2003 - [Biography] Jalamanda Kaigaro (TPC)

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2003 - [Biography] Jalamanda Kaigaro (TPC)

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Archivist's Note: Jalamanda's bio was created by Taya for use in the Trolloc RP.

Jalamanda Kaigaro

Jalamanda Kaigaro (pronounced jal-ah-MAN-dah kye-GAH-roh) is a petite, dark-haired, dark-eyed Green Sister aged 76 (having just “celebrated” that birthday) whose life started out under the worst of circumstances. She was originally from Andor, but moved to live in Tear with an adopted family when she was just three years old. She has no memory of the first three years of her life, which in reality were relatively stable and happy. It is the memories of her life in Tear that dominate.

Jalamanda’s adopted family were unpleasant characters, initially merely disinterested in her except to show her off to others as a token of a supposed good family life they had at home. Yet, in later years when she developed the habit of speaking her opinion, she suffered severely for her headstrong nature, at the hands of her parents. They emotionally and physically abused her, treated her terribly alongside her siblings and although her siblings endured much of the same as she did, they did not become her allies as they might have done. Eventually, the pressure grew too much, and one of the children took action against the parents.

As a novice, Jalamanda had difficulty recalling the events of those few days before she left Tear, because she had blocked them out in order to protect herself, but she did know that her parents were “taken care of” and that some of the unpleasantness of the world had been erased. This fact didn’t make living life any easier for Jalamanda, and she knew she had to go to another part of the country and make a new life for herself.

The obvious place she thought of to go was Tar Valon, harbouring what seemed at times to be a silly idea about perhaps one day becoming a powerful Aes Sedai. She arrived at Tar Valon and was admitted into the Novice Book, yet in spite of the fact that she finally felt in one way that she had been accepted somewhere, it didn’t give her a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, as you might expect. Indeed, she took it as a sign that she had been meant to make the journey to Tar Valon, but she didn’t get all excited over it. She merely got down to the business of study. She did not give much (or any) thought to what had really happened the night that she left her former home, preferring to focus on the present rather than the past – and also knowing that the truth cannot be pleasant, and was therefore better off buried in her subconscious where she could not access it.

Jalamanda’s unpleasant younger years moulded her into an angry young woman who was not easy to get along with. While she usually appeared to strangers as a quiet girl who took orders from superiors well, it was often revealed that she has GREAT difficulty tolerating the bad attitudes of fellow novices or, in later years, Accepted, whose rank was equal to her own. This was particularly so if the attitudes were directed at her or affected her in a detrimental way. She did lose her temper from time to time, not particularly often, and when she did, things exploded – literally some of the time (e.g. with illegal use of saidar), but figuratively most of the time. People learnt very quickly (at least, novices etc.) to avoid Jalamanda. Her superiors on the other hand did not have much of a problem in their relations to her, even if they did realise they must keep an eye on her.

Obviously Jalamanda had very few friends as a trainee, and that did not change after her raising. She was better able, in those years when she had finally realised her dream of being Aes Sedai, to get along with most people, but nobody ever got close to her. She has none she considers very good friends, though she doesn’t really know what “good friend” means, and as such makes a very unusual Green. This unusualness is emphasised by her relatively quiet and seemingly withdrawn nature.

The truth is, however, that Jalamanda is a fierce battler when she is required to be. Only in battle weave practise sessions or in actual battle do people realise just what kind of a woman she is.

Jalamanda’s strengths in the Power are in the following order: Water, Air, Earth, Spirit and Fire. Her weakness in Fire reflects a surprising deviation from her personality trends – while mentally she is all Fire and Ice, the One Power deprives her of the chance to utilize the Element of Fire to convert her mental characteristics into physical ones.

Jalamanda will die in the Trolloc RP.
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