2000 - Posting a Notice (Souvan, Lanfir)

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2000 - Posting a Notice (Souvan, Lanfir)

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Title: Posting a Notice
Posted By: Souvan al'Ker
Posted On: 6/12/2000 10:28:15 PM

Souvan read over the notice again. Attention: A class is about to begin in order to teach a person all that is nesasary to become an expert in the blade and other aspects of a Warder. All are welcome. Come to my office if you wish to be taught. Sincerly, Souvan al'Ker. Better then nothing. If a Ward needed training in order to become a Warder, then this was the class, he would teach them everything. Though Souvan didn't want to exclude an others. He was afterall going to teach Accepted Rinoa, the use of the blade as well. 

Satisfied, Souvan put the notice up on the board and returned to his business. He had some lessons to plan and an Accepted to teach. 

Souvan al'Ker


OOC: If yer interested, just reply by knocking on Souvan's room.
Title: Removing a Notice Posted By: Souvan al'Ker Posted On: 6/14/2000 10:19:20 AM

OOC: This takes place after my meetings on the training board with a couple of Wards. 

IC: Souvan walked quickly to the notice board in the Yard. Man, I gotta remove that notice before more Wards start pestering me. My luck they'd all have mentor's already. Souvan thought smirking. He found a good Ward to mentor to, but only time would tell if he would pan out. Not to mention he had an Accepted to teach. Two people are enough to keep my hands full right now. 

Souvan reached the board and looked over it and found his notice and ripped it off. Good, that problem is finished. Now I need to get some lesson plans started for a Ward. Souvan smiled. He'd come a long way since his drinking days as a Ward. Thankfully, all he wanted to do is forget those times and make himself into the man he always dreamed. 

Souvan turned to head back to his office when he saw someone he wasn't expecting. He swallowed as he looked at her. He'd only ever seen her in the wine cellar when he was a Ward. Even then sometimes his eyes were so blurred by booze that he didn't see her at all. Now, he wished his eyes were blurred all over again because she was something to behold out of the cellar. Look away. Souvan told himself. This was a person from his past, someone he'd made a complete fool in front of humorous times. Souvan felt like a little boy all over again as he stared at her. 

~Sword Captain

Title: A shock Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 6/14/2000 10:28:50 AM

Lanfir did not recognize him until she almost bumped into him. She just came back from a visit to Jaksyn and walked casually through the familiar Warder's Yards when she rounded a corner and froze mid-step.

"You!" She blurted out. "What are you doing here?"

Memories of one of the most painful periods of her life crashed upon her and she almost moaned. She remembered herself as an Accepted, a young woman with blond hair and red-rimmed eyes trying to deal something she could not accept. Degan! The withering away of the man and warder she loved. How she wanted to save him from his broken bond, from his imminent death, and how she failed. A blond girl dashing down into wine cellar to get herself the secret ingredient of Morgan's mint tea, or, if she was lazy, just to get herself a bottle of wine. 
She had met him there. They had been drinking together way too often, a ward and an accepted, telling eachother their problems, but now she could not remember his problems anymore. She had probably been too drunk.

He looked older, and more comely than he had been as a Ward. Some men only got more handsome as they grew older and Souvan was definately one of them. His eyes were surprisingly green, she noticed. She never even saw that before.

She suddenly realised her menacing look and her hands on her hips. She relaxed her tension and inquired: "When did you return? I have not seen you in years." It was still harsher than she wanted, but most of the memories were too painful to be friendly. 
She wondered what he thought of her the other way around.

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the Green Ajah

Sitter in the Hall

Bonded to Darkseid and Jaksyn

Title: Reflexes Posted By: Souvan al'Ker Posted On: 6/14/2000 10:56:51 AM

Souvan almost yanked his sword out of his scabbard as he heard, "You!" The voice blurted out. "What are you doing here?" He almost felt like he was a Ward again and was sneaking out of the Barracks. Though this time he got caught, which never happened before. It felt rather disconcerting. 

Souvan had just turned and started to walk out of the Yard when Lanfir spoke up rather bluntly. Damn... Souvan thought as he turned around to meet her. He'd hoped his eyes were playing tricks at him when he'd stared at her a few seconds ago, he prayed they did, but he wasn't mistaken. Lanfir was much more then the drunk he remembered. The soft curve of her face and its features told him that she was now ageless. It had been years since last they saw one another. Not long enough he thought as he remembered all the times he was in a drunken stupor in front of her. 

Souvan looked at the gray eyes that seemed to relax him so. They always could though. He thought and mentally shook the image from his mind as she asked. "When did you return? I have not seen you in years." 

Souvan smiled at Lanfir and said. "It's good to see you too, Lanfir Sedai." Souvan said lying as the memories of every drunken night together flooded back. Most of those nights he didn't remember. He only remembered her beautiful gray eyes and how they had helped him through past. "I just returned a few days ago, possibly a week, one never keeps track of time well in Tar Valon, there is always something going on." Souvan half-smirked and continued. "You have done well for yourself Lanfir Sedai. A Head of an Ajah, and all." 

