2001 - [Netland White Tower] Megana's First Class

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2001 - [Netland White Tower] Megana's First Class

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First Class.

Megana grimaced and skulked in the doorway, still not certain if this was the right place to come. She was not even sure she was allowed to begin this sort of class yet, and the other novices were making her nervous with their friendly chatter. She walked briskly to the Accepted at the front of the class and pursed her lips.

“I am Megana al’Terrin, Accepted,” she gushed, dropping quickly into a deep curtsey. “I am very new here, and I am just wondering if I am allowed to be here. I am very interested in this class.”

While she waited for a response she looked around at the other girls nervously, being careful not to make eye contact with anyone.
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