2004 - A Flapping Tongue ~ Jeha, Jerad, Taya ~ (Stones, Taya)

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2004 - A Flapping Tongue ~ Jeha, Jerad, Taya ~ (Stones, Taya)

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Seia Posted: Thu Feb 05, 2004 8:54 pm Post subject: A Flapping Tongue ~ Jeha, Jerad, Taya ~


Stones watched his newest student, Alecta, go through her exercise regimin persistently. The young woman was improving under his mentorship of Mo’Kai’La but she had yet to under mind cleansing. There was something about her that emanated supreme perfection and ultimate dedication. Have I finally found the student of my lifetime? That will finally reach the Nirvana of Mo’Kai’La? He smiled softly, thinking justly so. 

An Aes Sedai was quietly strolling nearby, observing a spar with a man defending himself against several opponets simultaneously. His eyebrow twitched as the edges of his lips quirked up in a small smile. The woman was attractive, and rare was it that the cold look of the women of the Tower unrattled him like the others. Walking closer to the woman, he bowed his head respectfully and she did the same, returning her attention to the spar. He followed her gaze and realized that the man under attack was under her scrutiny. Perhaps
her Gaidin. 

Speaking with a mirthy tone in his voice, “You are quite astonishing, Aes Sedai. I have yet seen a woman of your grace and beauty to this day and I am an old man.” Stones glanced over at the woman, “Perhaps you would be interested in attending a day spa with me and allowing me to give you a real massage, probably besting your own Gaidin.” Spotting a spider crawling down the woman’s lower back, he moved quickly and swatted it away, until he realized that his fingers had brushed the woman’s bum. A nice firm one too. Stones, you’re too good. 

~ Stones

Jehanine Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2004 7:43 am Post subject:



Jehanine had been keeping a sharper eye on Jerad’s spars of late after a second incident in which he had refused to visit the infirmary. The man was stubborn, or perhaps he just didn’t feel pain – Jehanine wasn’t particularly sure which and didn’t really much care, but was bound and determined to grind the importance of the infirmary into his skull as if her life depended on it. Her livelihood certainly did. She watched him now, fending off multiple attackers in the graceful way that Warders had, enjoying the sight as well as the pleasant weather. 

She ignored the man approaching until it was apparent he meant to direct his words to her, at which point she offered him a sharp nod. There were things which incited her curiosity, and things which did not: she had no interest in what he had to say, as she had no real purpose for men except for the one she was currently Bonded to and who had become used to her occasional sharp ways. 

However, his words took her aback. “You are quite astonishing, Aes Sedai. I have yet seen a woman of your grace and beauty to this day and I am an old man.” Jehanine, inwardly annoyed at having to deal with this and from a Warder no less, turned a haughty gaze on the man. A blistering retort was tumbling from her mouth when he continued, brave man that he was. 

“Perhaps you would be interested in attending a day spa with me and allowing me to give you a real massage, probably besting your own Gaidin.” 

Perhaps he missed the danger lurking in her dark gaze, or perhaps he missed the presence of her Gaidin behind her, or perhaps he was just very suicidal, but he concluded his already infuriating proposition by groping for her. With a start of surprise, Jehanine stepped back quickly, on entirely uncertain ground. She had never been accosted in such a way by a man before: in Far Madding, men did not have the gall, and in the White Tower, men had a great respect for Aes Sedai. 

For the first time in ages, she stood speechless and so angry she wished she had never sworn the three oaths that forbid her from injuring a follower of the Light with saidar. 


OOC: I will let Jerad step in here, because if I write anymore I’ll just take care of the situation myself and I kind of like the idea of playing the damsel in distress just this once! -snicker- Its a rare position for Jeha. 

Jehanine Sedai 

of the Green Ajah 

Jerad’s Bondmante

Taya_Gille Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2004 10:13 am Post subject:


OOC: *Ggls* Oh this is fun. 