"I could say the same for you, Souvan." Lanfir said with an edge in her voice. 

Souvan smiled and said. "To answer your other question. The Amyrlin had something that needed done for her, I volunteered." Souvan added. "I'm sorry for not saying goodbye, but you know how the Amyrlin is when she wants something done." Souvan watched for her reaction. Oh please, understand. He thought and was surprised by it as much as he thought Lanfir would be, if he had the guts to say it to someone he used to know so...well. 

Souvan stood in an awkward silence as Lanfir stared at him. It was the look a human gave to a bug when it was about to be crushed. Souvan suppressed a gulp as Lanfir opened her mouth to speak. 


Sword Captain

Title: Confrontation Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 6/14/2000 11:19:54 AM

He went over it so smoothly as he smiled and said: "To answer your other question. The Amyrlin had something that needed done for her, I volunteered." I'm sorry for not saying goodbye, but you know how the Amyrlin is when she wants something done." 

"Yeah, I know the Amyrlin rather well. Still, try and imagine the shock when you werent there, night after night? I thought you died or something."

"I am sorry," he shrugged. "But I see you survived after all."

Lanfir smiled wryly. "I did. I even managed to get myself enough under control to stop drinking even though Degan died."

She saw the confusion in his eyes and knew he remembered as little of their conversations as she did. "I am sorry for you," he said again. This time she smiled back, a bit warmer than she felt. "Listen Souvan, we're both adults now. We've both gone through a bad period, but we dealt with it. Let's just start over again. If you feel like it, you can come to my study and then we'll leave our past behind us."

She noticed the implication after she invited him already, but did not swallow her words. Let him wonder then, she thought. At least she could not deny that there was something about him... Implications or not, she'd really like to leave this past behind her, and she'd like to know Souvan better.

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the Green Ajah

Sitter in the Hall

Bonded to Jaksyn and Darkseid

Title: Appointments Posted By: Souvan al'Ker Posted On: 6/15/2000 11:38:58 AM

Souvan walked briskly down the hall, avoiding Accepted and Novices as they ran too and fro. He also made sure to avoid the Brown Ajah who usual didn't watch where they were going. They were to busy with their heads in one particular book or another to pay attention to the world around them. 

Souvan stretched a little as he walked. Why am I so tense? He wondered as he walked on. I've been to the Amyrlin’s before, it's no big deal, and he was used to it. So, why did he have butterflies in his stomach? Souvan mentally shook his head as he continued to walk. Turning another corner he took a left and moved on. I feel like a Ward on his first mission. Souvan smirked and knocked on the door before he read whose door it was. 

"Come in." A pleasant voice said. 

Souvan pushed the door open and almost yanked it back closed as he saw whose office he was in. "This isn't the Amyrlin's office?" He said. Oh oh...did I say that out loud or just in my head? 

Lanfir smiled. "No, Souvan it isn't the Amyrlin’s office, that's more then four floors above us." She said holding back a grin on her face. "Would you like me to fetch you a Novice to escort you there?"

Souvan just let Lanfir laugh, as he stood there uncomfortable. Well, Souvan you got yourself an appointment all right. Though I don't no whether this one is better then the Amyrlin's. Souvan smiled, "I see, you've still got your nice sense of humor Lanfir." Souvan remembered her laughter too, especially the time when he uncorked a bottle and it smacked him on the head. "Your laughter was always welcome, then and now Lanny, especially if I still get to tickle." He let a wicked grin cross his face. Souvan laughed as her face blushed. Souvan smiled and looked at her, stopping ever so often to smile. Especially at those eyes...oh those grey eyes. Souvan mentally got a hold of himself. "Well, that's enough face blushing I think." Souvan winked and continued. "I was wondering, Lanfir, would you do me the honor of walk through the Gardens tonight? I need knowledge about what is happening in the Tower and what has happened. I'm so out of place here." 

Souvan al'Ker

Sword Captain

Title: A warm smile Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 6/15/2000 11:36:59 AM

"Sure," Lanfir laughed. "I will see you in the hydrangea garden an hour after dusk. Now, get your ass to the Amyrlin, or she'll burn it off." It was so easy to slip back into their old slang.
"I go, I go already," Souvan replied, and left quickly. Before closing the door, he added: "See you tonight!"

Lanfir fell down into her chair before the window and poured herself a cup of mint tea. She wondered if Souvan had come in on purpose or by accident. He had been shorter in the Tower than she, but still... At least he still could make her blush, and he had not lost any of the attraction he had when he was younger. She did not remember if they had had a romance, but she knew she felt very attracted to the man earlier. Maybe they had kissed once, Lanfir could not remember. They had shared laughter and tears though, and she had enjoyed his company - they had dragged eachother through the worst period of their lives.

Tonight, then. Lanfir sighed and pushed her Ajah reports away. No studies today anymore, she could not concentrate. She left her study and went to her own room. She needed a bath.

