Lanfir's DM history (OOC) (1998 - 2000)

This forum is for storing information that is not in the form of forum discussions, roleplays, biographies etc. Enlightens the peruser on the history of the Dragonmount community from inception.

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Lanfir's DM history (OOC) (1998 - 2000)

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Late September 1998:

In September 1998, Dragonmount opens its virtual doors. The first people sign up, and the Orgs are created. Within the White Tower, Kathana Sedai of the Brown Ajah becomes Amyrlin Seat, Chissa Sedai (of the White Ajah) will be her Keeper. Lanfir Sedai becomes the Head of the Green Ajah.

October 1998:

Our very first records of the Green Ajah:

Alleandra – Alleandra was one of our first members. She became rather inactive after Feb 1999, with one last appearance in July 1999. After that, we have not seen her since.

Adara – I cannot remember Adara that clearly. She has never been that active.

Sprid – Same with Sprid. She did not stay that long.

Kaleyra – Kaleyra was a very active community member, known and loved by many. She even made it to temporary Keeper in the Battle of Tar Valon. Later on, she got rewarded with the title of Ambassador of the White Tower – our ambassador to the Black Tower.

Nina – Nina was the first Black Sister at Dragonmount. She posed as a young Green, but was actually the Forsaken Blackthorne, spying on us for Shayol Ghul.

Maarin – Maarin was one of the legendary two that invented mint tea. She was bonded to Phoenix, the Dragon Reborn.

Morgan – Morgan was that other legendary mint tea inventor. She has stayed at Dragonmount for a long time, leaving in 2001 or something. She has been bonded to Ladon and Ranges Gaidin.

Autumnflame – Autumn has been with the Green Ajah for a long time as well. She posed as a thirteen-year-old Aes Sedai, if I am not mistaken.

December 1998/ March 1999

Leane – Leane was one of the girls that got the Greenies of Dragonmount their reputation. You can find her heritage in many, many silly stories that were the heart of DM back then.

Alanna – Alanna was Domani and did not make a secret out of that! She is also one of the girls that made herself quite the reputation, which is reflected in those same silly stories.

Mellyn – Details are sketchy here. Mellyn Al’Baya has been with the Green Ajah for a long time, active in intervals. She was more of a community person than an RP’er, I think.

Belina – Belina was our Green Sister out in the world, working as the advisor of the Queen of Andor. She has been with us for the longest time.

Our records as of June 1999:
I stumbled over an old txt document with all the Ajah administration of June 1999, just before initiation of the novices and the accepted. The ones that were active and with us at that point are in italics and I wrote this piece in 1999, so the comments are a bit outdated. :)
I only discussed the people here that I have not discussed previously.

Lanfir* - that’s me!
Nymphia – In the summer of 99, I convinced my RL friend and study pal to join Dragonmount as well. She’s often away, but she always returns to the home we’ve made on Dragonmount. A lot has changed since we both dyed Sathinar’s hair and Ishamael’s room green, but DM is still DM, and the greens are still addicted to mint tea.
Leandreen – Leanie’s still here, too. She was one of DM’s first accepted, and one of the first to make it through the, by then, still buggy novice and accepted system. She’s away for a long time now, but we all hope she’ll make it back to the Green Quarters some day.
Markieta – My memory is out in the dark here… You’re on the list of june/july 1999. Guess you were still a novice back then, Marki. *smiles*
Cadsuane – You were my minty, I still remember that! Im glad you’re back, Caddy!

Ranks in the White Tower as of June 1999:
The Amyrlin Seat- Kathana Sedai (originally Brown Ajah)
Keeper of the Chronicals- Chissa Sedai (White Ajah)
Mistress of Novices-Alosha Sedai (Grey Ajah)
Mistress of Libraries- none
Mistress of the Infirmerary- Siuan Sedai (Yellow Ajah)
White Tower Curator- Kalysta Sedai (White Ajah)
Official Ambassader- Kaleyra Sedai (Green Ajah)
Dragonmount Historian- Yveva Sedai (Brown Ajah)

Head of the Red Ajah- Daelin Sedai
Head of the Blue Ajah- Moiraine Sedai
Head of the Green Ajah- Lanfir Sedai
Head of the White- Dazzle Sedai
Head of the Gray- Serinia Sedai
Head of the Yellow-Therva Sedai
Head of the Brown-Serafelle Sedai
Head of Welcoming Committee- Dreda Sedai (Blue Ajah)

Late 1999

13 september 99 - Ladria Damin joins Dragonmount, future Green Sister and Sitter for the Green Ajah.

10 october 99 - Ryell Jagad joins Dragonmount, and the whole website trembles with fear. Later Ryell would choose the Green Ajah and become a Sitter and a Legend in her own right.

Our newest generation
I have no idea what they put in the water supply for the novices and Accepted in 2000, but suddenly they all wanted to join the Green Ajah. Not that I minded of course. It might have had something to do with the rabid recruiting spree that Ryell and I were on. It paid off.

23 may 2000 - Calliste Lara le Fey, future Green Sister, joins Dragonmount

7 june 2000 - Mandi Mubirylla, back then still Mandi Meeks, future Green Sister, Sitter and Captain General of the Green Ajah, joins Dragonmount.

15 june 2000 - Mierin Sa’hr, another Legend and probably the sassiest Green Sister we’ve ever had, joins Dragonmount.

4 july 2000 - Taya Gille, future Green Sister, Sitter, Captain-General and Heart of the Green Ajah joins Dragonmount.

16 july 2000 - Elsenara Sedai, future Green Sister, joins Dragonmount.
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