IC: Taya strode past the entrance to the Grey Ajah quarters, feeling the brief desire to stop in her tracks and turn – Tania’s rooms were so close, and it had been so long. But there was awkwardness between them, the type that would no doubt never fade, and Taya kept walking, swallowing her sadness. She fixed her eyes on the staircase ahead and began to descend. 

She had purpose in her stride as usual, but this time it was particularly pronounced. She had heard from a little bird a little something about the children who had pulled that prank on Riya Sedai not four days ago, and had decided she’d investigate. If the young man in the Infirmary was able to talk by now, he just might give her some clue that would lead her to the truth about how Riya’s room had been so thoroughly trashed without anybody nearby hearing a sound. Not only would she help Riya, but she would help herself – she was working hard to make alliances within the Blue Ajah, and while Riya wasn’t a greatly influential member of that Ajah, Taya had to start somewhere. And I should have started long ago, she reprimanded herself, recalling recent infuriating experiences in the Hall of the Sitters that could have been avoided. 

Taya nodded left and right to women she passed in the halls of the Tower, with varying degrees of depth according to which woman she was greeting. Very few women in the Tower these days were of higher rank than Taya, but most of them did deserve some kind of recognition. It was a tiresome thing, taking a walk through the Tower when the halls were busy. 

Finally she turned left and headed outside, the Infirmary in her sights. This was just the first order of business in a long list for

Shadow Posted: Fri Feb 06, 2004 3:23 pm Post subject:


Jerad’s blades clattered to the ground, and the two other men fighting him stopped, and followed his hard gaze. They simply watched as he walked away from the fight, swiftly closing in on his Aes Sedai, and her tormentor.


He walked right up to the man and gave him a hard shove that sent him sprawling to the ground, away from Jehanine. Jerad, still wrapped in the Flame and the Void, had managed to look angry somehow.

“Leave now, or things could become very unpleasent.”

He didn’t know who the man was, nor did he care. If the Dragon Reborn himself had tried such a thing, he would have found himself in the same predicament. Jerad stood strong, grimly staring at the man on the ground.

Seia Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2004 7:55 am Post subject:


Stones rose from the ground, brushing the dirt off of his clothes. He shook his head and tsked at himself for being so lax to allow a boy to do something entirely unheard of. You really are slowing, Porter. Really, a boy more than half your age younger pushing you to the ground. He let out a short chuckle at the thought, “Really, child? Unpleasant for whom, I wonder.” He saw the angry look in his eyes, standing defensively in front of the Aes Sedai and was reminded of a time when he had once done the same. But that was directed at a darkfriend bent to kill his own Aes Sedai. Erina. Stones pushed the painful memories away, they had come more intensely day after day until he was unsure if he could keep them at bay. 

“Bring it on then, boy. I would like to see what a child like yourself could teach a Grand Master.” He unsheathed his falcata, his feet close as his arms were stretched out, his eyes challenging the younger one. “Go ahead. Get your weapons.” A crowd was starting to gather around them as he went to get his swords and turned ... 

ooc: unsure if jerad would initiate the fight ... am figuring you attack, stones will humilate him (in a nice way of course *g*) but the madness of losing his AS will take over and Jeha can step in with the OP. Jeha, be gentle with the old man, ‘eh? I still need him to teach alecta *g* 

~ Seia

Shadow Posted: Sat Feb 07, 2004 8:20 am Post subject:


“A grand master? You act more like a child. Someone of your calibur should be a role model for the trainees. Pathetic. Still, if you are looking for trouble, you’ve found it. Master or not, I would be a poor Gaidin to allow an insult such as this pass. Leave, gracefully, and I will forget this. But if you truly want a fight...”

The two sparring partners had brought Jerad his practice lathes, and he formed ‘Lion on the Hill’.

“...I have little recourse but to defend myself.”

Jerad stood his ground, but he knew he was in over his head. There was no way out, however, for he refused to just let the man walk all over him. The stranger remained, determined to see if Jerad would back up his words.