Lanfir Leah Marithsen
Head of the

Green Ajah

Sitter in the Hall

Bonded to Darkseid and Jaksyn

OOC: to anyone who might wonder: my journey with Tovah will be on another timeline, and has nothing to do with this. :)
Title: towel boy *g* Posted By: Jaksyn Conner Posted On: 6/15/2000 3:44:51 PM

Jak hummed as he strode towards Lanfir's quarters, and as he turned the corner, crashed headlong into Souvan. It took him a minute to remember the man, it had been so long since he had seen him.

"Souvan! How are you?", Jak grinned, extending a hand. Somewhere in the back of his mind, it registered very slowly that Souvan had just come from Lannie's quarters. Hmm.. I'll have to tease her about that... 

Jaksyn, off to see the perpetually bathing bondholder...

bonded to Lanfir, the perpetually bathing Sedai... *g*
Title: Old Punishers. *EG* Posted By: Souvan al'Ker Posted On: 6/16/2000 9:56:15 AM

Souvan was so distracted by the thought of meeting Lanfir later that he didn't see Jaksyn until he smacked into his chest. What moron doesn't look where they're going? Why I'll... Souvan fummed until he saw who the figure was. 

"Souvan! How are you?", Jaksyn grinned while extending him a hand.

"Jaksyn. Or should I say Warder Jaksyn, or have you become a Sword Captain too, like Mattias?" Souvan shook his head bemused by everything that had occurried in the years of his absence. Before Jaksyn had a chance to speak Souvan continued. "Well, it doesn't matter. Good to see you." Souvan extended his hand and shook the outreached hand and added. "I must be off though. An appointment with the Amyrlin. You know how she is." Souvan said with a smile. "Til later, Jaksyn over a mug of ale and a pretty lady." Souvan winked and walked away. 

Souvan hated to leave so soon, but he had an Amyrlin to meet. And I know how the Amyrlin is...


Sword Captain
Title: Getting ready Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 6/16/2000 12:32:34 PM

Lanfir had just plunged into her bath when Jaksyn walked into her room with a big grin on his face. She could see it just around the corner of her little bathroom. "Lannie?" he called. "Are you bathing again?"

Lanfir couldnt help laughing. "Of course." 

"I'll stay in your room then. Hey, was that Souvan in your room a minute ago?"
Suddenly Lanfir was very glad Jaksyn was not with her in the bathroom; her cheeks began to burn like the pit of doom in midsummer. "Yes," she admitted, accursing the Three Oaths.

An amused silence fell, and she felt through the bond how Jaksyn was stiffling a laugh.

"We're old friends!" Lanfir exclaimed, splashing her hands in the soapy water. "Please stop that teasing!"

But Jak just laughed.

"Men!" Lanfir growled, but could not help smiling herself.

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the Green Ajah 

Sitter in the Hall

Bonded to Darkseid and Jaksyn

Mentor to Kab, Gwenna and Mandi
Title: *chuckle* Posted By: Jaksyn Conner Posted On: 6/16/2000 6:03:16 PM

"Well, I don't know what you did to him, Lanfir, but he was so flustered that he ran into me! Literally! I mean, what kind of moron doesn't look where he's going?" (*weg* backatcha, Souvan... ;) ) Jak's voice trailed off as he realized he was saying those things out loud. Lanfir continued splashing around, but Jak could tell she was flustered too.

Wandering over to the window, Jak leaned against the sill and looked out over the grounds. Small figures of people dotted the landscape - gardeners, maids, novices on errands, and in the distance, wards running through forms. Scanning the very far horizon, Jak once again fought the urge to leave. For good. He still battled the empty gnawing that was all that remained of his bond with Lasir. And as wonderful as Lanfir was to him, even her considerable talent and warm personality couldn't heal what was wrong with him. Nothing ever would, he imagined.

A small noise behind him brought his attention back to the present, and a clean Lanfir stood next to him at the window. "I'm getting restless, Lanfir. Perhaps I need a small adventure...." 

Jaksyn "Towel Boy" Conner

bonded to Lanfir "Squeaky Clean" Sedai

Title: Practicing...(Lanfir rd) Posted By: Souvan al'Ker Posted On: 6/16/2000 10:53:55 PM

Souvan avoided an oncoming Novice in a run. Where’s the fire? He smiled and moved on his way. He had sometime to kill. The Amyrlin was, ‘occupied in more important business and did not need to be bother by Warder’s!’ Or so the stern faced Red Sedai said. Souvan could think of any number of things he wanted to do to Dark One’s minions, but he could almost think up the same amount of things to be done to the Red Ajah. More stubborn then a mule. Souvan smirked while rounding a corner into the Gardens. 

Might as well practice a little and await Lanfir. Souvan unbuttoned his coat and placed it on a nearby bench. He loosened his shirt and then pulled it over his head. Souvan stretched his shoulder muscles over his head and then got into position to begin. 

