2001 - BONDING!!!! (Attn everyone!) (Taya, Eos)

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2001 - BONDING!!!! (Attn everyone!) (Taya, Eos)

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Taya Gille
BONDING!!!! (Attn everyone!)
3/14/2001 10:43:21 PM

OOC: We’ve waited for like…8 months to do this? *lol* And we’re finally doing it! Yeah!

Taya passed through the halls of the Tower, nodding to certain people and smiling at others. This was the day she had been waiting for a long long time. She was going to Bond her first Warder, one of her best friends, and one she had known almost since the day she arrived at the Tower. She was so excited that she had difficulty breathing at times.

As she passed out into the morning, she headed for Rashima’s garden, where the Bonding would take place. It had not taken much to decide on the garden for the venue. It seemed natural to her somehow, to have the magnificent statue of Rashima Kerenmosa overlooking the whole process. When she arrived many of her friends were there already, as was Eos, her Promised. (OOC: Yeah, we can say it now!) Her smile was only for him – it wasn’t a choice, she just couldn’t stop looking at him. She had waited a very long time to Bond, and sometimes that still confused her. But now she was about to take her first Warder. She was filled with happiness.

The ceremony would not start for a few moments yet, and Taya was overcome by the memories that this event stirred up in her…

…Taya had walked towards the door, expecting to find Tania and some of the others who had been invited. Instead, she saw the face of a familiar Accepted, and a novice by her side, and her heart nearly stopped.

She hurried back to Eos as quickly as she could, motioning desperately for him to follow her under the long table in the centre of the room. “Accepted!” she hissed, “and I know her. I’ll be in real trouble if she finds me here!” At the last minute she remembered to grab for the drinks, the prime piece of evidence thus far.

“The flour bag!” Eos said in a low voice, eyes gleaming in the darkness.

Taya cursed in a whisper, shaking her head. Well, the door was opening, so they would just have to wait it out.

…She laughed at the memory, but before she could speak of it another replaced it. The Masquerade ball had been a long time ago, but it was still clear in her memory as if it had taken place yesterday. That had been an evening full of events. She would have a Warder who could dance. She smiled now, feeling sure that it would come in handy one day.

Memories flooded in, but it was time to begin the ceremony. Silence had fallen over the small gathering, and in the cool morning air was the sort of peace Taya had not experienced in a very long time. The perfect setting, she thought as she moved closer to her Promised.

Taya Gille
Promised to Eos

Eos Gaidin
A Long Wait Over
3/14/2001 10:59:16 PM

The garden was a beautiful place, lush and green and alive. It had taken what seemed forever to become a Warder, and he had always felt a stab of pain whenever he felt that it had been him holding her back. She would probably be mad if she knew he felt that way, but all was said and done. Today was the day they would bond.

Taya entered the gardens elegantly, almost sliding in smoothly. Her smile was warm, a smile he hadn’t seen on her face in many, many years. He returned the smile, and turned to face her.

Kaylan Morin
Finally!!! (Took you guys long enough!)
3/15/2001 1:51:47 AM

Kaylan was already in the Garden when she saw Taya walk in. Eos was sitting near them, smiling at his future Bondholder.

Kaylan sighed. She wanted a Warder! And hopefully she could get one soon…

She looked at her friend from her novice days, and the man that she was about to Bond.

Kaylan remembered the first time the two had met…it was at a party…they had been in the kitchen, looking rather…uhm, occupied, when Kaylan had stumbled in and interrupted. She wanted to remind Taya, but thought that she would wait until the Bond had been woven, as she knew that neither of them would want to wait any longer than they already had…

So happy for you!!!

Mierin Sa’hr
In Rashima’s Garden…a surprise from Mierin
3/15/2001 10:54:29 AM

Mierin watched in silence as Taya and Eos fixed their eyes upon each other. Love and joy shone from both of them. Taya had come to be the best friend she could ever asked for, and she wished her all the best now that she finally could bond Eos. She sighed to herself. So many things has changed in the past years…so many years has passed since she first arrived here at the Tower. So many losses, and so many memories. But this wasn’t a time for grief nor tears. This was a time of joy and happiness.

Mierin smiled to herself, she had prepared a little surprise for the two of them…She let the sweet glow of the power fill her and wove a fine net in front of her mouth. When she spoke there was a singing tone in her voice, and if you listened carefully there was a melody in the background.

“Dear Taylie…and Eos…I have a gift I want to bring forward before this happy event takes place.” Everybody turned their heads to see where she was. She had been hiding in the background but now she stepped forward. From her shoulder flew a sparrow. She watched it disappear into the sky before she continued. “Once, it was me and you, Taya, who discovered this forgotten garden. What I didn’t tell you is that I discovered something else in here that day. It was a tiny box, filled with strange carvings. I don’t know why I didn’t tell
you that day…perhaps it was Rashima who wanted me to keep it a secret.”

Mierin laughed a soft laughter and pulled out the box from her belt pouch. “Anyway, when I opened it, and that took me quite some time since it was warded with who knows what, there was a tiny peace of parchment inside…” She had everyone’s full attention now. “To make a long story short, the parchment spoke of a song, Rashima’s song. It took me years to figure it out, almost turned me into a Brown, spending all those hours in the library…” She grimaced at the thought and could see Taya smiling. “I found the song in this garden, and it is my…or I should say Rashima’s…gift to you.”

She made the voice-weave disappear, and quickly went over the strange weave in her head. It was important that she didn’t fail this, she had never tried it before, and nothing that looked like it either so she had now idea what would happen if it got out of control. She drew as much of the Power as she could hold, felt the world come alive around her, took a deep breath and began channelling. The air around the trees began to stir, and suddenly it was like someone was helping her directing the flows. A voice abruptly come from out of nowhere. It spoke deep and clear.