“So be it. I didn’t start this, but, so help me, I’ll finish it, one way or the other.”

With that, Jerad launched himelf forward, and ‘Low Wind Rising’, ‘The Boar Rushes Down the Mountain’, ‘River Undercuts the Bank’ and ‘Tower of Morning’ came in sequence, alternating hands after each attack. It was a fast combo, each motion setting the stage for the next one. Though the fight was ridiculously one-sided, and Jerad thought the whole matter pointless, he would fight to the best of my abilities.

<Jehanine, you can’t blame me for what this brings.>

OOC: Jerad isn’t usually this long-winded. I hope the preemptive attack is well recieved, Seia. And Jehanine, I believe it’s time to put ‘Stones’ throught a meat grinder. Or perhaps a cheese grater? Air weaves are such wonderful things, lol.

Seia Posted: Sun Feb 08, 2004 8:49 pm Post subject:


ooc: good one :P and I think a cheese grater would be less damaging than a meat grinder :P

ic: Stones easily blocked the boy’s attacks, his mind void of emotions as each form seemed to slow before his eyes. His advanced form of The Grapevine Twines trapped his two blades in a powerful arc. Aas the boy stepped back to get out of the counter-attack, Stones blinked and the face changed, to the darkfriend who had killed his Aes Sedai. Stones growled lowly and moved quickly, slamming a fist in the middle of his ribcage, a loud pop reverberating around as the boy’s sternum cracked.

The boy fell to the ground and Stones stepped up, twirling his steel blade for a downward thrust. “This is for my Sedai, filth.” Madness seeped in his voice as he moved to kill the boy, ridding the world of a darkfriend. And getting his vengence.

ooc: in comes the heroine .. remember, jeha .. cheese grater :P

Taya_Gille Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2004 11:43 am Post subject:


Taya had spent a bit of time with Ariadne in the Yellow’s office, discussing the issue of Mardis’s health. The Green didn’t like the glint of understanding she saw in Ariadne’s eyes – but she wasn’t surprised either. The woman was sharp and rarely missed a beat. Every other Ajah had been sorely disappointed when she went Yellow, with a mind like that. 

“He really is very unwell,” Ariadne said carefully as she placed a thin pile of papers carefully atop another on her desk and closed the file. “I don’t allow visitors at most times.” 

There was more she didn’t say, and Taya knew she was waiting for her to make the next move. She deliberated briefly, feeling irritated, and finally decided she had to bite the bullet. She looked right into Ariadne’s eyes and said, “I must speak with him. But only if he is well enough.” And she knew that Ariadne would understand – Taya would only approach the boy with her permission, even if it damaged her own plans to stay away from him. He was right there, Taya thought, if the rumour she’d heard had been true. He is potentially the only pliable witness to the crime. Some might think that ‘crime’ was too strong a word to use for what the children had done: airing an Aes Sedai’s undergarments, throwing things around her room and generally defiling her property. But in Taya’s mind their behaviour verged on psychopathic. It was more than just offensive – it was worrying. 

Ariadne finally nodded, her fingers at her temple where she massaged gently. “Very well. Have at him.” Her sharp eyes pinned Taya as she added, “But be gentle.” She was three years younger than Taya, and could easily get away with speaking to the Green thus. 

Taya smiled and nodded. “Thank you.” Then she turned and headed for the door, her mind on the hallway beyond and finally the cot in which young Mardis lay, battered and bruised. Taya walked with purpose but kept her pace sedate.

Jehanine Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2004 4:45 am Post subject:



Jehanine stood silently for a long moment, reining in her various emotions, allowing Jerad to defend her while she pushed the violence clattering insistently through her brain firmly away. She blinked when the red had cleared from her gaze and saw the fight her Gaidin had initiated to keep the
man away from her, appreciating his protection even as she she saw that the elder man had many years’ experience on Jerad. She stepped forward to call a halt to the fight when the tension in the air shifted and it became rapidly apparent that the veteran Warder was no longer able to see who or what he was fighting – he had substituted some other face for what was truly before him. 