The forms then came in a fluid motion. First, Leopard in the Tree, then right into Unfolding the Fan. Souvan moved into Lion on the Hill moving in a semi-circle around common position. He guarded it like he would a Sedai who was being overwhelmed in ever position. Souvan quickly attacked with The Courtier Taps his Fan, then suddenly spun on his heel moved into The Falcon Stoops, but as soon as his blade returned to the guard position it moved high and low as Souvan sword moved in The Creeper Embraces the Oak. 

Constantly moving and spinning Souvan covered each side and every side of his imaginary Sedai. Imagining at first each foe to get his muscles loose Souvan started to let go of the imagery as he was slowly draw into the Void. As he let the flame consume his emotions the enemies disappeared, but the forms did not. He moved in a deadly dance as ever, Cat On Hot Stand followed by Bundling Straw, would claim any foe stupid enough to get close and for effect Souvan followed them up with Parting the Silk and Wind and Rain. 

Souvan flexed his back muscles in a type of intimidation tactic he might use against a Ward, to show he held no fear, then moved into The Wood Grouse Dances, the immediately into Arc of the Moon finishing the entire motion with Folding the Fan. His sword sheathed, Souvan held the Flame looking around the Garden with his eyes glazed from the Void. The air was sweet, in fact it was too sweet for blossoms, it was more like a fragrance. The Void shattered as Souvan spun on his heel to see Lanfir Sedai calmly sitting on the bench beside his coat and shirt. 

“I see the time away from the Tower has not lessened your skill in the blade, Souvan.” Lanfir said. “I bet it won’t be long before some Sedai tries to bond you.” 

Souvan smiled. “Alas milady, I fear you might be right. My blade skill certainly hasn’t lessened.” Souvan tensed purposely her first question but ignored her second. It was not something he wanted to think about yet. Sure, he wanted to bond, but only to the right person. The right person just hasn’t asked yet… 

OOC: Yer turn…

Souvan al’Ker

Sword Captain

Title: Spending some time together Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 6/19/2000 6:30:21 AM

Souvan smiled that charming smile of his. "Alas milady, I fear you might be right. My blade skill certainly hasn’t lessened." 
She gave him an amused and questioning look when he ignored her second question. He ignored that too, though, so she changed the subject. "So, what took you so long to return back to the Tower? You left so suddenly, and you stayed away for so long..."

A younger Lanfir entered the winecellar, desperatly longing for a bottle of wine and someone to listen to her. She had tried to talk to Nymphia about it, but Nym was slowly going crazy with her whining. She did not blame her friend. Soraya Sedai had told her that was the risk of bonding and that the Wheel weaved as the Wheel wanted yadda yadda, so she did not feel supported from her mentor, as well.
Souvan was the only one that helped her lately, simply by being there and mourning with her. His problems were different than hers, but it felt so good to snuggle up with him and to be miserable together. 

It had been like this for several months now, and Souvan had been there every night. Lanfir did not go to the cellar every night anymore since she thought that Miraina, the Head of the Green Ajah and supporter of her study, was beginning to suspect something. 

She descended the stairs in the dark and made her way through the cellar to their favorite spot. But this time, there was no candle burning. Souvan was not there.
Shock froze her heart. Had he been caught? What was wrong? Was he injured, had he left the Tower? Where was he?
So she lit her own candle, uncorked her bottle, drank and waited. But he would not come that night. Nor the night after, and the night after that, not at all, until Lanfir was sure he had left the Tower and her inner pain grew only worse. She felt betrayed, and drank more than ever.
After that point, it took not long for Miraina Sedai to find out and to get her off the booze. But Souvan she never saw again...

Until this moment. It was so strange to face him, memories were returning as a cold shower. She did not know what she felt; and it confused her. That was why she was determined to find it out.

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the Green Ajah

Sitter in the Hall

Bonded to Darks and Jak

Mentor to Elise, Mandi, Gwenna and Kab


Title: The Truth of Absence Posted By: Souvan al'Ker Posted On: 6/19/2000 11:03:56 AM
OOC: Continued from below!

Souvan sighed and took a seat beside Lanfir. Crossing a leg, Souvan turned a little in his seat so he could look at Lanfir as he explained. "It was not my doing. Stay away that is." Souvan said.

Almost a full year into being raised to Warder, Souvan still drank occasionally each night, but not enough to get drunk. Thankfully, he'd come to accept what had happened in his life. Thanks to Matalina, the Amyrlin, but most importantly Lanfir. He could never repay that debt, and kept drinking with her in the cellar. It felt natural now to be with her. Souvan would always go down there, just to be with her incase she needed someone. 

Souvan had never thought of whom he wanted to be bonded too, but he was sure it was going to be Lanfir. There's no one else in the world he wanted to protect more. Souvan opened the door to his room; he needed to change if he was going to hurry if he was going to make it to the cellar. Souvan got dressed, and was about to leave when he saw a note on his bed. 'The Amyrlin wishes to see you immediately.' Souvan sighed cause he knew he wasn't going to be there for Lanfir tonight.

