2000 - Green Ajah News bulletins ~ #1 - #6 2000 (Lanfir)

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2000 - Green Ajah News bulletins ~ #1 - #6 2000 (Lanfir)

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May 3, 2000 – Green Ajah News

So, what has happened?

Its been a hectic period the past few weeks, don’t you think? A lot is happening in the Tower recently, and I decided to use this page for a monthly update. This would cut down the number of mails I would have to send to you girls, and you can always be updated like this. Welcome, thus, to our first news section of the Green Ajah Page! *listens to the wild applause*

So, what has happened?

· Ladria Sedai was reunited with her warder Sol Trieth, after we all assumed him dead. Welcome back, Sol, and good for you, Ladria. We’re all very happy for you both.

· Ryell Jagad, my ex mentee, was raised to Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah. Welcome, hun! *bursts with pride for her mentee* May you slay many evil trollocs in Battle and fight for the Light. Your request for Acceptance was at least promising enough.

· I think we all heard from the disaster where the Angreal Chase ended in. Ja’varan is missing (OOC– she has formally left the Green Ajah and the White Tower), Cadsuane is hurt, and I think everyone has encountered terrible happenings. The Hall is gathering at the moment about the outcome of this all and I tell you, it’s nasty. We’re trying our best at solving all the troubles created by the Chase.

· Outside the Green Ajah has the Tower been superactive as well. There has been a great number of raisings, and Soraya swapped jobs from Mistress of Novices to Head of the Yellow Ajah, which is a much nicer job (and I can know, I *lead* an Ajah *g*) – Phrygiana took the job upon her to be Soraya’s successor and became Mistress of Novices. Currently she’s working on The Table – where novices can see what they’ve done and when and how, etc.

· You might have heard of my insane idea of compiling Dragonmounts History book, with the stories of the very beginning of DM till now; stories from as much people as I can manage. I have already received some of them, but I need *more*! I need as many entries as possible; and I promise you that they'll receive a good place in the archive. As soon as its done, I promise you’ll spend a few happy hours reading all those stories, and it will enrich your knowledge of DM and its history. After all, the history creates the present and the future. For more information check http://www.dragonmount.com/Wisdoms_Corn ... t-week.asp - The Wisdom’s Corner and one of my million posts on the Boards about it.

Thank you for your time and take care,

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the Green Ajah
Sitter in the Hall
DM Historian
Bonded to Jaksyn and Darkseid

June 1, 2000 – Green Ajah News

News and Page

Well, it has been quiet the past two weeks in the Green Ajah Quarters... just about everyone is out of town or too busy with real life to dwell about in the Green Quarters or on DM on itself. There IS some news of course, its just not much. The most important things:

Nymphia Sedai is back, alive and kicking, and the rest, at last! We missed you a lot, girlie! After months of sighing, moaning, and not being able to access Dragonmount at all, Nym got angry enough to yell at the techies; and at last they used their magic to open her account. So Nymphia has rejoined us once more; rejoice! :-)

The Blue Ajah just gained its tenth member. This means that today they are as large as we are, and they have more Accepted on the point of raising. I am very happy for Moiraine and the other Blue girls, but my feeling of honour and ambition keeps nagging me that we need to recruit more members. So; I want to ask you girls if you feel like having new minties! Having a minty is a good thing; we are more active with the novices and make ourselves more known... AND we might turn them to the Green Ajah ;-) I just got myself two cute minties: Gwenna and the one with the difficult name who is abbreviated to Kab. Follow my example, and we'll have our Quarters re-filled in no time!

I need more new interesting things for the Page. Could you girls think of something creative and send it to me? Anything is cool. Essays, diaries, stories, just plain funny things, I do not care, as long it's nice to read! As a last note; I want to advice every visitor of this page to check the Fun Page. It will surely brighten up your day!

That was it for this two-weekly-update, catch you all later!

Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Head of the Green Ajah
Sitter in the Hall
DM Historian

June 21, 2000 – Green Ajah News

Cute Butt Contest, DM History & more....