The words he spoke next chilled Jehanine to the very marrow, as he hissed them in a tone edged with blood. “This is for my Sedai, filth.” The steel of his blade glinted dangerously above Jerad, and in that moment Jehanine knew she could – had to – safely channel to save her Warder’s life. 

“Let go your knife!” Her shrill cry arched through the air as she embraced saidar and, in a torrential flood of emotion and the Power, wrapped the Warder up in heavy cords of Air reinforced with Spirit. Uncaring about his health, she tightened them even after she heard various bones snap and then, fury still blazing within her, released all of her flows and allowed him to fall to the ground from the height at which she had held him. It wasn’t more than a foot but, combined with his broken bones, satisfied Jehanine that she had disabled him in such a way that he was no longer a threat. 

With that, she spit at his feet and turned her attention to Jerad, hailing a Tower Guard who had been watching the debacle with wide-eyed astonisment and sending him running for a Yellow sister. 


OOC: I will assume the Yellow escorts us all back to the infirmary, if we just want to “teleport” there and continue. :) Was that all right, Seia, or too violent? Not violent enough? Let me know, I am happy to edit!

Jehanine DeGavriele
of the Green Ajah
Protective Sedai!

Seia Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2004 6:40 am Post subject:


Stones groaned as the invisible Air tightened around him and he felt the pressure seep into his body. The snapping of his ribs snapped him out of his madness as he realized just what was happening but he couldn’t get a breath in to yield. The Air tightened even more and the pain blinded his vision as his collarbones snapped and the fractured rib bones punctured his lungs. Light. He never thought he would die this way, in the safety of the Yards. 

The grip loosened around him and he fell to the ground in a worthless heap, the pain nearly knocking him unconscious. No. I have to see her. He coughed up blood and grimaced at the intense pain in his chest when a couple of Guards came to his side, picking him up in their arms. A groan escaped his lips as blackness consumed his vision. 


His eyes opened slowly, revealing a blurry image of a woman shrouded in Yellow. “Oh, burn me soul. I’m alive?” The woman let out a small laugh, “You are lucky to be alive in the state you were brought in.” Stones remembered just what he had done and groaned softly. “Burn me and my flappin’ tongue.”

~ Stones

ooc: taya, feel free to walk in :) jeha and jerad, expect stones to approach with an apology :P

Taya_Gille Posted: Fri Feb 20, 2004 9:02 am Post subject:


Taya’s eyes bored into Mardis, but the little fool wouldn’t budge. No matter how high she turned up the pressure, no matter how long she stared at him and compelled him – without using an ounce of the Power, of course – to look back...his defences held. Perhaps he’s just infinitely stupid? she mused in irritation as she turned away and rose to her feet. She looked down at him and said, “I will be back.” Then she strode out of that room and into the next, wondering if Ariadne was still about. 

The room was shadowy and smelt of herbs – one good thing about the Infirmary, at least if patients weren’t suffering from festering illnesses, was the smell. The Yellows seemed to have a knack for choosing the best-smelling herbs for their work. Taya walked the aisle and slowed slightly as she spied Ariadne ahead. The woman was at a man’s bedside, and he was speaking. Taya drew nearer and noticed he was in a very bad way. A Gaidin, his face somewhat familiar to her – she’d seen him around and had even heard stories of him – not all of them were particularly flattering. He was known to most as Stones, but Taya hadn’t ever caught his real name. 

Taya heard Ariadne laugh and say, “You are lucky to be alive in the state you were brought in.” Taya hung back, knowing that even if they did see her, it’d be clear she was trying not to intrude. That doesn’t count as a lie – I didn’t speak it, after all, she thought. 

Her thoughts were back on the prone man in the bed as she heard him groan and say, “Burn me and my flappin’ tongue.” 

Ariadne fussed over him a little without appearing anything but businesslike – she woman was a consumate professional. Then she spoke a few more words, more hushed and distracted sounding than her previous ones, and finally turned and saw Taya. Beckoning the Green closer, she came to meet her halfway. 