Or any other night. Souvan was hit by those memories that haunted him for so long during his absence from the Tower. "The Amyrlin left a note for me, that first night I wasn't in the cellar. She had a mission, something that was so urgent that I left the Tower that night, and wasn't able to return until just few weeks ago."

Recognition of something crossed Lanfir's features. "They sent you on that...", Lanfir then did something with the One Power, and then added. "...that assassination mission." 

Souvan was confused. How could she know about it? He thought it was a private mission from the Amyrlin. "Did you find that out, because you're an Ajah head?" 

Lanfir smiled. "No, another position I hold. It was something that was decided before my time there."

Souvan was still confused and voiced it. "I don't think I'll ever understand all the secrets the Tower has." Dangit, did I say that out loud? "If you ever did, I'd have to bond you, to keep you quiet." Lanfir said smiling. 

Souvan just smiled at her. "You seem to know why I was away. So, what have you done in my absence?" Souvan asked as he got up and extended a hand to her. "I'm sure you can tell me over a nice walk."

OOC: Yer turn Lannie...

Souvan al'Ker

Sword Captain

Title: Dissolving the years Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 6/19/2000 11:39:28 AM

Lanfir automatically took his hand. They were already walking together before she realised what she had done, but she decided to keep it this way. She had not walked hand in hand since she was a girl, but with Souvan it just felt... naturally.
As they walked slowly through the blossoming garden, Lanfir told Souvan about everything he missed the past years. She told about how she bonded Darkseid ('my best friend when you left'), how she became Head of the Green Ajah and Sitter in the Hall ('I was astonished'), how she managed to maintain her position ('that surprised me even more') and how she bonded Jaksyn when he was close to dying after Lasir's death. "The Tower's still one big intruiging mess, as it was when you left it," Lanfir concluded. "The novices still play pranks on everyone, the Accepted still boss the novices around, and the Aes Sedai are still intruiging among eachother. Thats about all." 

She looked at Souvan and smiled. "Let's sit over there and I'll show you the surprise I brought you," she said, pointing at the marble fountain at the center of the hydrangea garden. The last rays of sunlight made the water sparkle in a million golden lights. The light played around on the water and Souvan's face, and she noticed she was studying him intensely.

Abruptly she reached for the handbag she always kept with her and got a bottle of fruitwine out of it. 
She looked up at Souvan and smiled. "Just to remember the good old days. This wine is from Mayene and it's marvellous."

"We dont have glasses," noted Souvan, looking amused.

"Oh well," Lanfir laughed, "then we'll just drink it as we used to, right from the bottle. You take the first sip; I already know how it tastes!"
It did not take long before she leaned comfortably against his shoulder again and they talked as easily as they used to.

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

yadda yadda

Title: As time passed... (Souvan, Jaksyn) Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 6/22/2000 12:04:39 PM

As time passed, Lanfir got to see Souvan a lot more often. She caught herself glancing in the Warder's Yards from her window in hopes to see a glimpse of him, or finding an

excuse to visit her warders and to meet him in the hallways. 

"What's wrong with you, Lanfir?" Jaksyn asked one evening. "I like your company, but you're visiting me so often nowadays that even I can notice that something's wrong."

Lanfir grinned because of his selfmocking. "Yeah I know." She put her teacup on the table and leaned her head in her hands. "I do not really know what is going on with me. I am being distracted all the time, and I cant get rest. No where. I have troubles eating, I am nervous, my moods are edgy... and all I can think about is..." She looked up to her warder with a look of utter surprise. "It is almost as if I have a crush on Souvan."

She had told him about Souvan of course; about how they used to be buddies, and that she had met him again, basically about everything. 

Jaksyn grinned. "Oh praise the Light, she finally admitted it to herself!" he threw his hands up and laughed as her cheeks turned crimson. "So, what are you going to do about it?"

"I have no idea," Lanfir admitted. "I cannot think anymore. Its almost as if I am a girl again. Burn me, I passed the stage of crushes thirty years ago!" She buried her head in her hands again. "What do you think?"

Jaksyn studied her for a moment. "You must be really confused that you ask me for help, Lanfir," he said seriously. "I dont know much about love; and I have fear of binding myself to someone. If it werent for you, I had not let myself be bonded to anyone ever again. Not after what happened to Lasir."

"I am sorry," she offered.

He smiled. "I have heard that a million times, Lanfir. I know your reasons, and I do not really blame you... not really. Not that much."
He leaned back and said thoughtfully: "You have to do what your heart tells you. Will you bond him?"

The whole idea struck Lanfir as lightning. She jerked up. "What?!" She shook her head. "Yes. No. I do not know. I have no idea. I have to think clearly, I cannot think anymore. I should see this objectively..." She fell silent for a moment. Jaksyn was quiet too. "He is an excellent warder. I heard from Karana the other day that she thinks that Tarmon Gai'don is near, with the Black Tower and all; it seems as if the world is preparing itself for something." She chewed on her lip, an old habit. "It might be a good idea to bond another warder. Just objectively seen. But... this love thing? I have to think about it."

