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Below is the original message I put up on the site Arie lent me after the original Caves were lost. I had started work on those but all along really wanted to have my own internet domain to host the replacement Caves on. So, here we are, and here is the original message (which is still basically fitting now).
Hi all.

As you can see, there is a lot of work to be done in recovering what has just been lost. However, I do have the database backed up, and if worse comes to worst I can trawl my way through that by hand and find anything that was on the old version of this archive.

For now, since the old archive went down, I'm archiving stuff that WASN'T yet up on those boards. I'm hoping that the super awesome Ariana (a.k.a. Andrea) will be able to get the old database up & accessible so I can continue with the (slightly easier) migration. Otherwise, it will be a lot of painful hard work, but either way it'll be done.

Just a note - the stickies on each forum that have links to individual threads are, for the most part, full of broken links. I'll be fixing those as I go, and reporting on each individual sticky as they're fixed.

If there are any questions, please PM me here, or email me (tay dot sedai at gmail dot com) OR sign up for an account here so you can ask on the forums. :)

In conclusion, I want to thank Ariana for providing this space and for helping out as she has done! She is legendary for true! :)


Taya (a.k.a. Jaida)
So, we're still in that position - even in a worse position, really. But I'll get the Caves up and running again, so help me Light! :D
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