2001 - Re: My (Silly) Ode to Ryell

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2001 - Re: My (Silly) Ode to Ryell

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Sadly this is all I have left of this thread, though no doubt I have the actual poem somewhere.
[~ 3/01/01 5:06 AM]

Re: My (Silly) Ode to Ryell

*LOL* I'm so flattered! Mom, mom, come quick, someone has made a poem about me! Yes, me!! Hurray!!! Thanks, girl. I love it. And anyone who says it's not worthy of challenging William Shakespear can count on receiving some really nasty mail. I love Taya! I love poetry! I love THIS poetry! Hurray!

*bounces off with the egg nog*

Yes, my parents visited Americans and found out about egg nog. No egg is involved. They just throw all the alcohol they have into a bowl and stick in straws, for that extra kick. My parents were carted home the next morning.

But I STILL think Taya is the greatest thing since Inflatable Men. Let's all hear it for Taya!
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