“I am Rashima Kerenmosa, The Watcher of the Seals, The Flame of Tar Valon, The Amyrlin Seat. Greet your Mother, and have faith, for the Light will embrace us all at the end.

It is time to battle…and it is time to fight the Dark…but my love for you shall never die as long as the light shines upon this earth.

So hear the voice of the dead…”

The channelling was easier than it had ever been, and the pattern seem so familiar, yet so strange. Mierin had read about this and knew what was to come. A tender voice filled the air. It seemed to be coming from all around them, but still from nowhere. The words started to take form…

“…Remember the first dance we shared.
Recall the night you melted my ugliness away.
The night you left with a kiss so kind
Only a scent of beauty left behind…
I know my dreams are made of you
Of you, and only for you.
Your oceanpulls me under.
Your voice tears me asunder.
Love me before the last thread is woven…
Sing me a song of your beauty,
Of your kingdom.
For there we shall reside
Side by side
Until death and beyond…”

The tender song suddenly was replaced by a high woman’s speech.

“…You shall belong together
throughout any kind of weather
When the weave is set
The pact is made
No turning back…”

Then Rashima spoke again, this time she had a warm glow in her voice.

“…I knew we could make it…Oh my love, this way no one can separate us…”

The words were followed by a soft laugher of a man and a woman that seemed to fill their hearts…Mierin let go of the Source and smiled to Taya. “Rashima bonded her one true love in this garden, and I bet she wants you to do the same..so go on you two…” Taya’s eyes was filled with tears.

Mierin Sa’hr
Sister of The Green

ps…the song text is partly taken from a song by Nightwish…and I know this might have been a bit out of regulations…but frankly…I don’t give a shit…*lol* Love you Tay…hope you liked it.

Aya Renae
The song and my mentor
3/15/2001 2:08:02 PM

Aya stood in the corner of the garden, not saying much, only watching. The ceremony was strange and beautiful to her, and this was the first time she would see a Bonding. She wished her mentor the best of luck, but she knew now was not the right time to speak. Staying in her inconspicuous corner, she watched with curious eyes.

Aya Renae
Aspiring Green
Trained Spy
Big Sis to Ayrlin
Lil Sis to Julannah
Minty to Taya Sedai
Roomie to Rhebecka and Myriam

Doman Starwind
It’s about time you two
3/15/2001 6:17:23 PM

Doman stood with Eos. He was happy for his friend. He remembered the day he first met Taya; he was there then. He met them both at the same time and they been the perfect pair as long as he knew them. When Taya Sedai came over, Doman quickly bowed to her. “It’s nice to see you, Taya Sedai. It’s been a long while. Congratulations to you and Eos. Wish you well.”

As he watched the two walk off, he slipped back to old memories of himself with Eos, Taya and Tania, all young and stupid back then. He remembered how they first met, getting drunk and skinny-dipping. For a second he had to assume the Void to keep from turning crimson red. He then came back to himself and waited for the ceremony to begin.

OOC: its about time you two way to go Grannie :-P I know you hate that so I’ll keep doing it :-P

Grace Elayna
Congratulations Taya!!! *hugs* n/t
3/15/2001 10:24:43 PM

Taya Gille
3/15/2001 11:39:06 PM

Taya was so glad to see the majority of her good friends here. She smiled at Doman Gaidin and thanked him, intending to talk with him later on. Then she moved away again.

Before she could begin the weaving, a familiar voice sounded from behind. She turned around with an expression of elation on her face. Mierin had returned!

She fought the urge to run over and hug her friend tightly. As she watched, Mierin presented the most amazing gift Taya had ever received. The entire gathering listened in silence as Rashima Kerenmosa spoke through Mierin. Taya watched the statue in the distance, imagining it was really the soldier Amyrlin speaking. She watched the amazing weave Mierin made with the Power, but soon enough she was too entranced in the result of it. The words she heard seemed to permeate to her very soul, sinking into her flesh. She doubted they would ever be erased.

Taya remembered that day, when she and Mierin had found Rashima’s garden…

They had been searching all day, both of them were beginning to get a bit grumpy, when Mierin suggested that they should take a break. “I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tried of these dusty old hallways!” Taya sighed in reply. Mierin suddenly saw a door a bit further ahead, that seemed to lead outside. “Come on! Let’s get some fresh air before we continue.” Without waiting for an answer, she walked quickly towards the door.

She muttered a curse that would have shocked most people deeply.
“Locked!” Taya tried to calm her down, but no use. Mierin was grumpy, and this door was standing in her way. The familiar rage started to boil inside her. “Take cover, Taya, this door is going down.” Her voice sounded so deadly calm that she was surprised. How was it possible? She felt like she was going to explode inside. She easily embraced saidar and felt the sweet glow make her anger seem more vital. It was alive. It took control. She channeled quickly, huge amounts of Air, Spirit and Earth woven tightly together. Somewhere back in her mind Mierin heard a voice that said she had to be careful, and she tried to fight it. Wanted to let it all go. She hurled the power at the door, and for a tiny moment it was silent as in a grave. Then suddenly it came a loud crack and the whole floor began to shiver. Taya shouted something she didn’t catch. Finally the shivering stopped. Mierin still held on to saidar, and she could see the glow around Taya too.

“What in the Light did you just do?!”

Then, without warning, the door slowly slided open. Taya was about to say something more, but stopped. Both the Green Sisters stared through the doorway. It was perfect. They had found a secret garden. Mierin grinned wide. “Here, my dear,
here is where we are going to have our party.”