Jaksyn nodded. "Then think about it."

"I surely will!"

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the green Ajah

Sitter in the Hall

yadda yadda

Title: Clarification (Souvan, Lanfir) Posted By: Jaksyn Conner Posted On: 6/26/2000 6:13:07 PM

Jak walked out of the armory with a freshly sharpened sword, and caught a glimpse of Souvan finishing with a class of Wards. On an impulse, he crossed the yard, and fell into pace beside Souvan. "Got a minute?" At Souvan's nod, the two gaidin stopped under a tree. Jak hesitated only a minute before plunging on.

"Your... relationship with Lanfir has, of course, come to my attention." As Souvan's face started to cloud up, Jak spoke quickly. "No, this talk isn't what you think. Or maybe it is. I don't know. I just want you to know... oh Light. I... Lanfir is my life, Souvan. Not romantically. Literally. She bonded me to save my life, and if anything were to happen to her, I... well, I wouldn't survive her long."

Souvan started to speak, but Jak continued on. "Don't get me wrong. You are a fine Warder - Light, you trained ME. And I know you wouldn't let anything harm her, either. But I vowed I would let nothing harm her, and I intend to keep that vow. So please don't be offended in the future if I am excessive, or seem that I don't trust others with her safety. I just must do this - I must say this."

Souvan stood quietly for a minute, and Jak wasn't sure if it was in anger or contemplation.

Quietly, Jak added, "I know she cares for you. And obviously you for her. Just know I care for her every bit as much, just in a different manner."

That said, Jak looked off into the distance, while waiting for a reply.


bonded to Lanfir
Title: Answers (Lanfir, Jaksyn) Posted By: Souvan al'Ker Posted On: 6/27/2000 2:55:39 PM

Souvan didn't expect this as he listened to Jaksyn talk. Though I guess I should, considering he is her Warder.

Souvan nodded understanding when Jaksyn finished. "I understand, and I respect that position. I hope to join the bonded Warders, at the Barracks, soon. I am only waiting for a certain somone to ask." Souvan grinned while watching some Wards practice. 

Souvan added while watching the two Wards. "I would never come between the relationship of Aes Sedai and Warder, it is not the place of an Unbonded Warder." Souvan shook his head as one of the Wards made a mistake that would cost them their lives in the field. Souvan looked directly at Jaksyn when he said the next part. "I know that this bond between you and Lanfir is even more special because you were bonded to another, before her, and it is her bond that keeps you from that revenge." 

Souvan watched the Wards again as the two Gaidin stood in silence for a time. Light, I don't know what I would do if I lost Lanfir. How could I deal with losing my dearest friend and the one I lo... Souvan stopped the train of thought by making a gesture. Placing an arm on Jaksyn's shoulder he said very seriously. "You are a stronger man then me, my old pupil." 

Souvan took his arm away. He stood their beside Jaksyn waiting for him to make the next move.

Souvan al'Ker

Sword Captain

Mentor to Xeno, Mikael and Dayn

Title: More meetings (Souvan, Jak) Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 7/3/2000 11:13:08 AM

To her horror Lanfir noticed she could not stay away from Souvan anymore. She tried to forget him a little, but her feelings lashed totally out of control. What a horrible mess, she thought somberly one day, when the sunlight streamed into her window and on her desk. She looked absently at the administration before her and tried to ban Souvan out of her mind... failing miserably of course. 

An hour later she was fed up with it, so she pushed the paperwork away and stood up. She walked to her balcony and looked over the Gardens and the Practice Yards. 

She loved her view from the sixth floor here, she often sat on the railing of her balcony, her legs dangling in the air. Darkseid had commented once that this was way too dangerous and that she might fall one day, but after twenty years of having this particular study and balcony Lanfir was quite sure this would never happen. 

Exactly at that moment two hands grabbed her at her sides.
Lanfir screamed and lost balance, if those hands would not have kept her from falling. She gasped for breath and looked over her shoulder who was holding her. "Burn you Souvan, I was scared to death. I would have fallen!"
Souvan smiled that particular smile of his and said amused: "No of course not. This was the only way of adressing you; I protected you from falling. If I would have just started to talk to you *then* you might have fallen."

"I never fall," Lanfir said as she climbed back on the safe part of the balcony.

Souvan smiled. "Of course not."

"But it was sweet of you to think about it. How did you get in?" she asked, smoothing her skirts quickly.
He pointed at the entrance of her study. "The door was open, and I happened to walk by... and then I saw you on that balcony and I could not resist."

Lanfir smiled and touched his cheek. "You're a cutie," she said warmly. "Well, since I dont feel like working anymore, what do you think about having lunch together?"