“I did not mean to eavesdrop,” Taya said, and that was the truth. She had started listening by accident, even if continuing to hadn’t been accidental at all. 

Ariadne smiled and jerked her eyes slightly to the right, indicating subtly the Gaidin abed behind her. “I was just tending to one of our more contrite patients – but I must say I am disappointed in you.” 

Taya’s eyebrows rose. “How so?” 

“I simply thought you taught your fellow Greens more comprehensively than evidence suggests. The new ones just have no self control.” She raised her brows and added, “One of them put that man in here!” In spite of the amusement that was clear in her voice, Taya also heard a soft reprimand. No wonder! Had a Green really caused Stones to end up here?! 

If so, who was it? Taya wondered as her eyes turned to Stones, and what did he do to make her act that way?

She suddenly had an alterior motive for being in the Infirmary this day. 

OOC: Will write more later...*g* I’m at work still.

Seia Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2004 8:31 pm Post subject:


Stones ran his fingers through his hair as he flashed back to the incident. Light, I nearly killed the boy. He closed his eyes, remembering the moment when he couldn’t distinguish sanity and insanity. The space where the bond was rang of its emptiness as the realization came crashing down on him. She’s dead. She’s never coming back. By all accounts, he should have been dead from madness by now. 

Soft voices proved the Yellow sister nearby but she was talking to another. Opening his eyes, he saw a Green sister regard him with a cool look in her eyes. And curiousity. “Oh bloody hell.” He muttered as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed to sit up. He was in no mood for company but it seemed that was not obvious when the Green sister walked up to him. “Forgive my words, Aes Sedai, but I am in no mood for a chastening. Perhaps another time.” He was sore everywhere, “Bloody ashes.” Never again would he approach an Aes Sedai in such a crazed manner. But the woman was still there and he looked up at her, scrutinizing the ageless look. The woman looked quite confident. Wonder how old she is. “Might as well, I’m stuck here until those Yellows get sick of me and my words.”

Taya_Gille Posted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 5:53 am Post subject:


Taya crossed her arms and watched as the man groaned in self-pity and tried to move about. His movements were ginger but Taya didn’t feel much sympathy for him yet. She had to learn his story before she might consider that.

He said, “Might as well, I’m stuck here until those Yellows get sick of me and my words.”

And she raised an eyebrow and said, “What is it exactly that got you stuck in here in the first place, young man?” He was hardly the youngest individual in the Barracks, but beside Taya he was fairly infantile. “I will hear my fellow Green’s story, but first I want your side of it.”

And she waited, fully prepared to begin tapping her foot if the man wouldn’t cooperate.

OOC: Still not entirely sure how we get to the bonding part...but I assume we can make it a bit of a misunderstanding...and Taya bonds him when he never inteded for it to happen, but she thought he did? :)

Seia Posted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 7:41 am Post subject:


ooc: A misunderstanding it is! *g*

ic: Stones blinked once and his vision distorted and he blinked again to clear it up. And the face of the Aes Sedai before him changed. And he smiled warmly. “Of course, m’Sedai.” Relief flooded through him as his Aes Sedai stared down at him with a cold look in her eyes, one that meant she expected an answer. “I flirted with the wrong woman, obviously. She took offense to my words and,” he smirked, “Actions. Her Warder came to her defense, the poor boy. But the lack of a bond, it somehow distorted my senses.” He looked away, remembering the pain that had come at that moment. “I nearly killed him and his Sedai came to his defense and stopped me.” He frowned, realizing that he hadn’t asked the question he had wanted to ever since he came back to the Tower. “Why am I not bonded? I need the bond back. Please.” And he looked at the Aes Sedai before him, seeing the sweet face of Erina on her. “I cannot live another minute without it. Ever since I came back,” Stones paused once more, sadness evident on his face, “It has not been the same. Please.”