They stepped out in the sun and could feel how the soul of every living thing was reflected in the images around them. The Garden was huge. “How is it possible…” Taya wondered. Mierin shook her head. “I have no idea…there has to be another entrance, through one of the other gardens perhaps, but it must be hidden.” They closed the door behind them and started to wander deeper in. It was truly perfect.

She remembered her first impression of this garden…

Taya had never seen such a beautiful garden. It really did take her breath away, like the saying went, and she thought it was the perfect setting for the perfect party hosted by the best Ajah of them all. (ooc: *g*) She felt decidedly welcome after Mierin made the discovery about Rashima Kerenmosa, the valiant Amyrlin who had been Raised from the Green and fought like a Green ought to fight. She felt strange being here, but it was a wonderful kind of strange.

And she had shared it all Mierin. That was one of many wonderful days they had had together.

When Mierin had finished, there was a long silence. No one could bring themselves to speak. If they had been able, they wouldn’t have wanted to. Taya smiled brightly and just had to go and give Mierin a hug. “Thank you my love,” she murmured into Mierin’s ear. “I will never ever forget this. Aside from that, I am so glad to see you. Your appearance has made my day complete. Thank you.”

She pulled away and there were tears in hers and Mierin’s eyes both. Sudden sadness struck her in the heart as she thought of those who had been lost. Sapphos. Natalie. Xenia. Phrygiana. So many friends she would have loved to have here beside her on one of the most important days of her life.

She saw her Mentee Aya over in a secluded corner of the garden, watching in wonder. Taya smiled at her and nodded. It was time.

Turning to her Promised, she saw that he knew it too.

OOC: Mier, that was so awesome! I love you! Oh and everyone else, I’m actually engaged to Mierin *g* And Querida, and Natalie, but that’s beside the point right Mier!? :)

I’ll post the Bonding asap.

Taya Gille
Weave of Spirit
3/15/2001 11:50:39 PM

The silence was profound as she reached out her hands and placed them on his head, meeting his gaze. Already they shared an amazing bond, and at times she felt overwhelmed. She could not imagine what it would be like to be connected through the Bond. A mixture of excitement, expectation and fear quickened her pulse, so that she almost felt like a novice again. Her stomach churned, and she tried not to grip his head too hard, almost laughing at the image in her mind of a frantic Aes Sedai giving her Warder a headache.

The moment had arrived. Without further ado she embraced saidar and reached for Spirit. Suddenly her mind was a blank. They stood there frozen on the spot for long moments as Taya struggled to remember the weave she had learned so very long ago. Light, clear your mind! she cried. She very nearly turned to Kaylan, who was somewhat of an expert in all things Spirit, before the memory flashed in her mind. Such a simple weave, and it had utterly escaped her for a moment. She wove threads of Spirit and let the net settle down around them both. A wave of warmth seemed to pass through her, but she thought that might just be a figment of her imagination.

She held the weave for a moment as he said whatever he wanted to say. She actually didn’t hear the words, and a moment later wondered if he’d said anything at all. All she knew was that she was on the verge of making him her Warder in the proper sense. She let the weave settle over them both.

Suddenly she had someone else in her head, or an awareness of someone else. A whole person, in a small warm pocket of her mind. “Light!” she gasped, eyes widening as she stared at him. She thought she could see herself reflected in his eyes. His emotions were a big rushing blur, and she couldn’t make one out from the other. A wide smile bloomed on her face, and she moved forward to embrace him instinctively. So this was how it felt to have a Warder…

She suddenly became more aware of what she herself was thinking. He could tell what was on her mind now, since he shared her head. And he could probably tell she was thinking all of this too. She laughed suddenly, shaking her head in wonder. “Welcome, Gaidin, into my service. I’m sure you won’t regret it for a while yet.” A mischievous glint shone in her eyes.

OOC: *g* I dunno if you are meant to say oaths or anything, but I left it open so you could if you wanted or didn’t have to if you didn’t want to. :)

Eos Gaidin
3/16/2001 10:44:51 AM

Eos instinctively drew one of the two swords he had forged from his back, and buried the point in the ground, his hands resting on the hilt. “I swear to protect and honor you, to follow you where you lead, to be near you when you need me, but to stand aside when you wish me too. I am your Gaidin, so shall I be your blade.” His mind shook from the rushing emotions, but he managed the words well enough. He would live up to every one as if bound by the Aes Sedai Oaths. He remembered another as well, one he had been taught. “I swear, by the Light, by my ancestors, and by myself, that I will be your Gaidin until my last breath, Taya Sedai.”

He hugged her tightly, remembering a long time ago carrying a very drunk Novice through the halls in his arms. She had grown up, they all had.

“Welcome, Gaidin, into my service. I’m sure you won’t regret it for a while yet.” A mischievous glint shone in her eyes.

All he could do was laugh inwardly and smile at her. This would be most interesting…

Shoar Gaidin
The Silent Watcher
3/16/2001 12:59:23 AM

Shoar leaned against one of the walls of the garden, watching. No one had seen him enter and he knew noone was aware of him yet. Years of working with Ryell, of moving silently, of becoming a shadow, had created a near-perfect sense in that regard, of how to use the surrounding area, light and fancloak to create a cloak of pure invisibility around himself.

He smiled as Taya placed her hands on Eos’ head. His thoughts went back to when Ryell and he had Bonded… It seemed like an eternity ago. She was watching the ceremony, he knew. Just as she knew he was close to her.

He was proud, he realised. He hadn’t been proud of many people since he arrived at the White Tower, mainly because everybody had managed to hold their own. But Eos… Eos had been the first Ward Shoar had ever mentored. He had come a long way since then, now a full Warder accepting a Bond.

