2001 - A Letter from Loved Ones Long Gone (Tania, Daelin, Laurya)

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2001 - A Letter from Loved Ones Long Gone (Tania, Daelin, Laurya)

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> A Letter from Loved Ones Long Gone

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Tania Ramsey
(10/2/01 8:13:17 am)
A Letter from Loved Ones Long Gone

Tan walked through the halls of the Tower, sighing to herself loudly. She
had recieved a plea by pidgeon only a short while ago, a letter attached
to it. Tania didn't like coercing with Dreadlords, but Laurya had been a
friend long before her Turning, but unlike Tan she had opted to stay where
she was, in the Shadow so deeply that none could save her. Or perhaps
someone in the Tower had discovered Laurya's Turning. It wasn't her place
to consider, she simply had a message to deliver, and be done with it.

She found the right door, knocking quietly, since it was slightly later in
the night. The woman who opened the door was instantly recognizable, her
features looking much like her mother's. Daelin smiled, remembering Tania
all too well, but her smile faded when she saw that Tan wasn't all too
happy presently.

Tania bowed slightly, in the form of the Way of the Fist. "I recieved this
letter just minutes ago, and I was asked to deliver it to you. I believe
it's from your mother. I'm sorry for disturbing you at such an hour.

Tania handed her the tiny folded sheet; it never ceased to amaze her how
much could be fit on such a tiny little parchment attached to a bird's leg.

My dearest Daelin.
I grieve for the time that I have been away from
you, my precious daughter. The days wax long and I am
weary. I assure you that if I could in good conscience
evade my tasks, I would, and fly to the Tower to see
you, but the ways of Aes Sedai are of pain and sorrow.

I hope that you are progressing in your studies.
Sabine Sedai is a good Mistress of Novices; ever the
headstrong novice herself, she knows the ins and outs.
Heed her, and soon you will gain the shawl.
I fear I may have left you feeling me angry at you.

I understand that you are not the same as me, and that
Red may well not be your choice. And, believe it or
not, I did see the looks that you and Tomas shared.
You have my blessing to pursue the Green.
Daelin, my daughter, I would
warn you. The White
Tower is being threatened; treachery is at her door.
Rebellion walks the halls, and I would not see you
harmed. To that end, trust no one but the Amyrlin Seat
herself, and Daelin Sedai of the Red. I am well aware
of how unrealistic that is; you obviously must trust
those sitters of your chosen Ajah, and Tania Sedai,
who delivered this missive to you. But even they
should be trusted only as far as you must, my
precious. Gain the shawl, and then keep your own
counsel. If ever I have a free moment, I shall visit
you, though that seems not likely. I'm afraid that the
Amyrlin Seat is not happy with me. Would that you
would trust nothing that you hear about me but for
what you hear from the Amyrlin's own lips and from
Tania Sedai, for she knows me and where I may be

Give my blessing to your friend novices and
accepted, and also to Mother, and to Dallah Sedai,
Daelin Sedai, and any others who inquire after me.

Your mother,

Laurya Ekelle
High Seat of House Ekelle
Aes Sedai of the Red.

Postscript: Enclosed is my gift to you. I had a
silversmith carve my likeness into a coin. I'd like it
if you could arrange the same to be sent to me, of
your likeness. Tania Sedai would be able to deliver
it. The other side of the coin bears my Seal. Use it
to draw on the funds of House Ekelle to pay for the
work. Thank you, Daelin.

Tan waited for her to finish, in case she needed to write back to her mother, or anything of the sort . . .

Tania Ramsey
Sister of the Gray Ajah
High Council of the Black Ajah
Bloodsister to Taya Gille
Shadar da'Mordero

Daelin Ekelle
(10/2/01 9:09:04 am)

Daelin took the letter from Tania with shaking fingers, mind completely
and utterly blank. After all this time, her mother was...alive? It was
barely conceivable to her, after so long without contact. what do i say?
should i be angry or upset? overjoyed? dismayed? She didn't know how to
react, and Tania didn't offer any options.

Opening the letter, Daelin quickly scanned the tiny handwriting, aware of
Tania's presence. The first paragraph had her worried about Laurya's
well-being. why does she say nothing about where she is, what's she's been
doing? Or why she left me without even a word of goodbye? there were no
answers, so she continued with her reading.

FInishing the letter, Daelin looked up to see Tania holding out a small
silver object. Daelin took it into her hand and peered at it, running her
fingers over the image that had been burned into her mind ll these years.
Laurya's face looked out at her, so realistic she could almost see it
moving. Tears sprang to her eyes, and it was only with hard-wrought
control that Daelin prevented them from falling.