Within the Ajah it’s been rather quiet, as usual, but on Dragonmount and on this page, a lot has happened. Let’s start on a big scale: as you probably have noticed, DM 5 is here! Yours truly and her ever present fiancé and HTML wizard (name given by Ladria, by the way) have taken this opportunity to make a parody on it. You can view the outcome of this crazy parody on the Fun Page (link: http://green_ajah.tripod.com/fun.htm) . Because we decided to create a little content on it as well, we have gotten ourselves some stuff to put on it. Be sure to check it out.

One of the items on the funpage is the Cute Butted Warder Contest! Which person in the Warder Org has the cutest butt? Ive posted a list of all the members on the General Discussion Board and the White Tower Board, be sure to nominate your favorites! Everyone has the opportunity to choose five of the cutest butted warders, who will go on for the final voting round. You can vote for them as soon as we put it up, and the Ward(er) with the most votes wins the honour, the title of Owner of the Cutest Warder Butt and a nice prize.

Furthermore, I have another important issue. I’ve uploaded the Dragonmount History Archive (link: http://www.angelfire.com/hi4/DMHistory). Yes, I know it looks very sober and not as spectacular as this site, but I was getting a bit desperate. No one was sending me stories anymore and I had to do something to inspire people. So I put up the Histories that I had. Its beginning to become something. Im working to improve the archive when I am at work, although I do not really have the tools there that I have here (we’re talking Adobe here – my computer at work has so little ram that everything else crashes when I work with Adobe – very frustrating) at home. But I’m doing my best, and at least the site looks decent right now. We’ll improve later.

Please keep sending your own DM Histories (*stern look at the Green Ajah Members* Ive only received Ladria’s and Ja’varan’s so far; whats keeping you girls?) at Lanfir@yahoo.com, I’d love to put them up. Now that DM5 is here, we’re moving further into a new Age. A lot of the old memories have become legends and are forgotten, and that’s a shame. We want to remember our history, so please send it in. There is so much to tell about the past two years!

Do you remember the Amyrlin’s former warder, Chris? Do you remember who Nina Sedai was? Do you know what’s up with Kathana’s pudding addiction and why Ender Gaidin is always associated with the Red Ajah and grapes? No? Then you’d really want to check out the History Archive. You’ll laugh your ass off.

Well, that’s it for this update. Don’t forget to take a look at the Fun Page and keep recruiting them novices, girls! ;-)


Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the Green Ajah
Sitter in the Hall
Bonded to Darkseid and Jaksyn
Mentor to Elise, Gwenna, Kab and Mandi

September 2000 – Green Ajah News

Major Update

OK OK, I admit it, you may kick and spank me now. *looks ashamed* Sorry. I should have updated this page ages ago. I could give you loads of excuses like summer, laziness and nothing happening on DM and in the White Tower at all, but this is really terrible. *stares at the date of June 21*
During the week, this page will go through some more updates on works and diaries, so stay tuned.

Ahem... Surely a lot has happened during the summer. Good and bad things. Let us start with the good news.

We have two new members! I'd like to wish Taya and Mierin a superwarm welcome in the Green Quarters, they have surely deserved a nice room. *grins* Even better, we also have three aspiring Greens coming up: Mandi, my sweet minty, but also Calliste and Elsenara. I hope you will join us soon, gals!

The elections for Sitters have finally started. Everyone is voting actively, and I am very excited to see the outcome. The Sitters are supposed to help me with everything, moral and actual support, and are to be the pillars of my Ajah, the people I can rely on. The voting will end at September 7, so we'll see.

The bad news is terrible. The people behind Jaksyn Connor and Sol Trieth, respectively my and Ladria's warder, both died in car crashes a week after eachother. I am creating a memorial page for them, and everyone who wants to can leave them flowers over there. I wish I could do more... They will be sorely missed. Both of them. I have said and done a lot about it already, but it is still hard to even think about it. Especially Jak was a real good friend, both OOC and IC. I am sure Sol was the same for Ladria.

Before I'll go back to my other updates, first of all I'd like to thank my dear fiancé and HTML wizard Oliver, aka Algarth, who helped me greatly with the layout of this page, and the girls of my Ajah (and Elessar), who keep me inspirated enough to keep doing my job here.