Shoar watched as Eos spoke, and Shoar mouthed with him… Eos had added his own oaths, but he had also used the one that Shoar had taught each of his Mentees.

“I swear, by the Light, by my ancestors, and by myself, that I will be your Gaidin until my last breath, Taya Sedai.”

Shoar smiled and waited until they were done. He knew Ryell would eventually tell Eos that Shoar was there, then he could give Eos his gift.

Shoar Gaidin

So Beautiful
3/16/2001 3:37:54 AM

Zania had stood out in the small gathering of the garden watching the ceremony. She knew she might never be able to bond anyone but being able to watch was also exciting. She saw how Taya Sedai’s eyes lit up when she placed the amazingly simple weave over both her and the Warder. She almost cried because of all the loving emotions that seemed to cross the Aes Sedai’s face. She was so happy for her. When the ceremony was done she went back into the Tower since she did know the Aes Sedai personally.

OOC – Congrats Taya and Eos.

Kaylan Morin
*tears springing to her eyes*
3/16/2001 2:04:24 AM

Kaylan watched as Taya embraced the Source. She closed her eyes…and did nothing. Kaylan frantically wondered if she had forgotten the weave and very nearly demonstrated it for her when the Bonding weave formed and settled over Eos. Tears sprung to her eyes. She knew that the two of them had waited for so long, and Kaylan was nearly overcome with the emotion of it. Not waiting to give Eos the oppurtunity to speak to his new sedai, Kaylan launched herself at Taya and gave her a feirce hug.

“I’m so jealous, Taylie!” She whispered, holding her friend close. They had known each other since Kaylan had first come to the Tower… so many memories flooded into Kaylan’s mind at once. Sabine’s party, and the twister board…which she still had. The brawl in the kitchen…the party afterwards. Being raised, long after Taya had been. Classes together, and the way Taya had treated her at first… So many memories. Tears were streaming down her cheeks by now, and she stepped away from her friend so that other people could congratulate her.

Aww!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so jealous!!!!

Aramina sur Dulciena
Hidden away….
3/16/2001 12:32:44 AM

Hidden away, in a quiet corner, was Aramina. She watched the proceedings with a slight smile on her face (the only real smile she showed without Natalie around). She knew how important this day was to the Green Sister, knowing her through the GGG. It made her wonder about the bond, and if she’d ever make it to the shawl. She contemplated going over and congratulating Taya, but decided against it, leaving the Sister to the people she was closer to.

Aramina sur Dulciena
Accepted and Aspiring Greenie…
Mentee to Ladria Sadai
Proud member of the GGG and the CQ
Roomie-In-Spirit To Natalie

Taya Gille
Almost a stranger (Attn Aya and Ara)
3/16/2001 9:43:21 AM

Taya made her way over to where Aya had been sitting. She smiled down at her Minty and said, “Well, do I get a hug?” She knew it was very un-Sedai of her, but at this moment she didn’t really mind at all. Aya stood up and with a smile stepped forward, hugging her Mentor.

“Congratulations, Taya Sedai.” The girl beamed at her Mentor. “It was a lovely ceremony.”

Taya nodded, and was about to say more when she noticed a movement not far away. She looked up and past Aya, and saw a familiar face who had been absent from her life for what seemed like a very long time. At the recognition of the face her heart clenched painfully. It might have shown in her eyes, but her face remained calm. It was the that Aramina met Taya’s gaze. The moment when Taya paused, teetering, seemed to drag on and on, but she knew it only lasted seconds. Then she was off and walking.

She came to Aramina sooner than she had expected. This was supposed to be a happy day, but Taya suddenly fell into another struggle to keep her spirits up. Aramina had been Natalie Sedai’s room mate and best friend.

“Accepted Aramina…” Taya hated herself for being so automatically formal. Drop this façade, woman, she admonished herself, and found that one of her hands had reached out, hovering by Ara’s cheek. Then she felt her eyes burning, and moved in quickly to hold Ara. “I am so sorry, child…”

She wasn’t sure what to say, but she had to say something. “I am so glad to see you here. You are very welcome.” She pulled back and looked into Ara’s eyes. Seeing the clinging mist of pain there, she bent her head slightly. “You are not the only one who remembers. I wish with every fibre of my being that she was here with me today. I wish she could be at your Bonding, whenever that may take place. Your Raising…”

Sometimes words were not enough. She was at a loss for them now. “We have not paid full homage to our Sister in the Green. But we will do so, mark my words.” She intended the words to sound warm and comforting.

OOC: Hey Ara :) Don’t be shy *hugs* And that last part goes for ooc too.

Aramina sur Dulciena
Tears…Happy and Sad
3/16/2001 11:58:22 PM

For the first time since she had first received the news, Aramina allowed herself to cry. Or rather, she didn’t have enough control to stop it. She knew how much Taya had meant to Natalie and perhaps it was that connection that made her feel all the closer to her now.

“Thanks you Taya Sedai,” Aramina said, gaining enough control to speak. Her voice quivered slightly, but she continued. “I know she’d have been thrilled to see you today. She was so proud to know you. She’d have been so happy today she’d be crying. After finding a way to scrape her knee or something,” Aramina added with a weak laugh. It seemed like whenever she and Natalie had been together Natalie had ended up hurt somehow. That was before she had become Aes Sedai though.

Aramina took a deep breath. “We’ll find a way,” she said sadly. “If the Light wills it.”