Flipping the coin over, Daelin saw the familiar seal of her house, then
slipped the coin into her pocket. She sat at her desk and began to write a
reply, bidding Tania to sit for a few minutes while she did so.

how can you write me now, after so long away, and say nothing of what made
you leave me? Are you well? Where are you? Why don't you give me any
information? I've missed you for so long, and only now i find that you're

So much has happened to me that i hardly know where to begin. I was raised
to the Gray Ajah only a few weeks ago--how i wish you had been there. A
few years ago i decided that the Green was not my place, and I know I have
made the right choice. I have not seen Tomas in many years, nor do i know
what ever happened to him, bu i have no regrets. We were never meant to be

You say the Tower is threatone, but not by what. How am i to know who to
trust, and how much? my friends here, we have been together for years--am
i supposed to suspect them now, as well? The Amyrlin, I do trust, as I
must, and my fellow sisters of the Gray, including Tania. But what is
happening? my place is in the Tower, at the moment, but that may change

Mother, i feel no anger towards you for leaving me, only bewilderment and
confusion. Will I ever know why you had to leave? At the very least, will
you tell me why you didn't even say goodbye? I must know that, at the very

All my love,

Daelin folded the paper and handed it to Tania, then looked at her
questioningly. "Do you know what happened to her? or where she is now? Why
does she only contact me now, after all these years?" the qestions spilled
out, one after another, but she knew by the look on Tania's face that they
would go unanswered.


Tania Ramsey
(10/4/01 8:09:30 pm)
No answer? From me?? NEVER!

Tan shook her head sadly, frowning at the small slip of paper in her
hand. What would it take to get this small thing to her old friend? The
pidgeon she'd set aside for such messages was slowly getting old, and
would have to be replaced soon, as much as it pained her to think of it as
a temporary friend.

"There was a miscommunication between the Amyriln's orders and your
mother, and myself as well. As you might know, I was the Amyriln's
ambassador for some time, or should I say, you and our Ajah Sisters knew.
It was a simple misunderstanding, but your mother angered the Amyriln a
good deal, so she had to leave to keep the peace. She's afraid there might
still be hard feelings, which there very well might be. She's simply
protecting everyone in a sense, because of what happened." She shrugged
and smiled. "She's simply been busy with her work, and what she's doing is
actually a secret, but it's important to the Tower."

Folding her arms across, she laughed. "A meeting could probably be
arranged, if you'd like? I could speak to her on it possibly . . . "

OOC: Laurya babeee, lemme know if this might be kewl or what-not

Tania Ramsey
Sister of the Gray Ajah
High Council of the Black Ajah
Bloodsister to Taya Gille
Shadar da'Mordero

Daelin Ekelle
(10/8/01 12:04:28 pm)

though no less confused and in the dark about what her mother had been up
to, Daelinwas relieved to hear even the little that Tania had to tell her.
And the idea of a meeting..."when? and where? do you think she'd really
come?" the idea of actually seeing her mother again, a thought she'd so
long kept herself from feeling, was almost a shock, and it was only then
that she finally realized how much she'd raelly missed her mother....

ooc--sorry it's so short and sort of disjointed-not nearly enough sleep
for this sort of thing!

Tania Ramsey
(10/8/01 12:09:19 pm)
Child No Longer

Tan sighed loudly, straightening the table cloth once more, although it
didn't need it an all truth. The pidgeon had come only moments before,
from Laurya saying that she was in Tar Valon. She was no White, but Tan
could guess why she had returned after so long. It had been nearly two
decades since that painful night, the pain shared between three people. It
was a bond of another sort, one that wouldn't be broken easily.

She'd ordered food and drink in a hurry, but it had been delivered just as
fast. Chilled wine and fruit punch, finger snacks and some simple
sandwiches had been brough up. The last bit was she'd asked Daelin to meet
her in here, which was also where she'd had a note delivered to where
Laurya had sent the pidgeon from. This would be their first meeting in
many, many years, and she wanted it to be perfect.

Glancing about at her room, she smiled. Everything was white, right down
to the curtains and bedding. It had always been like that, since the day
she'd been raised. She wasn't white, but it helped her clear her mind.

A knock at the door sounded, and she put her best face forward as she
opened it. She gave her latest Ajah Sister a hug as she entered, and
laughed quietly. "I'm glad you were able to make the time for this. You
might be wondering what's going on. I have someone on their way here that
you'll most likely be interested in seeing. Have a seat? They should be
here soon." She gestured to the table . . .

Tania Ramsey
Sister of the Gray Ajah
High Council of the Black Ajah
Bloodsister to Taya Gille
Shadar da'Mordero

Daelin Ekelle
(10/8/01 12:57:48 pm)
what now?

When Daelin first read the note from Tania, her first thought was of her
mother. How could it be otherwise? She wondered if maybe Laurya had sent a
reply to her note, and hurriedly changed her dress, taking care to appear
composed before she left her room. She'd only been Aes Sedai a short
while, after all, and appearance was important if she wanted to be treated
like the elder sisters.

