4:26 am Post subject:

She felt the pain shoot through her head as it connected with the door frame. The shock of the pain itself woke her up a little. Her lips moaned softly in the after affect as the Gaidin laid her down on the bed. It took her a moment or two to out her head back in place. A cup of tea would do it,maybe. even some food. Especially some food. Only, she needed to get to the kitchen and put under Mistress Laras's care. Sitting up slowly, her eyes rolling in their sockets, and her head aching greatly, she stood up with a waver to her steps. She needed to get out of here. Away from this 'man' that she knew nothing about. Light! He wasn't even bonded, and he must have been around the tower for many years now. There must be a reason why he was unattached. Stumbling to the door, she used her hands to keep herself upright, and noticed the gaidin waiting for her in the door way.

"Let me pass." She said with a very tired voice.

"You need to rest. Your not in your right mind."

She glared at him with eyes of deep fury. "You will let me pass, Gaidin, or i will force my way around you." The man chuckled at her words.

"With what sword? In the state your in, i would be surprised if you could even lift a dagger." He chuckled, trying to use his arms to steer her back into the room."

She looked at him, the fury in her blood pumped her her head, causing her usually calm face to glow against her mass of blonde curls. "I wouldnt need a sword." she retorted, embracing Saidar to prove her point. It, like all times, was a sweet rush that helped her gain a little more control over her thoughts. Light, even her head felt a little better.

"Aes Sedai's swear an oath not to use Saidar as a weapon." He pointed out, not even a bit of fear in his eyes, for the rather furious Aes Sedai that could wield power enough to break him in half in a heart beat.

"Sadair is nothing but a tool. Like a rope and a sicle, they are not weapons." She walked forward, moving them both into the hallway. "They could be used as a weapon, yes, but that is purely dependent on the wielder of the tool." She smirked, "Besides, i wish only to subdue you so that i may pass. The oaths tell that i am not to use sadair as a ;weapon' to kill another."

He narrowed his eyes at her and say in a hushed voice, weapon drawn. "Unless you are a darkfriend."

Eriya's release on Sadair was so sudden that her mind felt the snap as the it's sweet flow was cut away from her body. She stumbled to the ground, back against the wall and fell into a bundle of sobs.

"...not a darkfriend, i'm not a darkfriend.... i can't be a darkfriend..... Light shower on me, i'm not one of 'them'.... Light forgive me......" She continued to cry over her mutterings when she looked up at the gaidin.

"Why did you have to bring me back here to this light forsaken tower?! I don't belong here...." she sniffled, as here heart shattered. ".... Light guide me.... i don't belong anywhere...."

Eriya Sedai
The one with the headache

Ooc: sorry for NPCing you a bit... well, alot... If you want me to change somethng please let me know... i had a moment of story in my head and i needed to write it out.
Also, Eriya will not out right bond Hawkin unless he says 'yes'... even drunk.... (light.. and to think that i had thought it would be easy to manipulate Eriya into bonding ...)

Posted: Fri May 14, 2004 7:56 am Post subject:

Hawkin stood in the doorway refusing to let the Sedai pass, but he did laugh a bit as she tried. She then mentioned about the Power just being a tool, and he got the feeling of a darkfriend, he didn't know why, but before he could think, his sword was in his hands and he said it aloud.

Now, the Sedai seemed to get hysterical, which really shocked Hawkin, but he couldn't believe that he said it. He watched as she began to cry and go on about not belonging anywhere. Hawkin had felt like that at one time or another, but he knew this to be untrue, he had found a place where he belonged, and nothing could change his mind otherwise. Sheathing his sword as quickly as he had unsheathed it, he walked over and bent down embracing the woman.

"Now don't go crying, I apologize, sometimes I speak before thinking. Old habits are hard to break, and this one can be very hard to break." He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bed and set her down on it. She protested a moment, but she then figured out that it would do her no good as he didn't listen well. He only smiled and sat there, he moved some of her hair out of her face and just smiled as she batted at his hand. "I am only trying to help, now stop acting like a cat with it's tail caught in the door." Chuckling he sighed and said, "Now you do need your rest, you are still drunk." It was a bland way to put it, but then again it was the truth.

The Sedai then mentioned bonding again and Hawkin said, "Sure why not." And smiled as he said it, anything to get her to sleep, she needed rest.

OOC: Here's your chance hon! Sorry, my brother was killed and I haven't been on DM much, but now I am back!

Hawkin Gaidin

Posted: Sun May 16, 2004 4:59 am Post subject:

OOC: WHAT!!???!??!!!! *BIG HUGGLES* i:m SO sorry to hear about your brother... i:ll try and catch you on msn, but... *is shoked*

*i:ll have to post later... i:m at a loss for words... :s* *hugs*


Posted: Sun May 16, 2004 4:17 pm Post subject:

Eriya was full of tears as the images of her arches haunted her.

*you are one of use, Eriya. You were born into a family of darkfriends, and war are loyal to him. If you betray us we will hunt you down, and you will die.. painfully.*

Eriya's crying turned into soft whimpers as the gaidin helped her backk into the room. She wanted nothing more then to run in shame for what had happened to her. The way her family dispised her, the way the tower had denyed her acceptence. The one thing she wanted. She couldn't even feel protected by it's great walls, for fear that they would turn against her now that they know what sort of blood now flowed through her veins. She shouldn't have said anthing, not after the Oaths. But she had no choice because she could speak nothing but the truth. She leaned against the mans shoulders as he sat her on his bed, wanting nothing more from her then for her to be better.