Aramina sur Dulciena
Accepted and Aspiring Greenie
Proud Member of the GGG and QC :P
Roomie In Spirit to Natalie Sedai…always…

Taya Gille
We’ll find a way
3/17/2001 4:30:59 AM

OOC: I wondered who else was in the Clueless Quartet. I’d like to know more about it if you wouldn’t mind – you can e-mail me whenever you feel like it. I’d like to mention it on the page.

IC: Taya laughed along with Ara, knowing the other woman was only holding onto her composure precariously. Taya herself was more grimly accepting of what had happened…as much as she detested herself for being that way. “We’ll find a way. If the Light wills it.”

“We will,” Taya said quietly in reply. “She will never be forgotten.” She watched the aspiring Green for a moment before saying, “If you want to join the rest of us, I’d be pleased to have you. I do understand if you feel like being elsewhere though.” She sincerely hoped Ara would stay, but it was as she had said. She knew how it felt to want to close oneself away.

Taya Gille
Bonded to Eos (damn!)
Proud Co-Founder of the GGG
Proud adopted Mentee to Natalie Fylith

Aramina sur Dulciena
To Stay??
3/17/2001 1:22:15 PM

((OOC: It was Nat, Me, Querida…and…um…who am I forgetting?? And we called ourselves that because the four of us came in at the same time and claimed cluelessness :P))

Aramina nodded. There was a part of her that wanted to just hide away and continue in her mourning, but another part of her knew that Natalie would have wanted her to enjoy herself today. If Natalie were there, she’d already have her laughing. And so Aramina did the thing most unlike her. She let go of her detachment for a little while.

She smiled at Taya, a warm friendly smile, the one only Natalie had seen often, and said, “I think I’d like to join you. If nothing else, I can see a Warder up close and personal. I haven’t got to do that yet,” she said, showing her curious nature. She had spent too much time buried in books lately. Since Natalie had become Aes Sedai without her really. She hadn’t been noticing much of anything unless it had to do with a class.

Aramina sur Dulciena
Accepted and Aspiring Greenie
Roomie In Spirit To Natalie Sedai…always

Taya Gille
I’ll post up the top of this thread soon :) ~nt~
3/18/2001 11:37:13 AM

Taya Gille
Yay :) (Aramina)
3/21/2001 9:21:27 PM

Taya was glad when Aramina decided to stay. She hoped she could keep that smile coming back to the woman’s face, but knew it was doubtful. She was not a miracle worker, and the pain of Natalie’s passing was still fresh for everyone.

“Come, meet some of the other Greens,” Taya said, smiling. “I’m sure you met them at the party already, but it can’t hurt to refresh your memory.”

She went around introducing Aramina, Aya and some of the other younger women to the Sisters in her Ajah, who had been some of her best friends since she had come to the Tower. Knowing that Aramina would be joining them one day, she felt proud to be able to show off her Ajah Sisters now. A pity you left so soon, Mierin… she murmured, scanning the trees briefly and knowing she did so in vain. When will I see you again…?

“You are going to be a Green, are you not?” one of the other Sisters said to Ara, beaming. “Wonderful. You shall never regret it.”

Taya knew the woman didn’t lie – although at times she had regretted becoming Aes Sedai, she had never regretted her choice of Ajah. Aramina was smiling and talking a little, but Taya could see the lines of stress around her eyes. She won’t hold up much longer, Taya thought. Even if she doesn’t realise it, she is utterly exhausted.

Taya remembered Ara’s words: …I can see a Warder up close and personal. I haven’t got to do that yet. She smiled at the sudden extra awareness that filtered through the Bond. Then she led Ara over to Eos and introduced them. Eos was polite as usual, and Ara looked happy.

OOC: You can respond but it seems Kaylan has dragged me off to Tar Valon. *lol* Love you *hugs*

Aramina sur Dulciena
Meeting a Warder
3/21/2001 11:48:45 PM

Aramina’s first chance to see a warder up close was something close to awe inspiring. Or perhaps it was that it was Taya’s first Warder that made it so. She nodded her head and greeted him, though she couldn’t control the thought that jumped into her head. She hadn’t met Natalie’s warder.

“Hello Warder. It was an honour to be here to witness your bonding.”

She pushed her thoughts aside, knowing she had to. She needed to keep moving. So she continued to smile and talk and enjoy herself, even if a part of her was always reminded of her loss.

Aramina sur Dulciena
Accepted and Aspiring Greenie
Roomie In Spirit to Natalie Sedai

Taya Gille
3/16/2001 10:15:39 AM

No sooner had the Bond been formed than Taya was struggling to stand following a rush attack from Kaylan. The Green sister whispered, “I’m so jealous, Taylie!” using a nick name very few people remembered these days (ooc: at least ICly! :p). Taya, holding Kaylan close, sensed that the other Green was reminiscing on days gone by. Kaylan was one of Taya’s oldest and staunchest friends. They had arrived at the White Tower days apart, and despite their uncertain beginning (in which the noble daughter Taya risked a wonderful friendship!) they had come through it all.

When Kaylan pulled back, Taya saw that she was bawling her eyes out. Taya cried too, but she was laughing at the same time. This was not a sad day, it was a happy moment, and for that reason she was able to laugh at the sight of her fellow Green being overcome by emotion. “I think we should get out that twister board later tonight,” she whispered in Kayls’s ear, and before turning to other guests, added, “After he’s gone to bed.”

