2003 - [Biography] Alxhen Tribudan (TPC)

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2003 - [Biography] Alxhen Tribudan (TPC)

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Archivist's Note: Alxhen's bio was created by Taya for use (and abuse) in the Trolloc RP.

PREVIOUS TPCs, killed off

Alxhen Tribudan

Name: Alxhen Danae Tribudan
Age: 83
Status: Green Sister, likely to become Sitter one of these days
Eye colour: Green
Hair colour: Blonde
Height: 5 foot 11
Order of strength: Earth, Spirit, Water, Air, Fire

Background: Alxhen is from Mayene but has unusual features for that region. She grew up with her aunt and mother, both of whom shared her physical traits – height, medium-boned build, athletic and toned looking, tanned skin. Alxhen bears several noticeable scars like badges, and is proud of her ability to defend herself without the Power.

She was sent off to the Tower even before it was known that she could channel, sort of as a precautionary measure. She had ability all right, and once at the Tower they wouldn’t let her go. She was there for the long haul.

She was raucous and loud as a novice, and at times demonstrates that she hasn’t lost all of that spirit as an older woman. She was renowned early on for having a party spirit that went far beyond anything most people had ever seen. She’s very self-confident, although sometimes this has made it hard for her to get along well with others – people are intimidated by her sometimes-overbearing presence.

She is a Green sister of considerable standing in spite of her somewhat young age (by comparison). Upon her raising she found it difficult to decide between Yellow and Green, and wished she could join both. Yet Green called to her and she did what she thought was best. She wants to be at the sidelines of battle, where she can tend to the wounded at the same time as aiding those who are fighting. She is sort of a Battle healer, though her ability with actual healing isn’t particularly strong – she rather sees herself as an assistant to those with greater abilities. She has always been interested in Yellows’ business but she is still a Green at heart.

Alxhen will die in battle in the Trolloc RP.
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