~ Stones

ooc: that a misunderstanding enough? *g*

Taya_Gille Posted: Sun Feb 29, 2004 4:24 pm Post subject:


OOC: Good *g* This is fun! Ooh, now I will have to have Taya take you to herself (as Captain General) for approval *ggls* 

IC: Taya felt herself swept away as she listened to the man speak. She maintained her mask for the most part but on the inside she was transported to a time long ago, a time when a good man had begged a favour of her, and she had obliged. The setting had been different, of course, but in that brief moment there in the Infirmary, it felt almost as if she were back in the past, staring down at that wretched soul who had come to be one of her most fiercely dedicated Gaidin. 

He had begged her...he seemed to beg her again, now. “Why am I not bonded? I need the bond back. Please.” The words came to her more as a thought of her own, and she locked her gaze with his and perceived what she had sought to find there. Understanding. Confirmation. 

She felt a little dizzy, but stayed where she was, suddenly afraid to move for fear that the link with the past would be broken. Part of her did still recognise it as the past – and didn’t want to let her conscious self break through. Part of her wanted to swim back into times long gone, times when she had been younger and less hardened. Times when she’d acted on foolish impulse occasionally, when she had hastened too readily to assume her choice was the right one. She hadn’t known those times in an eternity. He was asking her to step back – she was going to take him up on his offer. 

“I cannot live another minute without it. Ever since I came back.” His voice was sad and his face reflected that feeling. Taya was back in the present again, but with the decision made. Even as he murmured the last words, “It has not been the same. Please...” she embraced saidar and wove accordingly, letting the bond settle between herself and the prone man before her. He sprang into her mind and she settled into his, finding a vast realm of pain and shock to explore. She flinched at what she sensed there, even as she watched him jerk upright and nearly topple over. 

Taya stood there at his bedside, racing to sort out the new emotions she had in her head, then becoming aware of the shock from another, far more familiar bundle in one corner of her mind – that of her other Warder, her lover, Eos. She froze on the spot as gooseflesh broke out on her skin, an indication that she was becoming aware of what she’d just done. Then it was that realisation hit with full force, causing Taya to recoil in fright. In her new Warder’s face, shock also registered, and she thought she perceived accusation there, as if she had wronged him terribly. And so I have! she thought dizzily. He never gave me his permission!

She turned away to hide the shock on her face, drawing a ragged breath to try and steady herself, but knew it was all useless – he could sense what she was feeling, at least if he was capable of ignoring his own jumbled thoughts and feelings long enough. 

Oh, Light, Taya gasped inwardly as she clutched her hands tightly together, what was I thinking!? She found no answers on the Infirmary floor no matter how hard she stared at it. 

OOC: I tried to make it as if Taya wasn’t taken by a moment of madness but just misunderstood ;p

Seia Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2004 5:54 am Post subject:


Goosebumps rose on his skin as a cool feel had sunk into him. His eyes closed, relishing the feel as the connection was made. The bond came alive in his mind and in an instant, his eyes shot open. And before him was a different Aes Sedai. He blinked several times and he felt the emotions pour through the bond, causing him to nearly fall from his bed. Getting a grip on himself, his knees felt weak and his head swam in dizziness in the vast confusion and guilt Stones was getting from the woman next to him. 

“I ... Light.” Fear shot as a powerful tidal wave and the woman turned away. His breathing came raggedly as he looked at the woman closer. A Green. Tilting his head slightly, he grasped control and sanity through the Flame as the emotions went silent. A frown was on his brow as he took note of the woman’s appearance. Her skin held a soft yet faded glow of everlasting sun, registering as a formerly frequent traveler. Her pale blonde hair flowed wildly just below her shoulder and he felt his breath taken away. “I’m Porter.” 