Kaylan’s tear-stained face regarded Taya in surprise, and the next instant the Green was giggling. Just like old times, Taya thought, joining in the laughter. How lucky she was to have friends like these…

OOC: Go Kayls! You rock sister. :) And I was serious about that twister thing. Maybe we can have a private Sisters’ party or something *lol* no wild stuff, just reminiscence :)

Kaylan Morin
Laughter and Tears
3/17/2001 12:32:19 AM

Kaylan looked at Taya in surprise when she mentioned the Twister Board, and bringing it out. She quickly thought about where it was, and remembered that she had put it in the bottom of her cupboard, along with all of her things from her novice days. Then she burst out in fits of giggles when she thought about what would probably happen when they brought it out, and wondered where her stash of alcohol was. She was sure that she had some in her room… you couldn’t be a Green and not have a hidden stash…

“I think that we may have to have a party in my room later on tonight, to celebrate dear…and all of our novice friends should be invited.” Lowering her voice, she said, “You know which ones I mean…I’ll have to see if Sabine and the others can be dragged away from their duties for one night…”


Taya Gille
Hatching Plans
3/17/2001 4:39:48 AM

Taya nodded and couldn’t help smiling as Kaylan leaned close and whispered in her ear. “Yes, I am sure we’ll find a way to arrange that.” She felt naughty, probably because she was. “If we don’t…we will have to arrange another party at a later date, which those friends of ours may attend.”

She loved the idea of having another party, after so long immersed in the grim duties of Aes Sedai. It would be a release, a chance to let go of all the tension that had become a part of her in recent years. They would have other Greens, like Katrina the Acrobat, Siofra (once Taya’s little sister), Eladari and Ryell. Taya hoped Ryell would be fit to attend. She could barely recall the last words she had exchanged with the other Green.

In any case, something was going to happen tonight. By now she had forgotten about the fact that Warders felt whatever discomfort their Bondholders were afflicted with.

OOC: Muahahahah!!

Kaylan Morin
My Place or Yours?
3/17/2001 10:32:29 PM

Kaylan smiled at her Sister, who was still glowing from her first Bond. And she would be glowing more tonight, if Kaylan could help it. Copious amounts of alcohol tended to do that to you.

“So should we have it at my room or yours? Or maybe we could go down to the kitchens…” Giggling, Kaylan looked at her friend.

“Why don’t we go out for a night on the town? I’d love to get rid of this…” She motioned to her great Serpent ring, “For a little while at least.” Kaylan looked at her friend, a smile on her still-young face. She had slowed a lot, but not yet become ageless… she could pass for a twenty year old if she wanted to…

The young looking one
Alcohol fiend

Taya Gille
3/18/2001 11:34:06 AM

“We could start at your room, go into the city, and then come back to my room! Or vice versa…whatever is more convenient. What do you say?” She eyed her own Serpent ring, not minding the thought of escaping its restraints for a night. She nearly giggled as a mixture of emotions filtered through the Bond.

Eladari Menaka
A Quiet Watcher…
3/16/2001 9:40:50 AM

Eladari was standing half hidden behind one of the trees near the entranceway. She’d been away from the Tower for a fortnight, and had only just returned. When she heard that Taya was bonding today, she hurried up as quick as she could, still in her riding cloak, to where she knew her friend would have the bonding, the secret garden of the Soldier Amyrlin.

She’d been here many years ago for the first time as a Novice, for a wonderful party that Taya and at the time her mentor, Mierin had thrown. And now she knew the garden no doubt as well as those two, for she would come when she needed a break, just all by herself.

And now, to stand there watching her fellow sister Taya bond, was awe-inspiring.

Eladari came in just as Mierin was presenting her gift to Taya. She hadn’t known that Mierin was back to the Tower either, and it was a wonderful surprise. Eladari came close to tears listening to the lost voice coming through Mierin.

Then Taya moved on to Eos, to do the bond. Eladari, watching from the shadows, was entranced. This was truly the first bonding she’d seen, and it was a beautiful thing. She knew how much Taya cared for Eos, and knew somewhat of the pain that she’d gone through in her waiting. But now it was truly happening.

Eladari could see the joy and wonder on Taya’s face when the weave of spirit was laid and complete. She shivered with anticipation at the day that she may know that feeling.

Once the bonding was complete, Eladari advanced toward Taya, to present her congratulations.

Eladari Menaka
Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Proud of her fellow Green

Taya Gille
Wide Eyed
3/16/2001 10:04:24 AM

Women were taught about how this felt almost from the day they arrived in the White Tower. Taya had heard the story, and people’s descriptions, too many times to count, but those descriptions had never come close. He was in her head. She was in his. She couldn’t stop staring at him as if he had revealed himself as a Trolloc – a nice one, of course.

All around her were smiling faces. At times she wasn’t sure what they were all saying, if they were saying anything, because she was still struggling to adjust to this knew, strange existence. She felt somewhat off balance, but she supposed that was not surprising. I’ll get used to it, she told herself.

Suddenly she recognised another face she hadn’t seen in quite a while, one of her adopted Mentees, Eladari. She was now a fellow Green Sister, something Taya still was not used to. Taya’s bright smile mirrored Eladari’s, and the two women hugged each other. “I’m so glad you are here, Sister!” Taya said, almost gushing. She really did feel like a novice again.

Eladari Menaka
Presenting her gift
3/16/2001 6:57:21 PM

As Eladari hugged Taya, she thought of how much she was like a newly wed.

Though, she thought, this is much better than being newly-wed… knowing where the person is, their thoughts, feelings…

“I’m so glad you are here, Sister!” exclaimed Taya.