"Good plan," he said, laying his arm around her shoulder with that old casual gesture. "Why were you working anyway? Everyone is free today, little workaholic."

"I'm a bit behind with my work," Lanfir admitted.

Chatting casually, and still with Souvan's arm around Lanfir's shoulders, they left for the dining room, while Lanfir tried desperately to control her heartbeat and her flushed cheeks.

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the Green Ajah

Sitter in the Hall

Bonded to Darkseid and Jaksyn

Mentor to Elise, Gwenna, Kab and Mandi
and in love with Souvan
Title: Getting Lunch... Posted By: Souvan al'Ker Posted On: 7/3/2000 7:41:26 PM

Souvan dropped his arm from Lanfir's shoulder as they left her office. It wasn't proper to show too much in public, especially when I want to do more then have my arm on her shoulder. Souvan looked down a hall to cover a slight blush and shock his head. Get a hold of yourself Souvan, act like a Gaidin. Souvan tried, but he just couldn't act so cold around Lanfir and flashed her a smile. 

"What are you grinning?" Lanfir asked while smiling herself. 

"I was just pondering a theory." Souvan said acting serious.

"Oh, what is it? Maybe I can help." She replied interested in what the theory might be.

"Well, thanks to your help, you just proved it." Souvan said looking thoughtful.

"Proved what?" Lanfir said smiling.

"You sure you want to know?" He said serious.

"Souvan if you don't tell me I'll...I'll...box your ears!" 

Souvan looked both ways to make sure no one was around then leaned in beside Lanfir and whispered in her ear. "Smiling is infectious." Lanfir looked at him for a second, then she shook her head. Souvan new he had her now and grinned. Souvan could see the lines in Lanfir's face tighten as his smile spread across his face. Lanfir held her face ridged longer then he expected but she gave up and smiled back. 

"You. You!" Lanfir said and not-so-playfully hit him on the shoulder with a fist. 

Souvan smiled and resumed their walk to the kitchens. As Souvan twisted down the Tower to the kitchens the aroma of smells increased. Souvan could smell baking bread and some kind of stew, causing his stomach to rumble. Oh my, that was loud. I hope she... "Someone's hungry. I think someone should fatten you up." Lanfir teased and patted his belly. 

"Oh, and who do you have in mind for that?" Souvan said, teasing her right back. He was rewarded with a slight flush on her cheeks. He reassured her with a slight hug of her waist, and walked into the kitchens. 

"Oh, oh...Aes Sedai," A short plump woman said as they entered the kitchens. "And Warder. What can I do for you?" 

"Well, Mistress of the Kitchens," Lanfir said using her the head cooks formal title. "We are interested in lunch for the Gardens." Lanfir asked. 

Souvan tried to look serious. Though there was no real need to do so. Not many, if any Sedai's got involved romantically. Though Lanfir and him had been seen together on and off, over the last few months it was not uncommon, especially when he she was Green Ajah. Souvan still kept up appearances; he didn't want rumors to run rampant through the Barracks. That's all I would need, some Ward to play a prank on him about it. 

Souvan watched the cooks scramble around and get a basket and food to put in it. He looked around the room and noticed a few Novices scrubbing pots. He saw some stirring large pots as well. As his vision glanced around the room, from an observer it looked like he was hunting enemies, he noticed Lanfir guide over to the Novices. He noticed a few words pass between each, and then Lanfir moved onto the next Novice. Giving Lanfir some privacy, Souvan focused more on the other side of the kitchen and the cooks who were hastily preparing their meal. Lanfir returned to his side, right when they finished the basket.

"Here you go, Aes Sedai." The Mistress of the Kitchens said. 

"Thank you, madam." Souvan said, uttering his first words, which had the desired effect of startling the cook. Souvan took the basket and twisted on his heel out of the room, just behind Lanfir. 

They walked a bit down the hall, before Lanfir spoke. "Souvan, what am I ever going to do with you? You nearly made the cook faint." Lanfir said smiling.

"Why Lanfir, you're going to fatten me up. Or don't you remember?" Souvan teased.

Souvan al'Ker

Sword Captain

Mentor to Xeno, Mikael and Dayn

Title: A beautiful day... Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 7/4/2000 3:59:41 AM

"Thats true of course," she grinned. The basket was a bit heavier than she expected, so she dragged it a bit along.

"Let me handle it," Souvan offered.

"No," Lanfir shook her head. "I can do it on my own. Light, I was talking to some of those novices... did you see the expression on the face of Reile's niece?" she chuckled. "I am glad I dont have to scrub those pots anymore. Especially not on a free day. I suspect she's been pranking again."

"Do not try to avoid the subject," Souvan accused her, while he snatched the basket out of her arms. Lanfir reached for it, but he held it a little too high for her. "Burn you!" she laughed when they entered the Garden. "You're really in one of those moods again, right? If you keep teasing me I'll... I'll make you scrub those bloody pots together with Gytta and the other novices!"