Erina is dead, Stones. The sadness welled up in him and he let the Aes Sedai feel it before he fed it to the Flame. “Forgive me. I ...” She bonded me in a fit of madness. But if not for her ... He went to his feet weakly, “I believe this is a first time a woman has rendered me speechless.” Stones gave a soft smile as the woman turned to face him. “May I have the honour of knowing the name of a star that has bonded me?” The wheel weaves as the wheel wills. The pain was great, but now the Creator has given him a second chance. 

~ Stones 

A Mayener to Heart

Taya_Gille Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2004 12:44 pm Post subject:


“I’m Porter.” 

She flinched inwardly at the sound of his voice, clearer than the murmuring she’d heard before. She felt the shock through the bond suddenly submerged in a wave of sadness, and lingered a moment before fading. He said, “Forgive me. I ...” She turned slightly to face him, and saw that his confusion was not readily visible on the surface – he did look off balance, of course. Who wouldn’t? 

His next words brought a startled chuckle from her lips: “I believe this is a first time a woman has rendered me speechless.” She faced him fully and saw a soft smile on his face – a smile for her. Light, but he was quick to forgive! “May I have the honour of knowing the name of a star that has bonded me?” 

Her cheeks burned as they hadn’t since she was an infant – well, novices did seem like infants to her these days...and she’d blushed once or twice as a toddler (or Accepted) as well. But she was two hundred and twenty-four! Your actions tell a different tale, you fool, an inner voice told her acidly, but somehow, turning his words over in her mind and looking at him there on unsteady feet, she failed to feel ashamed or scared. 

“I am Taya Gille, and I have been a Green sister for one-hundred and eighty-five years now. Not that you’d know it, of course, from my behaviour just now...” 

She had automatically fuzzed the bond somewhat, though had managed to show him courtesy enough not to douse it completely – she knew how that could get on Warders’ nerves. I have a new Warder, she thought as she went into another bout of shock. She sensed Eos drawing nearer, sensed the disapproval through the bond and knew that he knew what had happened – just not why. He had known her most of his life, and in that time she’d never had another Warder but him. And he must be extremely disgruntled to know that now she had bonded another, without even informing him of the possibility! Light, but she was a fool! 

She knew that her dismay was showing on her face for her new Warder to see, but he probably didn’t know where it stemmed from. At least not entirely. It was only fair that she explain. 

“I am sorry, Porter...I owe you more than this, I truly do. But...” She laughed out loud, with an hysterical edge. “...My Warder is approaching and I really feel I must explain...!” And she laughed again, burying her face in her hands. 

I suppose now is a good time to get to know this man, she thought, with the urge to start giggling and never stop. Then her thoughts changed tack again. I wonder which Green attacked him – and, oh Light! What will she think of me bonding him!?

This day had only just begun, but already it was one of the longest of her life. She doubted it would get any shorter. And she sensed another headache coming on! 

OOC: So I guess we can wrap it up and Taya goes and talks to Eos (but of COURSE that will just be a given, not an actual RP, since he never RPs *g*) and then Taya and Stones can start to get to know each other (in this or a new thread) *loL*

Seia Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2004 6:27 am Post subject:


ooc: let’s move to a new thread. :) If you’d like to post once more, feel free. I’ll put up a new thread over at the WT board?

ic: One hundred and eighty-five. Light, that places her over two hundred years old! He blinked, and she kept talking. The bond was partially fuzzed but it was a completely new feeling for him as Erina had never fuzzed it. And at the mention of her other Warder, he remembered that the Greens bonded more than one. Taya had buried her face in her hands and Stones reached over to gently pace a finger under her chin to reveal her face once more. “And I owe you just as much.” The doors slammed opened and he figured it was Taya’s Warder, judging from her reaction. “Go speak with him. I shall seek you out when we’ve had time to ... digest what just happened.” Taya stood quietly then nodded, turning to disappear behind the draperies. 

The bond was still fuzzed when Stones settled back into the bed, contemplating what had just happened. Insanity. His steel mind actually lapsed into insanity and he let it happen. Closing his eyes, he recalled an image of Erina, his former Sedai and sighed softly. She is never returning to me. But she has also never left me.

~ Stones

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