“I’m glad I’m here too, Taya! I just got back, but I still have something for you, something I meant to give a while ago, but I never got the chance…” At this she reached into the bag she was carrying and pulled out a piece of cloth. Unfolding it, she held it out for Taya to see. It was a cross-stitch of the statue of Rashima Kerenmosa with all the flowers and trees surrounding her. Underneath the cross-stitch was an inscription:

To my fellow battle sister,
May protection and loyalty follow you
wherever your travels take you,
and may happiness and courage
be your strengths throughout eternity.
Love Eladari

Taya Gille
Precious Gifts
3/17/2001 10:31:44 AM

As soon as her eyes beheld the cross-stitch design on the piece of fabric, tears sprang in them. Then she read the accompanying inscription…

To my fellow battle sister,
May protection and loyalty follow you
wherever your travels take you,
and may happiness and courage
be your strengths throughout eternity.
Love Eladari

Taya felt overwhelmed. First Mierin’s gift, then the Bonding itself – and his oaths – and now this. She didn’t know what she had done to deserve any of it, but she knew she was more grateful than words could describe for the people she called her friends.

“Eladari, thank you,” she said. “This is truly a beautiful gift.” Already in her head she decided she would have to preserve it somehow, perhaps in a frame. She carefully folded the fabric again after showing it around, and with nowhere to put it held it in her hands. She gave Eladari another hug, since she was feeling very huggy today, and tried not to cry anymore. After today, the tears will stop. No more allowances.

“I hope to bestow a gift of equal value upon you at your own Bonding,” she said to Eladari, smiling warmly.

Julannah Damodred
3/16/2001 7:50:48 PM

Julannah Damodred was an old friend of Taya. She was more than glad to go and watch her bonding her new warder.

She watched the ceremony unfold before her and smiled. Taya looked ever so gracious, and her warder looked like he would do anything for her.

Julannah had no doubt in her mind that Taya would bond more Warders than anyone else in Green history, and she smiled at the thought. She could just picture seeing Taya followed by 12 men.

She waited until the ceremony was over and went over to her friend, who had almost been crying!

She hugged her and congratulated her and her warder in turn. Then she turned to the Warder.

“Now you look after my friend you hear? Not that she needs much looking after.”

Julannah smiled.
Julannah Damodred
Head of the Black Ajah
Sitter for the Blue
Assistant to the Mistress of Novices
Mistress of the Classes
Head of Blue Ajah Welcoming Committee
Trained Spy
Mentor to Gloha & Lorum
Big Sister to Aya

Taya Gille
3/17/2001 10:39:56 AM

When Taya and Julannah had pulled apart, the Blue Sitter said to Eos, “Now you look after my friend you hear? Not that she needs much looking after.”

Taya and Julannah laughed together, and Eos looked slightly bewildered before joining in. Taya said to Juls, “And do not worry about him. I’ll take very good care of him.” Laughter danced in her eyes as she smiled ever so slightly. Juls smiled back knowingly.

OOC: Thanks for turnin up :) You rock! Even if you are a Stinky Black. *sniffs*

Ebony Nyxx
3/17/2001 3:30:51 AM

Ebony knew there was a Bonding going on today, and there was a crowd gathered in the courtyard. She would have kept walking, but saw it was Taya Sedai, the one who had given her the chore long ago… A smile flitted across Ebony’s face and was gone too soon to tell, as she remembered that laundry incident.

There were many people in front of her, Ebony stayed off to the side and watched, watched as they stood together, as he knelt, as the weaves settled over them. Saw the shock register in Taya’s eyes. Ebony spun her Great Serpent ring around on her finger and thought about all that one gained from having a Warder. Then she thought about what it cost. Too much. To have the privacy of your head invaded, to be always tied to another… Ebony shook her head. She didn’t think she could stand that.

But she was happy for them. It was obviously something they had waited for for a long time, she could tell. In a silent wish that he need never be one of the Warders who gave his life for his Sedai, Ebony slowly backed away and left the others to their celebration.

OOC: Congrats Taya, Eos. *hugs* And Dabby, if you read this, no, I’m not changing my mind, this is just char development. =P To make things more interesting. *heheh*

Ebony Sedai

Lanfir Leah Marithsen
3/16/2001 6:39:44 PM

OOC: So happy for you Taya!

IC: Lanfir’s duties had kept her away, but during her meeting with the Amyrlin she knew very well what was happening. Taya was finally bonding Eos, and her heart swelled with joy for her friend.

Somehow it was the first good thing in a long period of losses and pain…and Lanfir felt relieved that constructive things were still possible. “Why are you smiling, Lanfir?” The Amyrlin asked.

Lanfir grinned. “I was just thinking how life always gets back on the road at one point… How depressive things may be, there’s always something good to balance it. Or multiple good things to balance a loss. And that makes me happy.”

“So philosophical, I do not know you that way,” the Amyrlin mused.

“Oh, but I have a lot of hidden qualities,” Lanfir smiled. “Let’s get back to business.”

But in the meantime, her heart sent out the blessings to the bonded couple. Work or no, in spirit Lanfir was with them.

OOC: Sorry for being so late… Love you gals, and all the luck in the world with the bonding.

Mierin Sa’hr
Time to Leave…(Taya (& Eos) and Eladari)
3/17/2001 2:57:48 PM

OOC: Hey gals! Hadn’t got time to write two posts so this is a two-in-one solution. Hope you don’t mind:-)

IC: After presenting Rashima’s song Mierin slid back into the shadows again, waiting.

She watched the ceremony with tears in her eyes, knowing that the Wheel of Time most likely would weave her into that position ever. Taya seemed so totally happy. A memory of a strong face with glittering eyes flashed in Mierin’s head. She had felt love once, but the pattern hadn’t turned out the way she expected. No use thinking about that now. What had been, would never come back.

After the weave was set and the Oaths were laid, Mierin watched in silence as Taya was congratulated by all her friends in the Tower. Mostly Green sisters. Mierin recognised some of the faces, but counted quite a few that she had never seen before. It had been so many years.