"Looks like an interesting experience," Souvan said with a quasi-serious look on his face. Lanfir poked him. "They should have let you scrub pots when you were still a young wardling."

They reached the fountain in the hydrangea garden. The sunlight sparkling on the water was blinding, it was only noon but it would be a wonderful day. Lanfir was glad that her dress had no sleeves, so that she could get a little tanned on her arms. They sat down in the grass next to the fountain and made their little picnic. Lanfir was excited to find a teapot and mintleaves, so she could get herself some mint tea. "Really, that mistress of kitchens knows me better than I'd really want..." she muttered, laughing.

"Is that mint tea?" Souvan observed.

"It sure is. Want some?" Lanfir could not help a mischievous grin. "I dont think youve ever had mint tea, right? Well, I have to warn you, it is severely addictive, and no, this is not the special blend."

"Maybe I should give it a try then..." So Lanfir poured him a cup. 

It was a nice afternoon, chatting, teasing, and regulary making fun of eachother. They decided to have dinner in the Garden as well, because the weather was so good. As the sun descended to the horizon, it lost nothing of its warmth, but soon Lanfir realised she was leaning against Souvan anyway. Sometimes he fed her one of the grapes that had been in the basket, letting the grape touch her nose, her cheeks and her chin before he finally put it in her mouth. They laughed a lot that day, and Lanfir felt so happy and relaxed that it was only natural...

...when he leaned over and kissed her on the lips.

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the Green Ajah

Sitter in the Hall

Bonded to Darkseid and Jaksyn

In love with Souvan

Title: Surprises Posted By: Souvan al'Ker Posted On: 7/4/2000 9:39:42 PM

Souvan pulled away from Lanfir and looked up at the night sky. Light there's no turning back now. Though Souvan didn't want to anyway. He enjoyed his time with Lanfir too much, and he doubted he could find another woman in the world who even knew a tenth of what she new about him. Souvan squeezed her hand, and flashed her a smile. "You know, there is a side affect of mint tea besides it addictiveness."

"Oh?" Lanfir said coming out of her thoughts. 

Souvan licked his lips. "Mint breath."

Lanfir smiled at him and then she looked away. Souvan could tell she had something on her mind, but he thought it better to let her say it. Souvan let his mind wander to other things while he waited for Lanfir to say something. I've got to get those lesson plans finished and send them off to Radzy. Otherwise, my mentee's will get all bored and I can't have that. Souvan thought smiling to himself.

"Why are you smiling?" Lanfir asked looking up at him. 

"Oh, I was just thinking of my mentee's." Souvan said and added, when she looked interested. "They're going to have their work cut out for them, once I start their training." He replied still thinking about it. 

"I'm sure they will. You are a handful." Lanfir teased then she opened her month to say something else but nothing came out. 

"What is it?" Souvan asked. 

Lanfir looked at him for a time then said. "You know this changes everything. First I thought this was just a crush, but now..." She trailed off. "Souvan our romance can't last. An Aes Sedai..."

Souvan smiled at her and kissed her quickly on the lips again before she could say anything else. I was going to wait for her to ask, but I might as well. Souvan stood up in front of her, then slowly bowed down on one leg, balancing himself on the lower leg he gripped one hand on his sword and placed the other over his heart.

"Lanfir Leah Marithsen, Head Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, I, Souvan Semar al'Ker, Sword Captain of the Warder's Barracks, come before you in the honor that you might bond me to be your Gaidin." 

Souvan lifted his bowed head and looked up into her shocked eyes and waited for her reply. 

Souvan Semar al'Ker

Sword Captain

Mentor to Xeno, Mikael and Dayn

Title: Oh, Light... Posted By: Lanfir_Sedai Posted On: 7/6/2000 7:48:27 AM

"Lanfir Leah Marithsen, Head Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah, I, Souvan Semar al'Ker, Sword Captain of the Warder's Barracks, come before you in the honor that you might bond me to be your Gaidin." 

Lanfir gasped for breath and almost fell over. "I think I am going to faint," she said with a weak smile. "Dear Souvan, I will bond you as my warder. I need some time, though, to consult with and inform Jak and Darkseid. After last time, I wont make such a mess of things anymore. They need to know beforehand."
Her heart swelled when she saw Souvan's face light up. 

"I guess we're promised to eachother now," Lanfir said, dizzy with heavy emotions. He laughed and sat down, and she threw herself into his arms again to plant his face full of kisses. She had not felt that good in ages. This would work out; they already had a base of friendship, and a love that had grown out of it. The best love relationships were based on friendship, Lanfir knew, and he was a good warder, a nice person, he could get along with Darks and Jak, and she could count on him.

And Tarmon Gai'don was coming closer... Lanfir thought a moment about the Black Tower, but surpressed the thought quickly. Right now, she only wanted to be happy with her decision.

Lanfir Leah Marithsen

Head of the
Green Ajah
Sitter in the Hall

Bonded to Darkseid and Jaksyn

Promised to Souvan!

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