2001 - [Netland White Tower] Biography (Megana al'Terrin)

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2001 - [Netland White Tower] Biography (Megana al'Terrin)

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Megana al’Terrin – from Mayene.

Megana is a foundling who grew up in Baerlon with a Two Rivers family who had moved there to set up a business—they own an inn. She has been told that her parents were unknown, but in fact they were a princess and her forbidden lover, who have since been outcast from their home for their crimes, which included getting pregnant with Megana.

She is of medium height and athletic build (always helping out around the inn and running errands with her adopted brothers and sisters), with black hair to mid-way down her back and startling green eyes. Her face is oval-shaped, and many say she looks a plain version of Berelain sur Paendrag, the First of Mayene—whose portrait can be seen on some foreign coins and in many traveller’s guides. Others with less tolerance compare her to Mesaana or Moghedien—again from pictures in books.

Megana ran away from her adoptive home not once but twice during her early adolescence, looking for something but not knowing what exactly. When she was 15 Megana and a good friend Daelin were both told that they could learn to channel and that they should go to the White Tower. Both girls were horrified at the idea, not because of any inherent hatred or fear of Aes Sedai but just because it was such a daunting thought—the two of them going to the White Tower to study!

Then, when Megana and Daelin were both about to turn 17, Daelin was murdered by a witch-hater after being accused openly of several dreadful crimes involving witchcraft. Megana knew she had to escape, and decided that the safest place in the world for a suspected witch was the White Tower. She would go there after all, though it was too late for Daelin. She vowed that she would exact revenge upon the world for her friend’s death, although as time passes she gets over this (particularly after her Accepted’s test) and moves on to bigger and better things.

Megana is 16 when she arrives at the Tower, and acts very tough and independent. She is however pretty vulnerable and very lonely. She throws herself into her studies because she is very determined that she will become Aes Sedai as soon as possible. The world waits on no woman, as the saying goes, and Megana is not going to wait on the world either!
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