Arriving at Tania's room, she took a moment to smooth her deep green dress
and comb the tangles from her hair. It would be a long time before she
acheved the ageless quality of some of the other sisters, but she still
managed the air of authority some sisters never managed. She remembered
clearly the lessons her mother had given her in grace and poise as a
child, and choked back a oyful laugh at the thought of hearing from Laurya
once more.

When the door opened, Daelin was surprised first to find herself embraced
in a joyful hug, then at Tania's expression. light--she looks like it's a
festival day! What's going on? She sat at the table as gestured, listening
with increasing hope as Tania spoke. "I have someone on their way here
that you'll most likely be interested in seeing..." could this person know
something about mother? Maybe they'll take her another letter for me?

To calm her nerves, she reached for a sandwich and nibbled at the edges,
more to keep herself from fidgiting than out of any hunger. She and Tania
chatted, exchanging unimportant comments about various subjects, until a
knock sounded at the door. Daelin's head jerked up as the door slowly
opened and a figure stepped into the room...

Take it away, mummy!

(10/8/01 1:21:01 pm)
Yes. It's me.

Laurya, holding a bundle of white clothes below a too-young face, slips
into the room, and, before closing the door, drops a curtsey and says,
"I've brought the laundry, Aes Sedai." A foot lets the door swing shut,
then the bundle is dropped to the floor. She is wearing a plain brown
dress, and a red ribbon in her hair. She takes a step forward, then
swallows. As though Tania is not even there, she simply whispers, staring
at her daughter.


Eyes brimming with yet unshed tears, she chews her lower lip nervously.

Daelin Ekelle
(10/8/01 2:12:09 pm)

Daelin stared at the familiar face, completely at a loss of what to do.
Should she laugh? Cry? Do something entirely different? She had absolutly
nno idea, so she just stared at the woman she hadn't seen in more years
than she knew what to do with.

Though her clothing was different, plain and inexpensive compared to
daelin's memories, and the figure seemed more haggard and less imposing
than the childhood memories, it was her mother. There was only one thng
wrong: Laurya, in all the years Daelin could remember, had never shown
nervousness in public, especially in her daughter's presence. That, more
than the peasant clothes or the discarded laundry on the floor, told
daelin how much her mother had been through.

With a half-choked sob, Daelin leapt forward and through herself in
Laurya's arms, weeping as though she was still the novice her mother had
left, so many years ago.

(10/9/01 7:47:22 am)
My daughter!

Laurya wept, clutching at her daughter, holding the girl... no, woman...
tightly. She stood there, stiff and unsure, unprepared for the onslaught
though she knew it was coming. Bare hands held Daelin close, while her
tears dampened her daughter's hair. After a long moment, she spoke,

"I'm sorry, Daelin. I love you."

Daelin Ekelle
(10/10/01 5:21:21 pm)
Re: Child No Longer

Daelin stood in her mother's arms, somewhat surprised to find she no
longer tucked there as easily as she had as a child, and savoured the
familiar embrace. Still, she had to back away and ask the question that
had been bothering her so long. "but why mother? why did you not even say
goodbye to me when you left?" She wasited anxiously for an answer, praying
she wouldn'tbe diverted yet again...

(10/11/01 9:35:16 am)
What a tough question.

Resisting the urge to cling to the girl... no, woman. Daelin was a woman
now. An Aes Sedai. Resisting the urge to cling to the Aes Sedai, Laurya
let her leave the embrace, and listened as the question was asked. Sighing
heavily, she sat in a nearby chair, frowning. Mind whirling, she groped
for an answer that wouldn't reveal her as Dreadlord, but would be somewhat
close to the truth, for she hated lying to her daughter. She looked up,
eyes taking on a slightly haunted cast. Wishing she didn't have to play
Daes Daemar with her own child, nonetheless, she cloaked her voice and
face in humiliation, and spoke.

"Daelin, the day before I left, I was called to see the Amyrlin Seat. I
had been involved in... an inappropriate relationship with a novice.
Mother called me to task for this, and I was left with two choices. To
leave the Tower and functionally retire as Aes Sedai, to no longer hold
the title, and serve a severe penance, or to be placed publically on
trial, and likely be flogged and stilled. I chose the first, not thinking
of the ramifications: I would surrender all ties to the Tower. All ties.
If I had known that would include my novice daughter, I'd... I don't know.
What I know now is that I made the wrong choice; I'd rather have stayed
here and never touch the Source again, and work as a scullery maid, than
experience what I've been through. I risk much being here; if the Amyrlin
found out, I think I may well not survive. Tania Sedai, thankfully, has
seen fit to maintain contact with me, much to her potential detriment.
Since my penance expired, I've been working as Eyes and Ears for the Red.
Again, illegal, according to the Amyrlin's directive."