Suddenly she spotted a face she remembered. It was Eladari, her former minty. She could remember the day she first met the girl, she had looked so out of place. Eladari was a woman now. Mierin approached her when she saw that she was alone.

“Eladari…nice to finally see you as a full sister…”

The young woman jumped around as she heard Mierin’s voice. “Mierin! Where have you been? It has been so long…!!” Eladari looked curious.

“It is of minor importance…” There was a touch of pain in her voice but no feelings showed in her smooth ageless face. “I just wanted to wish you the best of luck as a Green sister, and let you know that I was sent words about your raising, but had my reasons not to come.”

Mierin smiled and added. “I’m proud of you girl, you have turned out better than I’d expected.” She could see that her words were appreciated, and Eladari was just about to say something but Mierin broke her off. “I haven’t got much time, and I would like to say goodbye to Taya before I leave again.”

Eladari looked seriously confused but knew better than to ask. Mierin turned and looked seriously at the other woman “May the Light always shine on your path,” she said. Then she left to find Taya.


Taya and Eos had finally gotten rid of some of the people who wanted to wish them the best of luck when Mierin closed up on them. “Taya, can I have a couple of words with you…?”

Taya smiled warmly at Mierin. “Of course you can! I’m so glad you are back! What is it?” Her smiled faded slowly as she saw the look on Mierin’s eyes. Mierin fixed her eyes on Eos. “Do you mind…?” There was a commanding tone in her voice.

“Oh…of course…Taya I’ll be with Shoar if you need me.” Eos left the two women with a look of puzzlement upon his face.

“Mier…what is it?!” For the first time that day Mierin spotted a glimpse of worry in Taya. Mierin stared into the other woman’s eyes. She could see the reflections of Taya’s thoughts. She had never been very good at hiding them Mierin thought and sighed. “It’s time for me to leave…”

“Leave?? What are you talking about…you just got here!”

“I haven’t got time to explain… I must travel fast if I am to reach my destination before it is too late.”

Confusion was written all over Taya. “But I don’t understand… I thought… But you have been gone so long… Where have you been and what have you done? Can’t you stay a couple of days at least?” From his place under an old tree, Eos looked at them and frowned slightly.

“I’m afraid that is impossible… I came just to give you your gift and to wish you all the best of luck in both love and service in another period as a Green Sitter. I was sent word.” Channelling briefly she lifted her riding cloak down from a tree and put it on.
“May the light always shine in your heart, Taylie, and send my wishes to your sister. Remind her about our little agreement.”


Mierin broke off Taya’s words with a stern look and hugged her friend while she tried to keep herself from letting a tear run down her cheek. “I’ll return some day… If the Light is willing…we can talk then…and in the meantime, remember that the animals are my eyes and ears… If there is something important enough…they’ll let me know.”

Then she turned and walked away.

Mierin Sa’hr
Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah
Leaving again…

Taya Gille
Hiding Dismay (Mier, Eos)
3/18/2001 11:28:28 AM

Taya watched as Mierin departed, hardening herself against the intense pain that flared in her heart. She had been so long away from her Sister, and now Mierin was going again. It did not seem fair at all.

I will miss you, my dear, she whispered inwardly, watching Mierin’s retreating back. Her sadness only showed in her eyes, and soon enough she had muted even that. She walked over to her new Bondholder with a dully-aching heart, and saw immediately that she could not fool him anymore. It had already been difficult enough, but now it was impossible. She knew what he was thinking – and that he knew what was in her head. He laid a comforting hand on her arm and she nodded in gratitude.

She looked around one last time, and Mierin was gone. I will cry later tonight, but not yet, she said to herself.

Eos Gaidin
3/20/2001 1:41:34 PM

Eos watched as Mierin left, and felt what he could assume as pain welling up inside his bondholder. He also felt her shift herself mentally, trying to regain control over herself, schooling her face before she walked over to him. It seemed this bond was useful after all; now he could be there whenever she needed him, even if she was pushing it down. And he laughed inwardly knowing that he would come running if something was wrong with her.

Setting a hand on her shoulder, he looked down at her. She simply nodded. It was all that was needed it seemed.

Bonded to Taya Gille

Eladari Menaka
Confused and Sad
3/20/2001 6:19:13 PM

Eladari had been very happy to see that her former mentor Mierin had come back. She’d been hoping that they’d be able to sit and talk for a little while, but all those hopes were dashed when Mierin came up to her.

Eladari was very happy, and she felt proud of herself at Mierin’s words. She wanted to tell her that all that she had done was because of Mierin’s influence in the beginning, and that Eladari had missed her so terribly, but that Taya had been such a wonderful help. She wanted to tell her that Taya and Eladari had spent many an evening talking about and missing Mierin…but she didn’t get the chance.

Eladari was confused and saddened by Mierin’s parting words. She had changed in her years away from the Tower.

Silently, Eladari added her own prayer for her fellow Green sister, knowing that wherever Mierin’s path led, she hoped it led towards happiness.

Taya Gille
3/21/2001 9:38:00 PM

She drew strength from Eos, and she needed it if she were to give strength in turn to others of her Sisters. Eladari must be hit hardest by all of this. Mentors were like mothers, or at best far older sisters. Often, you grew attached to them in ways that surpassed even family connections – Taya had loved her Mentor in a way, but she had not known her well at all. Somehow she was thankful for that.

Eladari turned to face her and Eos, and Taya smiled at her. She wasn’t going to say anything that came close to a deception, for she could not say for certain that she would ever see Mierin again…but she could hope. You will never learn, a voice accused her, and she had to laugh, knowing it was right but that she could not change that about herself. Hope was a foolish thing to have, but if you managed to lose it you were less than whole.
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