Latest forum rearrangement (2019)

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Latest forum rearrangement (2019)

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I spent the last week or so trying to get this forum back up, since it was a few versions behind on the phpbb platform. It was, suffice to say, a total nightmare - but since I'm awesome at times, I finally figured out it after many attempt that I messed up. I'm glad the latest one did not turn out to be a mess-up!!

Anyway, onto the actual point of this post - I've just rearranged the DM forums again, because it didn't make sense to have some forums containing a combo of Community and RP contents, and others specifically for Community OR RP. So I have now moved everything that's RP into the In Character area, and everything that's from the community side into that area.

Now wouldn't it have been awesome of DM had just stayed combined all along? Would have saved me a lot of trouble here. ;)

I also added a new forum in which I intend to talk about the website archiving I've been doing. That WILL be a combo of RP and Community websites, at least at this stage. Unless I change my mind on that. :shock:

Time will tell. Anyway, it's good to be back!
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