Eriya looked at him through ale clouded eyes and wondered what strength the man truly had for not teying to take advantage of her. And not only that but to go out of his way to give her his bed, and rock her to sleep. He seemed to have an interesting tongue on him, one that always seems to have a healthy amount of whit. But Eriya wondered why, in his right mind, would he want to help her? Truly it must be her Aes Sedai status. It must be! But she knew that she had no Ajah. No true family within the Tower. Well, not anymore.

She leaned aginst him, and wondered if he was bonded. Or had she already asked that question. Not that it mattered. But if he was so willing to help her when she needed it, truly he must be a gaidin. How could he not be. Part of her whimpered slightly against his chest, she couldn't seem to break out of this underlying fear that someone was going to hurt her. That She was destined to be alone. Bellinia Sedai did. Not that the Aes Sedai had ment to leave her, called by the Tower to do what needed to be done. But Eriya still felt that it was the battle in the borderlands that had killed her family was also that same battle that killed the one person she was close to. She didn't know if any of her family survived, and she prayed ferverishly that none of them did. But....

She smelt him in, and thoughts rose to her mind that made her cheeks pink, if they could get any pinker. "Would you honestly led me bond you?" She asked, not knowing her own words, although part of her was just scraping for that one string of protection that she had left, that was filled in that room. In his room.

"Sure, Why not." He said. and Eriya's heart soared. She filled her mind with that one sensation, that one clamness that brought on the power of saidar. And for the first time since she arrived at the tower, other then descovering the one talent aside from her chanelling - her voice, Eriya took comfort in the presence of some one that could protecter from the boogman that lived under her bed. She pulled on that thread, and on the smell of him, that was everywhere in that room. And at that moment her head fell in drunk exhaustion, completly unaware that she had weave spirit around that man and bonded him on the spot.

Eriya Sedai
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Posted: Tue May 18, 2004 8:30 am Post subject:

Hawkin sat there, the woman snuggled up against him, he wondered what could possibly scare her. He knew that she was scared of something, but of what, or of whom is the better question. He didn't think much of it as she lay up against his chest, he didn't feel bad for what he did, but he knew that every woman had grim thoughts running through their head when they were in this state of mind. Especially because she was in his quarters without any protection and out of her mind to boot. That wasn't a good combination, but Hawkin would never do that, it wasn't him and he would kill any man whether friend nor foe if they had done so.

The man didn't give much thought to when he said she could bond him and before he knew it, her hands took ahold of his and there was a weird feeling about him. He got chills and then all at once, there was someone else in his head, he got the sudden urge of being drug and almost swayed and fell off the bed. There was a fear and pain there that almost made him want to scream, instinctively he went into the void, everything was gone then. Faintly he could tell that there was something still in his head, and right then he knew what it was. In a little schoked, amazed look he looked at his hands and then to the woman who was murmoring against his chest.

Then he knew what had happened, she was in his head, he was now bonded to her. Something that had been to comfort her had turned true and now he was really bonded. The void was peaceful, it kept him from the pain she felt, it would have killed a lesser man or woman, but he then knew that she was strong. At least she just wasn't a pretty face. "This pain would have killed anyone lesser, I have no idea how to help you through it or console you, I am just a warrior....." Hawkin stopped short, he knew that the woman was passed out once more and he could tell that she was feeling somewhat better. Someone always in his head would take some getting used to.

Eriya would need her sleep, Hawkin moved a bit, making sure he didnt' disturb the woman. Fluffing the pillow up he made sure she would be comfortable before laying her on the bed. Making sure that she was in a comfortable position, he didn't know if she would like to sleep in her clothing, but he wasn't about to undress her. As she murmured, he hummed a tune that seemed to put her murmuring to rest as he pulled the covers over her. Taking the small stool that was in the room, he put it in front of the door near the small table. He sat down and used the table as a prop as he leaned back up against it, his sword at the ready, propped at his side.

The bed would be big enough for both of them, but he wasn't about to go that route, eventhough he would just sleep, something had already happened tonight that the woman might regret in the morning and he wished for nothing else to happen, no matter how drunk or enjoyable. As he made himself as comfortable as possible on the stool, he went into his light slumber, he was sleeping while awake. It sounded odd, but he was getting rest while at the same time being fully aware of what was going on around him.

It was now his duty to protect this Aes Sedai, no matter how the Bond was gained. That is what he was trained for and now it was a reality. He chuckled to himself thinking about how if anyone came through the door he could be sound asleep because they would trip over him and instantly wake him up either way. As he went inot his dazed way of sleeping he said, "I will not tell anyone of how I was bonded since that is somewhat frowned upon." With that he drifted on the brink of the real world and the world os sleep. He would be up tomorrow before Eriya was, but he wasn't moving from the stool to show her that he had slept there.

OOC: Thank you, I appreciate it greatly, he was a good man. By the way, I turned the Bond in to the people with the Warders whom I had to notify and such. I am sure that you have done the same on your end. And are you A Green Sister now? You weren't at the time of bonding though right? You aren't in this RP anyhow. Just let me know! Good to be bonded and glad to be back! WOO HOO!

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