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< 2000 - [Biography] Marce Dalfor

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Place of Origin: Kore Springs
Appearance: Marce has dark hair, brown eyes, and pale skin. She is short and plump.

Marce grew up on her father's sheep farm on the outskirts of Kore Springs. She spent most of her days helping with farm chores and chasing after sheep with her four brothers before her baby sister was born. At that point, her mother decided that she needed to behave less like one of the boys and help take care of her sister, as well as take on some of the responsibilities in her mother's growing weaving business. Marce hated the loom, and did her best to find excuses to take care of her sister, a task which allowed much more personal freedom.

Marce spent those moments of freedom daydreaming about being an Aes Sedai advisor to royalty and about bonding the very attractive silversmith's apprentice, who happened to be one of her older brother's good friends. Her second dream was shattered when the apprentice married a maid from Caemlyn. Determined not to fail in her other dream, she made plans to leave for Tar Valon, though her brothers teased her mercilessly that she would never be able to channel more than a frog could. Marce saw the White Tower as a place of sanctuary, where she would find comfort as well as power. She was determined to bond an army of Warders to make up for the boy she had lost. Against the wishes of her parents she ran away to Tar Valon. Her brothers came after her and brought her home three times before she was finally able to arrive at Tar Valon and present herself for testing. She was delighted to find she could channel, yet somewhat disappointed that it did not mean instantly receiving the ring and shawl.

Marce is considerably headstrong and impulsive, but is generally known for making good decisions. She has a great deal of empathy for others, which sometimes allows her to be fooled by those who would manipulate her. She is able to see situations from many different angles, a skill which enables her to get what she wants more frequently.
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