Signing off,

Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Head of the Green Ajah
Dragonmount Historian
Bonded to Darkseid and Souvan
In loss of Jaksyn Connor

October 2000 – Green Ajah News


Its a madhouse in the Green Ajah! I almost do not dare to update, because the next day the news is already old and outdated.

A lot of things have happened since the last update; for example: we have three new members! Please give Mandi, Elsenara and Calliste a warm welcome to the Green Quarters. Also, you can congratulate Ryell, Markieta, and Ladria with their promotion to Sitter (it might be a bit late, yes I should update more!)... they're showing off their pretty icons very proudly on the boards.

The most important news is the madhouse with all the aspiring Greenies. I have a long list of names, counting 12 aspiring Greens! This means, that if all the girls will make it through their novice and accepted period, which I do not doubt of course, then our number of members will be *doubled* in a few months! Isnt that insane? I am delirously happy of course, and I cannot thank Taya, Mierin and Ryell enough for their active recruiting. Thank you SO much, girls!

I am having a hard time keeping track of you all, so if you are thinking of going Green, please e-mail me at Lanfir@yahoo.com or Lanfir_Sedai@hotmail.com - I lost a lot of your email addresses in the format of my harddisk - forgot to backup Outlook. Stuuupid! =(

Of course, another way of getting to know eachother is the coolioso Green Ajah Party that is happening at the Tar Valon Board. The guest list is already made, and we're already partying, but if you contact Taya, I am sure you can make a late entrance.

So what else is new? There have been a lot of changes lately... Sabine became the new mistress of novices, for example. She did a great job, dont you all think?

Oh yeah, and we have a new forum; The Green Ajah Forum. Be sure to visit it regulary, besides the fact that it's supercool over there, you can also find the latest updates there, and discuss new idea's and topics, and generally mess around of course.

On RP basis there are some awesome things going on... The Shadow War RP in Illian is definately one to follow closely (also because our own Taya and Mierin are involved in it), and currently Ryell and I are designing the Borderlands RP - its going to be a hell of a battle, and from what we have set here, its going to be the most sparkling RP of the last and the upcoming year. I am SO enthusiastic of plunging into battle again! My last battle was like the summer of 1999 or something. DM needs a good battle I think. *g* So whats happening in Illian and what is going to happen in the Borderlands are livening things up nicely.

So, there are a lot of interesting things coming up, I'll update everything as soon as possible before all hell is going to break loose. *big grin*

Yours truly,

Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Head of the Green Ajah
Bonded to Darkseid and Souvan

November 2000 – Green Ajah News

Another month has gone by...

Everything's going *so* fast lately, and I've been so busy, that I’m almost beginning to lose track of things. Of course you have all heard about the upcoming Borderlands RP that Ryell and I are coordinating. It is going to kick major ass; and it will affect the overall Dragonmount RP - since this RP is going to be the stage for our equivalent of the Eye of the World. Preparations are still being made, of course, we're working on everything, but if it is going to be what I have in mind, it is going to be among the best RP's in the history of Dragonmount.
It is largely centered around the Green Ajah, I admit, because the largest part of the embassy to the Borderlands is going to be Greens. So if you're quick, you can still come along!

And of course, in the past month we could welcome Siofra and Querida to the Green Quarters. Please make them feel home, girls! ;-) There are more Accepted on the brink of being raised right now (the moment this update will be done, they might be raised already!) - Kaylan, Katrina, good luck with your Aes Sedai test! Only today also Lyanna was raised to the Green Ajah, but since I do not have her info yet, we cannot put you on the member’s list. As soon as I receive it, you’re on, of course.

My fiancé and I are most happy to announce that we also got around updating the Works and the Fun section, and we could even add two cool additions to the site: the Diary and the Artwork section. Be sure to check them out.

Next update will be in December, probably. You can expect a serious Green Ajah Update by then (with a pleasant surprise for you all!) - but the other major issue will be the elections for Sitters. Time's going fast, I know, I know. *smiles* I am going to send out an email to the members of the Green Ajah, and you might want to think on which three Aes Sedai you want to nominate.

For updates in the meantime, please check the forum.

Well, that's all for now - see you around for the next update!


Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Head of the Green Ajah
Bonded to Darkseid and Souvan
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