Now the gamble. Laurya stood from her chair, and, tears streaming down her
face, she dropped to her knees in front of Daelin.

"Daelin Ekelle Aes Sedai, I have broken Tower Law and am in your hands.
Please grant mercy to a former Sister and leave me free to serve as I

Daelin Ekelle
(10/13/01 5:40:10 pm)

At finally hearing a reasonable explanation for her mother's
disappearance, ven one that wasn't entirely innocent, Daelin felt muscles
in her back that had been tense for years relax. but why didn't she just
tell me that the first time i asked? the thought was mildly disturbing,
but she shrugged it off as unworthy. she probably had a good reason. i
won't bother her any more about that.

but then came the shock...Laurya stood, then fell to her knees before her
daughter. Daelin listened, frozen, as her mother begged for mercy, mind
roiling. She ooked frantically around for Tania, but the other had left
the room without her noticing. Her first instinct was to lift her mother
from the ground, do anything to stop this from happening. but then an
insidious little thought woke up in the back of her mind. But she broke
tower law. and I am Aes Sedai. should i do what is required of me, or what
i want? They all told me being a Sister would involve tough decisions, but
i never expected them so soon!

Torn, she stared at her kneeling mother and did what all her instincts old
her to. Reaching out a hand, she lifted her mother to her feet and laid a
gentle kiss on her cheek. "mother, the most rigid of Aes Sedai would never
harm you for coming to visit your daughter, and so neither will I. Now
that's done with, so let's sit and talk. What have you een doing in the
years you've been gone?" She led her mother to the couch and sat down,
trying very hard to ignore the niggling little thought circling around in
her head. Mother never kneels, not to anybody...she'd do almost anything
before abasing herslef. so why would she to so to

(10/16/01 11:18:05 am)
An unfortunate thought...

Laurya, in relief, rose and followed her daughter. Sitting on the couch
next to her, she marvelled over how like her Daelin looked. Not in obvious
ways, but it was clear they were mother and daughter. No... The casual
observer would mark them sisters. Which was... an unfortunate thought.
Since they were. Laurya had not come this far to think of her late father,
and was not about to start now. Listening to the question, she then

"For ten years I served a penance. It was... harsh. Very harsh. I lost the
child I was pregnant within a month of beginning the penance. I still
think about her on occasion, and about her father... He was the first man
to ever treat me like I was a woman. But you don't want to hear about my
romances. Since the end of my penance, I have gathered my own personal
eyes and ears, those of House Ekelle, and put them to use to benefit the Red. I've been staying out of sight, keeping myself busy..." She barks a laugh. "I've become a relatively good seamstress, if you can imagine. I despise stitchwork, but practice makes perfect, as they say. House Ekelle is struggling; her resources are limited. I'm afraid to say that you won't be getting much when I pass on. I'm not much for business. Much better at the Game."

Daelin Ekelle
(10/24/01 10:02:03 pm)
Re: Child No Longer

Daelin heard her mother's story, feeling a sort of numbness come over her. after all, one can only sustain extreme feelings, be they happiness, anger, fear, of anything else, for so long before the body can no longer handle it. The news of House Ekelle was somewhat of a shock, but no more than anythin else.

Laurya's words of the great game intirgued her slightly. i've never been much good at the Game. how is it that some talents get passed on, but others don't? And I wonder what else she's een up to? if there was one thing daelin remembered about her mother, it was that anything she told, there's be 10 more things she was keping secret. it didn't bother daelin--she was aes sedai now and would probably begin doing the same as well, eventually. but--

"but what are your plans now, mother? are you going to stay in tar valon, or go elsewhere?"

(10/29/01 1:58:51 pm)
Oh, I can't stay.

Laurya glanced around the room, then grasped saidar, and wove a ward of
silence. For a moment, she was Aes Sedai again, sure and strong in the
Power. Then she released the source, and returned to the battered, worn
woman she was when she entered.

"I cannot stay in Tar Valon, sweet Daelin. My life would be forfeit. I
have found a patron who will watch out for me if I serve her, and we will
be staying at the manor house. Caemlyn is no Tar Valon, but it is
beautiful enough. And our estates are not so poor yet that I will have to
live in rags. I might hire a man to handle the books, and perhaps restore
some of the fortune."

Daelin Ekelle
(10/30/01 10:50:19 pm)
i expected as much

daelin ket her face expressionless at her mother's prnouncement, hearing
the answer she'd expected since the start of the conversation. After all,
if her mother's very life was in danger here, why would she stay?
"I understand, other. it's dangerous that you should even visit here, let
alone stay. but tell me then, about this patron. it she a member of a
wealthy household? is there any chance that i might ever meet her? i
should know at least her name, in case i ned to contact you..."
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